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Awakening Alpha Grace

Awakening Alpha Grace

Author:Tamar Leo


Grace Bright was dumped by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend rejected her because she was a witch and a natural enemy to him as the king of the werewolves. Grace goes from a human to a witch overnight without even realizing it. Trapped. Imprisoned. Nearly raped. Just when she's desperate, a strange, large wolf with a scarred face saves her and even promises to take her home. He bathes her, heals her wounds, and protects her in the face of her enemies like a loyal dog defending his master. No one could dislike him. But, Grace tells herself, they've only crossed paths. However, the Moon Goddness has her own plans. Grace never would have guessed that this wolf, a sexy, gentle, polite young man, who is infinitely tolerant and protective of her, has a deep and unspoken desire for her. And that desire comes from matebond. Their matebond.
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“Reject you, Grace Bright, as my mate and queen,” Cole,my boyfriend, finished, but I was already shaking my head.

“What?!” I screeched, clawing at his hands in a desperate attempt to get free. He was mad! He was fucking bat shit crazy!

“W-what are you---?!”

My voice was cut off when his fingers tightened around my throat, cutting off my air supply. And less than a second later, I realized that perhaps it was for the best anyway. Because the pain that exploded in my chest made me want to scream to the high heavens. It felt as if something was ripped out of me. Not just my heart, but everything inside of me was torn to pieces. Every nerve ending was on fire and despite being unable to breathe, I felt tears forming in my eyes.

And they had nothing to do with Cole’s hands wrapped around my neck…

What the hell just happened…?


Grace’s POV

I felt Cole’s breath on my cheek and a smirk instantly crept across my lips. He then leaned closer and peppered small kisses along my arm and nibbled on my earlobe, making me moan in response.

“You know,” I muttered, my breath coming out heavy and husky. “It’s creepy watching people sleep.”

I tried to push him away, hoping to get some sleep, but he wouldn’t budge. Not that I expected him to. Cole Knight didn’t budge for anyone. Especially not when his hardon was digging into my backside – despite it only being a couple of minutes ago we had wild, mind-blowing sex…

The first time it happened I was shocked, but I’d since learned that when it came to sex, Cole was a beast. And his desire for me was insatiable…

“But you’re so cute when you’re doing it,” he mumbled, sounding almost like a complaining child. “Drooling all over and everything---”

I snapped my eyes open, quickly checking my lips and pillows for any wet spots. Of course, there weren’t any and beside me, Cole was chuckling, making his shoulders shake.

“Jerk,” I hissed, grabbing a pillow and trying to hit him with it. But he caught it easily and in one swift move, he was back on top of me.

“You’re awake,” he smirked, like someone who’d just won the lottery. “I clearly didn’t do a good enough job to tire you out then.” He claimed my lips with his and I moaned when I felt his hardness press against my entrance. I was sore, but I knew from experience that in a few, swift moves, Cole could make me forget all about any discomfort.

Hell, he could make me forget my own name…

“Can’t have that,” he continued huskily, before slamming home. I threw my head back and cried out in ecstasy as he took me again and again.

Since meeting Cole my life had been turned upside down. I’d always believed that it was only in romance novels that some nobody like me ever got to date a billionaire. Because that’s what he was! The next heir of Knight’s Industry.

Philanthropist, playboy, genius--- in short, Tony Stark without an iron mask.

And then there was me!

College student, working two jobs to pay for intuitions and living with 4 people in a studio apartment. In other words, nothing Anastasia Steel about this girl. Yet here I was, about to celebrate my 21st birthday with the most eligible bachelor in town.

I still had a hard time believing that this was happening. One of my friends was working at a high-end restaurant and asked me to cover for her. I desperately needed the money so without giving it much thought I’d said yes.

That was when I first saw him!

I couldn’t explain it. But the second he walked into the restaurant my whole body felt like it had been electrocuted. He looked so big and intimidating. Imposing even, yet there wasn’t a cell in my body that feared him. He raised his head and breathed in as if he’d just caught the most amazing scent in the whole entire world. He looked in my direction and---

Our eyes met and my whole body got hot. From the tip of my ears all the way down to my toes. His gaze felt like a caress against my skin, and I felt my heart go wild in my chest. His eyes suddenly seemed to get darker and even from across the room, I could have sworn I heard him say:


Yes, I remembered thinking. Hell, I’d be his mate, his gal, his--- whatever he wanted me to be. Just YES! I didn’t understand why this was happening to me, but something inside of me just pulled me towards him. Begged me to go to him and be with him. My body was on fire and he was the only one who could sate it…

The magic was broken when my boss suddenly called my name. And to my shock, I realized that I’d even taken a step toward him. What the hell is wrong with me? I remembered thinking before running off to hide in the kitchen to cool off, before heading back to work.

Not that trying to cool off had helped me much.

Everywhere I went I felt his eyes on me and before long, he was standing right in front of me, boldly demanding my name and number. And yes, like any other girl in my shoes I was tempted to slap his face. He didn’t even ask, but demanded!

The audacity!

Sure, the guy rewed my engine by a single gaze, but dignity and shit made me politely decline, pointing out that he was being extremely rude. He seemed surprised by my outburst and tried to make up an excuse. But nevertheless, that was how I left him.

Much to my lady-parts dismay…

When I got home, my body was still tingling with the need for him and I cursed myself for being so damn proud. Why couldn’t I be adventurous and slutty for just one night? Why? Hell, I knew girls who would have given an arm and a leg to be in my shoes and I blew it.

Well, the next morning I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for work. But to my surprise, the man was standing outside, leaning against a black Lamborghini and a cup of coffee. And told me that we were going on a date…

I tried to resist, reminding myself that I still needed a job after my slutty self had been satisfied and therefore it was a bad idea to let myself get carried away with him. But he didn’t budge, and I of course ended up on a date with him.

And one date turned to two…

Two to two more and before I knew it, he was introducing me to his friends and family. He showered me with expensive gifts and took me to places that I’d only ever dreamt about seeing before. He took care of me, supported me with my homework, and helped me prepare for my exams in any way he was capable. He made me laugh, made me scream in pleasure, and best of all, he made me feel like I was the only woman on earth for him.

I was quickly falling in love with this amazing man.

His latest stunt was by taking me to his private mansion deep in the woods where he was planning a surprise birthday party for me. Well, not so much a surprise as he’d already told me what he was doing, but it was the thought that counted...

He slipped almost all the way out of me, before looking back down at me. His eyes were burning with so many emotions. Admiration, pride, care---


All feelings and emotions I returned, to the best of my abilities. I didn’t know how what deity out there was on my side, but I thanked whoever it was for sending this man into my life. I loved him! I loved him so much and I didn’t want to live life without him.

I loved him!

And I was going to tell him! Tonight! Right now---

Suddenly he reached out, pulling a lock of hair away from my face. Sparks erupted wherever his fingers graced my skin…

“I love you,” he whispered, just before his lips captured mine again. I instantly responded to his kiss, feeling the weird sparks erupt all over my body. A low erotic moan escaped my lips, making the man above me groan in appreciation.

“I love you too,” I breathed, the sounds leaving me on a moan. Stunned still, Cole looked down at me--- and then a wide smile spread over his lips. He captured my lips again, just as he thrust deep into me. He continued to push inside of me, making me tell him again and again.

“I love you!”

We both cried out when we climaxed together. Our breaths mingled as he panted above me, looking like the man who had it all…

“Goddess, Grace,” he muttered in a deep husky voice, that sent shivers down my spine. “You make me wild…”

I grinned.

I couldn’t help it.

I was so happy…

Swiftly he rolled off me, jumped off the bed, and grabbed a pair of pants. Stunned stupid I watched his movements. What the hell---?! Here I was, having just confessed that I loved him and he was ready to run? Hurt slashed my heart, but honestly, I didn’t know what to do. He confessed first, so why was he---?

But as if sensing my mood, he turned to me, still wearing a stupid grin on his face. In two long strides, he was by my side again and placed a reassuring kiss on my lips.

“Wait here!” he said with a wink. “I have a surprise for you!”

With that, he spun on his heels and left.

Relieved that nothing had changed between us, I relaxed and settled in to wait. I waited for a while, but unfortunately, patience was never my strong suit. After I waited for 10 minutes or so, I could help myself anymore and leap off the bed too. I grabbed a silk robe and tied it securely around my body, not wanting to risk running into some nightguard and giving him/her a show.

Guessing that Cole would be in his office on the floor below this one, I followed my instinct and went down the corridor. Reaching the floor below, I heard voices coming from the office. He was obviously having a meeting right now with – if I wasn’t completely off – his parents and best friend. Not wanting to intrude, I was just about to leave when I heard my name be spoken.

Thinking back, that should have been my first clue. Why would Cole be having a meeting with his parents and friends in the middle of the night? And when had they gotten here? Cole and I arrived just that morning and we were alone aside from the servants. His plan had been for us to spend some time alone together before the party in a couple of days…

That was when the first shiver of suspicion crept down my spine. I knew I shouldn’t and whatever it was, Cole would tell me in due time. Yet my steps led me closer to where the voices were coming from.

The door to the office was slightly ajar and I instantly recognized Cole’s voice. His mother and father were easy to identify, as they always sounded like they were talking down on everybody else. As for the other voices, I was pretty sure they were Trevor and Maggie. They had been Cole’s best friends since forever and from what I understood, they were to help Cole once he took over the empire his father had left him – although, to this day, I had no idea what he really did. Cole always said, he’d tell me one day, but after being together for almost a year and he still hadn’t told me, and I gave up asking altogether…

“Blood doesn’t lie,” a male voice said that I didn’t recognize. “I’m sorry, Your Highness, but we have to take precautions immediately…”

I heard Mrs. Knight agree immediately and while I didn’t understand why the stranger called Cole “your highness”, I did understand that they were talking about blood. Which was strange considering that it had only been a few days ago that Cole insisted that I let his doctors take my blood. He claimed it was to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant since a condom broke. I laughed and tried to reassure him, telling him that I’d been on birth control pills since I was a teen. But he kept insisting and to humor him, I let them take my blood.

Now, something was telling me, that that had been a mistake. But why? It didn’t make any sense. Was I sick or something? Was it contagious? Probably, considering they were talking about it as if I had the plague or something…

“It can’t be!”

I heard Cole say and he sounded devastated. A pang of pain shot through my body, and I felt like someone was squeezing my heart. I couldn’t explain it, but I instantly knew it was him. He was in pain, and he needed me…

Without thinking I walked into his office.