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Reborn: The Angel's Revenge

Reborn: The Angel's Revenge


After her rebirth, she had become an angel and a little enchantress who was bent on revenge. When she met her enemy again, she would definitely make him die without a burial place! The man who appeared inexplicably turned out to be the Count of the royal family. With his escort, he had beaten all the boys and girls along the way, and from then on, his life had never been bumpy! "Earl, I want to be arrogant from the favor of others." "Good! Live streaming all over the world. I'll wash your feet myself!" "Earl, I want to see the largest moon." "No problem. Send a man-made spaceship immediately and let it send you to heaven." "Earl, I want to destroy those who bullied me." "Okay, the royal army will follow your orders." The real purpose of the Count pampering her with all kinds of ways was that women could not leave him forever. Regardless of whether she was an angel or a demon, she would only be tailored for him. The woman smiled and said, "Earl, I still want you to make it sound like you're trying to fool me." "Simple." The Earl knelt on the ground with a serious look. "My dear wife, long live your lordship."
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In Heaven Town, Blake City.

A room with dim lights.

"Well, your face is ugly, but your body is so tender!" A lewd fat man sat on a young woman's body and rudely tore off the woman's clothes.

On the sofa sitting a well-dressed man. He was looking at this coldly.

"Travon, help me, please! Why are you doing this to me?"

The woman was lying on the ground, one side of her face with exquisite features, as if a doll, and her eyes were flooded with teardrops.

However, the other half of her face was covered with scorched scars.

There was a sharp contrast between them.

Her wrists were tied up. In the face of the fat man's violation, she had no way to fight back. She could only beg the man sitting on the sofa.

Her husband, Travon Barton

He didn't mind that she was disfigured. After her parents passed away, he kept saying that he loved her. Why did he ask another man to violate her?

"Why? Travon, tell me, why? I am your wife!" Her harsh shriek startled the fat man on her body and he stopped.

Travon sneered and waved his hand to dismiss the fat man. Facing Ruby's sad eyes, he answered her question.

"Ruby Patman, if it weren't for the 80 million and shares your parents left for you, do you think I would marry you, an ugly freak? You should feel happy. Before I killed your parents, I did such a good job in pretending to love you!"

"You, you killed my parents?"

Ruby remembered that her parents died in a car accident. At that time, Travon said that the driver had run away. It turned out that he was the murderer!

"Yes, I killed them!" Travon admitted it without any hesitation.

"Travon, you are a monster! Mom and Dad treated you like their own son. How could you do that to them?"

Ruby's body was twitching because of crying. She hated the man and herself. How could she fall in love with such a hypocrite?

Travon crankily grabbed Ruby's hair and said,

"By the way, the disfigurement of your face was not an accident. I hired someone to push you that day."

"Ruby, you looked down on me when we were in a romantic relationship. If your face hadn't been disfigured, would you have married me? I had no power and influence."

"Your parents were nice to me only because I accepted you despite your disgusting face. They deserve to die. Ruby, you deserve to die too! But..."

Travon said coldly,

"We have been married for five years, after all. I will let you die quickly after you're sexually violated. I will tell others that I catch you in bed with another man and you jump off the building out of shame and guilt. Ruby, I am smart, right?"

"When you die, your money and shares will be mine."

With that, Travon smashed Ruby's head on the ground with a loud bang.

Travon smashed her again and again. He didn't stop until Ruby's forehead was badly militated.

"Miss Patman, you are finally trampled by me. I'd like to see who would dare to look down on me in the future."

Travon's words were like a knife stabbing into her heart. Suddenly, she burst into laughter. "Hahahaha!"

Travon was annoyed, and he asked, "What the hell are you laughing at?"