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The Unique Love from the President

The Unique Love from the President



  “Whoever offends you, this is the end! " He was cold and handsome. He put out his hand and hugged trembling her in his arms. The man kneeling on one side shivered and begged for mercy. She was amazed at his actions. A deal, designed by her boyfriend, one night, she became his woman, and he began to pamper her. Outside the church, she said: "Alex, can we live together but not get married." He laughed and smacked her chin. "Honey, I like to work with a certificate!" In front of people, he is a evil man. In the back, he is a bad husband who is specially bad to her!
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"Well..." Wendy Smith leaned sofa side of her whole face red, dizziness after dizziness makes her feel dizzy, that kind of heat is like to her heart, burning her pain.

She endured the wait for two hours, but ended up drowsy on the sofa.

Suddenly, the door of the presidential suite on the 32nd floor of the King Hotel was opened. Wendy could only hear the sound of the door being closed, and the sound of footsteps approaching her.

Half dream half wake up, Wendy tried to open beautiful eyes, she saw a man wearing a black suit, whose figure was great and handsome.

She exhorted, "Hot..."

"Hot?" A deep, magical voice rang in her ear, and the long fingers of her fingers stroked her fair cheek.

Wendy felt a thrill, perhaps because of his voice and behavior, let her gradually recovered some consciousness.

Suddenly, the man suddenly smiled. "Henry's woman?" The corners of his mouth aroused a cold smile, and he had to say that his brother had a really good eye.

It's just, Wendy, do you love my brother that much?

If it is true love, so now lying on the sofa, red cheeks, constantly tearing clothes of the little woman, is it really you?

Whether she is willing to, or really was sent here by Henry, into he, Alex’s territory , there is no reason to retreat.

Not for her beautiful face, just because she is Henry's girlfriend!

Afterwards, Wendy feeling is lightly picked up by the waist...

By the time she was awake again, she had fallen into the king size bed.

Wendy only heard the sound of the zipper being unzipped, she was a little dazed and some dismayed, but at the moment she didn't know what was going on.

She felt her eyelids heavy and suddenly... She felt a warm breath in her ear, and then his deep voice suddenly rang again: "You are really beautiful, did my good brother touch you?"

Alex vigorously pulled at his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and looked at the flushed, unaware woman on the bed, his mouth evoked a smile of evil.

"Henry?" Wendy heard the familiar name, her mouth slightly open, just said one word, was suddenly as its kiss to seal...

She opened her beautiful eyes wide and collapsed...

"You are a real fire, a fire enough to burn me!" His voice fell, and she felt her lips were kissed again, her little white hands were clenched in a warm palm...

This night, was long enough...

Once, Wendy has never experienced, but in this night, she experienced again and again.

She did not know what had happened until the latter part of the night, when she fell asleep and the room was still beautiful.

The next morning, when the first ray of sunlight refracted through the white curtains into the house, under the fatigue and heavy, Wendy slightly opened her beautiful eyes, looking at this moment in the environment, she was astonished.

"Well... it hurts." Wendy struggled to open her eyes, her face reddish, she actually had a spring dream last night … so familiar, as if it was a personal experience of the general dream, let Wendy some dismay. Is it because Henry has been asking her about his needs lately?

She sat up from bed the next second, she rubbed her sleepy eyes, just ready to get up, but a pain all over the body, in the end what was going on? It's not like a dream!

Wendy calmed down and looked around her... I was surprised. Here, this is the King Hotel.

Her head dizzy, trying to recall ... yesterday, she was indeed to the King Hotel! But...what happened afterwards, she can't remember!

Just as she was puzzled, she looked down and saw the little marks on her fair skin...

Now she, besides the pain, she can't say anything else, the glaring sheets let her a little surprised, last night... She, who was she with... What happened to this kind of thing?

She tried to get up and get out of bed, but couldn't help taking a breath.

Twenty—three years of innocence is lost?

"Are you awake?" Suddenly, the sound from not far away startled Wendy. She looked up at the man in front of her with the water droplets still hanging from him. He was in excellent shape, and his eight abs were even more astonishing. But Wendy didn't look much. She quickly bowed her head, her cheeks flushed, and her little hands clasped tightly to the thin quilt....

She bowed her head, tried to keep her head down, tried to remember what had happened yesterday, and, guided by the guide, entered the presidential suite on the thirty—second floor, where she was staying with the man she wanted to design suits for today, Alex, a man famous enough to scare people in business. For her, the guest was crucial and must not have gone any wrong, but she waited from seven to nine last night without waiting for him.