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Destined to love you

Destined to love you



"You have to serve Mr. Mike tonight. Otherwise, you'll lost mother!" Joanna was threatened to sleep with an old man. As soon as she went into that old man’s room, her waist was wrapped around by a big warm hand. Then she started to fulfill her duty. Just as the atmosphere got hotter and hotter, the lights were pressed on. Surprisingly, he was not the old man she was supposed to serve but a young and breath-taking handsome man with noble manners. The man was in a surprise too. He didn’t feel sick when he got close to her, which was so unusual as he felt sick at any time when he gets close to any woman. "Why is this woman feel different? And why does the smell of her feel so familiar?" Then some memory fragments hit the man.
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At night, the dance party on the cruise ship continued, and the room was filled with noises and laughers.

Joanna wore a crimson tube top dress and stood at the door of the east cabin.

The anger and anxiety in her heart made her white face blush and she could not breathe.

An hour ago, Envy's contemptuous words seemed to resound in her ears...

"I said you pushed Mrs. Beckon into the sea. You have to admit it."

"Joanna, take a look at these. It's a picture of your shameless mother fooling around with a man. As long as I hand it over, she won't be able to live."

"So what if I frame your mother?"

"Hah, I advise you to serve Mr. Mike for a night and take some gorgeous pictures on the bed. Otherwise, you'll be ready to be motherless!"

If someone had told her before that Envy was a bitch woman.

She would say that her sister Envy was a gentle and kind woman!

But now, she only wanted to rip Envy's face, and then slap her hard. You are such a stupid woman!

Now, Envy used her mother to threaten her to sleep with the old man and take that kind of picture.

And she had to smile and say that I can do it.

Taking a deep breath, Joanna clenched her arms and walked towards the room booked by Envy.

Just before she reached the room, she was stopped by anxious people waiting in the aisle.

Before she could speak, the person looked at her critically and mumbled, "Why is it a woman?"

"What?" she couldn't hear his words clearly, but the man said, "It's too late to try first."

Joanna was stunned by him. Her heart was sore and angry. When she thought of her mother, she could only bite the bullet.

A few minutes later, the man stopped in front of a room and opened the door to push her in.

The moment she was pushed, in the same instant, a hot hand pinched her wrist and dragged her into the room.

The door was closed.

The man snorted coldly in the dark. Before she screamed, he pressed her rudely against the wall, pulled her wrist and pulled her palm against him.

Her cheeks were so red that she was so annoyed that she wanted to bite the old man's throat.

But the disparity between men and women made her unable to earn anything, so she could only yell, "Let me go first, I'll serve for you!"

She still remembered that she had to take that kind of picture with him.

As long as he let her go, she would be able to take a picture and leave.

How could she be so stupid that she listened to Envy, and wanted to compensate for her innocence?

No one knew what to say. She was sternly pressed against the wall and she cried out in pain.

At the same time, the switch on the wall was pressed down, and the entire room suddenly lit up.

Joanna suddenly looked up. After she saw the person in front of her, her eyes quickly shrank.

The person in front of her was wearing a mask that covered the upper half of his face, apparently a guest who had attended the costume party tonight.

His eyes were deep and bright, and there were emotions she could not understand.

At this moment, he was raising his hand to stare at his palm, his thin lip tightly curled into a line.

Although this man looked as mysterious and distinguished, he was not the fat old man Envy had prepared for her.

Her face instantly turned pale. She was in the wrong room!

"I'm sorry that I've walked into the wrong room." She said quickly and turned to open the door.

An arm was pressed against the door, blocking her between the door and her strong chest. The man's other hand touched her face and was surprised.

There was no disgusting feeling.


Joanna was a little nervous and stunned. The man's fingers suddenly touched her lips.