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My Fake Bride

My Fake Bride



Winni was an ordinary college student, and one day, she got kidnapped. The man who did it was James Fisher, who was a successful businessman, top 10 on Forbes, one of the most powerful and influential men in the world. Why did he do that? Because Jame’s fiancee ran away before the wedding, and Winni was the one who accidentally gave his fiancee a little help to escape. Now, the wedding date has been set but he had no bride. “Marry me in place of my fiancee.” He smiled like a devil with horns on the head.
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"Young Master, I found her."

The bodyguard in black, who was looking at the walkie—talkie, was distant and expressionless.

Winni Johnson, who was being held in handcuffs and pulled away, was trembling and didn’t even dare to breathe.

What happened?

Winni Johnson wanted to cry. Who was the young master those people in black were mentioning?

She was just a university student. Half an hour ago, she was walking on the road and was suddenly tied up by a group of bodyguards in black suits.

Even if she kept calling, no one answered her.

She thought so hard and still did not know what she had done.

Then, she felt like she had entered a room, and was pushed forward by some people. And she stumbled on the ground.

Feeling that there was no sound around her, she carefully pulled down her blindfolded and looked out.

Accompanied by the dazzling light, she only saw a pair of shiny leather shoes, whose owner was in front of her less than half a meter.

Feeling nervous, she looked up and saw the tall and strong man in front of her.

She was a little shocked. This man was so handsome, his face looked very tough with sharp edges. Her straight body had this feeling of a noble, high above temperament. it looked so unreal.

"Get up."

Winni Johnson was frightened by this voice and quickly got up from the ground. She looked at the person in front of him: "You are ..."

"James Fisher."

Winni Johnson stunned. She heard that name before.

Suddenly, she was shocked. Isn’t he the man in Chicago who had reached the top ten on the Forbes list!?

James Fisher's eyes were so cold. He was slightly ironic about her appearance: "It's time to play with fire, Winni Johnson."

"I don't know you. Why did you tie me up here?" His aura was so strong that Winni Johnson felt unconsciously being suppressed and her voice became creaky.

The man looked like an eagle. "Lena Brown is my fiancée."

"Brown, Lena Brown ..." Winni Johnson's chin was about to fall off. "So ... it’s you!"

"Thank you for your help. That lady has successfully escaped." James Fisher's face was expressionless and although his tone was calm, it was like ice.

She took a breath and finally understood why she had been caught. She explained in a hurry, "I just went shopping with Lena Brown that day. When she offered to change clothes with me, I didn't know that she wanted to run away! So, it’s none of my business ... "

Thinking that she was tied up like this and Winni was afraid that the man would be angry about her.

She did not listen to her explanation at all, and James Fisher looked contemptuously: "Are you sure?"

Did this man listen to her! ? Winni Johnson bit her lips and continued to explain, "Lena Brown's escape from marriage was planned by herself, and I was also exploited! And ..."

Before she could finish, a letter was suddenly thrown.

Panicked and panicked, Winni Johnson opened it carefully. When she saw Lena Brown's handwriting, her entire face turned pale.

Lena Brown killed her!

The letter said that she was her best friend, helped plan the plan, and said that she would come back to find her when the limelight passed.

"This is impossible! Master Fisher, I don't know."

"Where is she?"

"I don't know!" Winni Johnson shook his hand as he held the envelope and tried to shake his head.

She wanted to escape. This man's eyes looked so ruthless, so scary!

Unexpectedly, Fisher Brigade approached her dangerously, clasping her neck to make her face him. Han Bing faced her delicate face: "Last time, where is she ?!"

The two of them were almost face to face.

Winni Johnson, who had never had such close contact with a man, seemed to have his heart popping out of his mouth.