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My Confusing Ex-wife

My Confusing Ex-wife



  She failed winning his heart after trying for three years, she decided to let go-a divorce! However, she found herself pregnant after that, while at the same time, was bumped into by her ex-“whose child is this.” ”Definitely not yours!”
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At midnight, Lu Yao felt immersed in her dreams.

"Ah" She could not help but open her eyes in pain.

Only then did she realize that he was not dreaming.

The man who had only come back once a week was now pressing on her. The yellow lamp on his bed shone on him. His naked upper body was muscular and his arms were slender.

Lu Yao was stunned.

Was it not Saturday today? Why did he come back?

"Wake up?" The man's voice was low, and Lu Yao looked at her blankly.

To him, sex did not seem to be love, it was just a routine.

The next day, Lu Yao was woken up by the sound of a car downstairs.

She sat up from the bed and froze for ten seconds. When she heard something happened in the kitchen, she ran barefoot outside the room and saw a silhouette in the kitchen.

The man was dressed in casual clothes at home. His waist was thin and his legs were long.

Thinking from the man's body to what they had done last night, Lu Yao blushed and was a little awkward.

Shao Yunchen saw that Lu Yao stood there wearing a nightgown and frowned. "Go and change."

"Oh, okay." Lu Yao looked down at herself and ran to the bedroom.

When she finished washing , Shao Yunchen was eating breakfast at the dining table. Lu Yao sat down opposite him.

None of them say anything, only the sound of a knife and fork colliding at the table.

Lu Yao was already used to this kind of life.

After eating, Lu Yao took the plate to the kitchen and accidentally kicked the door when she came out.

After Shao Yunchen saw it, she took the medicine from the cupboard and handed it to her.

"Thank you." Lu Yao knew that he was always cold, but his heart still felt warm.

Shao Yunchen did not say anything, he just turned around and took on his suit.

Some men are naturally suited to wearing suits, especially those with a slender figure like Shao Yunchen. Wearing a suit is especially good—looking.

"Let's wash the dishes when we finish." By the time she said, Shao Yunchen had already put on his leather shoes.

When Lu Yao reacted, he only heard the sound of the door closing.

Lu Yao kept his squatted position and felt a cold bone.

She knew that Shao Yunchen was married because he was forced by his father.

She even asked Shao Yunchen to sign a contract when she got married.

The two sides pay half of the living expenses. They can't have children within four years, and after four years, they divorce.

Lu Yao had signed all these contracts. She thought that she could warm up Shao Yunchen's cold heart.

Unexpectedly, after three years, his attitude was still cold and all she did was futile.

Marriage to this extent was quite ridiculous.