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Too late to love

Too late to love



  She loved him for many years, yet he made her abort for the sake of another woman, she desperately left with a divorce agreement, when he regretted it, everything was too late…
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Lydia Webster went to the hospital this morning for examination. The doctor told her that she was pregnant. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant with Adrian Montz’s child. So she waited him home on top of her head.

Lydia Webster had fantasized about many impossibilities, thinking that after Adrian Montz found out that he was pregnant, wouldn't his face change a little? Would it be a surprise?

Every fantasy is so beautiful, with a vision of happiness.

However, she did not expect Adrian Montz come home with smell of alcohol.. His entire body unsteadily fell onto her, and no matter what happened, he tore off all of her clothes.

Lydia Webster only had one thought in her mind, and that was the doctor's words. “The fetus in your womb is still unstable, you have to restrain the having sex.”

Therefore, she could not, and could not fulfill Adrian Montz's request.

"No, Adrian Montz, you can't!" Lydia Webster subconsciously protected her abdomen, where their children were inside.

Adrian Montz frowned and said coldly, without a trace of warmth, "You dare to reject me?"

Lydia Webster's heart skipped a beat, "No, it's not that. It's just that I can't do it now. Adrian Montz, I am begging you."

She could not be careless about her child. Adrian Montz had always hated her, so it would be even harder for her to get pregnant with his child.

If they have a child, maybe Adrian Montz wouldn't hate her so much.

Lydia Webster looked at him pleadingly, making Adrian Montz feel even more disgusted. At this time, Lydia Webster somehow had the strength to push him away, and ran towards the bathroom, vomiting again and again..

Adrian Montz started to feel cold. His gaze fell on the diagnosis on the table, the smell of alcohol diffused to the whole room. He squeezed that diagnosis angrily.

"Lydia Webster!"

Lydia Webster walked out with a pale face, looking at the gloomy him, "Adiran, I …"

Before she could explain anything, Adrian Montz walked over quickly and slapped her face, pulling her hair, "You dare to have affairs behind me? Speak, whose child is this! "

Lydia Webster's eyes were filled with tears, as she looked at him in disbelief. Did he mean she had cuckolded him? How is that possible? She loved him so much, how could she have done anything wrong?

Lydia Webster shook her head, her eyes filled with tears. "No, I didn't, the child is yours."

"Did you forget the day you were drunk? That was when we had the baby."

Adrian Montz's anger did not appease at all, "Even so, how dare you become pregnant? Who do you think you are? "

"If it wasn't for you, April would never have married anyone else. Now, are you shameful to bear my child?"

Speaking of April May, Adrian Montz's expression became even more agitated, as if the name April May had already sprouted in his heart.

It was a sore spot that no one else could touch.

Pregnant women could easily be emotional, Lydia Webster wholeheartedly wanted to protect her children, and angrily roared back, "April, April! Adrian Montz, you only have April May in your heart, you don't even know that the reason she left you then wasn't because of me, but because you had no power! "

Adrian Montz placed his hand on her neck forcefully, the chilling coldness was extremely painful, "Lydia Webster, you dare to slander April?"

Lydia Webster was also mad with rage, she could not remember what her intention was, "How did I slander her? You're the one who can't see the reality and blamed me for it! Adrian Montz, you are a coward. If you have guts, kill me now! "

"You want to die?" Heh! Isn't that letting you off too easily? " Adrian Montz looked at her inquiringly, his words was filled with cold sarcasm.

This woman caused him to lose his April. Now he couldn't be with her, did she think that death would be proper repentance?

He stood up and his gaze fell on her abdomen. His gaze was like the remains of hell,mercilessly smashing into her face as if she were . "I have a hundred ways to make you wish you were dead."