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Her Victim Husband

Her Victim Husband



  Her boyfriend cheated her for her best friend,she was driving absent-mindedly while crashing someone- she earned herself a husband!
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There was a Maserati driving in the expressway.

When Emily Smith reached the outskirts of the western city, the tips of her fingers holding onto the steering wheel were still as white as before.

She looked at the eye—catching photo on her phone. That woman who smilingly laid on the embrace of her boyfriend Zoey James, was her roommate, Vivian Green.

Looks like the graduation party yesterday was their coming of age ceremony.

A thought flashed through her mind as she began to automatically broadcast the scenes from five days ago. She and a few of her friends were in a daze as they laid in their dorms watching the World Cup.

"I'm so envious of Emily. Cuteness and sexiness are all on Zoey. Do you guys still remember him on the basketball court? He's so great!"

Vivian's voice sounded by her ear again. The words that were a little sour, were now ear—piercing and coquettish.

At the time, she had replied proudly, "Zoey was my future husband."

Before the World Cup had even ended, she was already green.

It really was the right scene!

She could feel that the top of her head had successfully paved a patch of the football field's lawn!

The throttle beneath her feet seemed to have become her own four years of youth being trampled by her ruthlessly. The gray sky, the deserted road, the scattered electric currents were all her reverence, her reverence for Zoey.

Suddenly, a person staggered out from the roadside. However, her brake didn't seem to mean much anymore.

In desperation, she slammed the steering wheel and slammed the car into the curb, but luckily she didn't flip herself into the ditch.

Her mind went blank for a few seconds before she heard Thor's call: Bang! Emily! You bumped into a man!

Opening the car door with her left hand had made her unable to move quickly. She had even forgotten to unbuckle her safety belt.

She finally got off the car, but looking at the tattered man covered in dust in front of her, she couldn't help but feel shocked.

There was no time to think, so she quickly called for an ambulance. She squatted down and poked the man lightly on the shoulder with her trembling fingertips, trying to keep her voice from trembling. "Sir, are you still awake? Conscious?"


In the morning, it was always terrifyingly quiet. Every gust of wind that blew on her body only increased her fear.

Sir, I beg of you, please give me a response! Please don't let anything happen to me!

After a long, long, deep breath, Emily gathered her courage and wanted to check if this person still had any breath left.

However, before she could even stretch out her hand, a pair of sharp eyes swept over her. She was so frightened that her buttocks trembled and she fell onto the ground.

Johnson White wrinkled his delicate face. It really was a bit painful!

However, this person was still alive, so she was relieved.

Johnson indifferently swept his gaze across her eyes that were as large as black grapes. Looking at his pale face, he said with a hint of childishness, "You are driving in danger."

"I'm sorry, I'll take responsibility. The ambulance will be here soon. How do you feel right now?"


"Is there any discomfort in your head? What about your eyes?"


"Then, what about your arms? How are your legs? "


Looking at how this guy was ignoring her with a cold face, she cursed in her heart, "F u ck!"