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You only belong to me

You only belong to me



Trying to pay the medical bill for her mom, Lolo Su had to listen to her father's words and spent her first night with her sister's fiance, Jack Long. Five years later, Lolo came back with a cute girl, Xin and a lovely boy, Chen. These kids took a great adventure to find their father, who was the most successful CEO. Lolo had never imagined her children had done her a great favor!
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Late at night, the hospital.

In the hallway, a young girl pulled the arm of a middle—aged man who was about to leave, crying and begging. "Dad, beg you, save my mother, please save her, she will not die."

"Your mom is not saved at all." The man was a little cold and pushed her hand.

"Yes, the doctor said that if I had one million, the surgery could be done. Dad, please give us one million?" The girl's tears wet the tender face.

The middle—aged man suddenly bit his teeth and pulled the girl closer. Looking at this pear flower with rain, the beautiful and charming face, he bent down his head slightly. "Lolo, you can save your mother, but you must promise me one thing."

"You say. I promise, I promise." The girl nodded, as long as she could save her mother, as if he wanted her life, it was just a matter of words.

"I know that you are a good girl. You also heard about the marriage between your sister and Long’s family."

The girl stared at the clear big eyes, not knowing what her father meant, she whimpered, "I know!"

"That Prince is a fanatic for cleanliness, he likes a clean woman. Your sister isn’t virgin, I want you to replace her first night."

The slender body of the girl instantly softened and looked at her father with a shudder. "Dad, I don't want it!"

The middle—aged man clenched her hand a little coldly and said, "This is the only way to save your mother. As long as you promise, I will give you the money immediately. Your mother may be able to return a life. If you miss the three—days best period of surgery, it will be too late."

The girl’s eyes flashed a bit of anxiety. She took a low breath and dropped her beautiful face. “Well, I promise you.”

"Hey, kid, dress up, tomorrow night is your time to dedicate. He is the son of Long Group’s chairman, you will not suffer." The man patted her shoulders happily.

As all knew, all girls of the city want to have sex with this man.

The girl sat softly in the chair, her eyes dull, but there was a little bit that made her happy, it was that her mother was saved.

The next day, at night, in a luxury hotel.

In a presidential suite.

In the dimly lit room, the girl sat on the bed of fluster, her arms around her arms, and shivering.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a tall and straight figure came from the door. He pressed the light source switch and found that the light seemed to be broken.

And all of this was well planned.

The girl on the bed gasped and came down from the bed. She used a nervous and trembling arm to hug the man 's neck, tiptoed, and jerkily kissed the man's side face.

After the kiss, she did not know what to do, but slammed, the back of the brain was buckled by the overbearing big palm.

Before she had yet to pull out, the man kissed the girl with the smell of alcohol in the dark.

"Hum..." The lips were sealed by fiery thin lips.

Lolo Sue’s brain was blank.

She was somewhat resistant to the unfamiliar and clear male temperament.

The strong and violent kiss of the man took away her brain and breathed. Her brain was dizzy, and the body was pressed against the bed, surrounded by the man's kiss, and the city was plundered.

The thing happened next couldn’t be described in terms of language.

In the darkness, her tears burst out...