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The  Voiceless Destiny

The Voiceless Destiny



  The female CEO of Darkstripe Multinationals Corporation passed through. Grandmother did not like it, father was selfish and cold, aunt was hypocritical and insidious, the Shu sisters schemed viciously! Humph! To dare to scheme against her, I will definitely make you pay a thousand times over, eat the consequences of your own suffering and regret for the rest of your lives! After scheming with the Shu sisters, her fiance whose reputation had been completely ruined, saw her return with a peerless pride, and still dared to shamelessly come back. Pui! I'm not going to hit you in the face, get lost! What! This dark, cold, and beautiful man was also her fiancé? And had a mysterious background that no one knew about? They were destined to be husband and wife! "Hey, don't come over, I haven't admitted it yet!" Ugh! "Go away!" Ye Zichen covered his swollen mouth and glared at the man, who seemed like he didn't want to leave yet. A certain man said tenderly, "My wife, it's late at night. How about your husband warm your wife's bed?" She must be blind in order to think that this black-hearted man who didn't eat his fill was a beauty that could be expected, but not scoffed at! A certain man had pulled a certain woman and now he dared to slip away. This was simply an insult to his ability. He must be punished!
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The Initiation of a valiant life


March 26th, suitable for marriage.

Suddenly, a wave of curses sounded out.

"Fight!" Beat this shameless slut, this kind of despicable slut, damn it! "

"Beat her to death! The dignified general of Uncle Mansion, a noble clan and direct daughter, actually went along with someone before their marriage, and even dared to cause a ruckus in front of their newlywed husband's door. This is simply shameless, kill her! "

In front of the Nanzhao's doors, there was a young girl who had her head pinned to the ground. Her mouth was wide open and her face was filled with fear and helplessness.

The bride's name was Ming Ru Yue, and on the day of the wedding, she had been discovered having an affair with a man.

The groom was the direct descendant of the Ding Hou Mansion, Ding An, and was very famous in the capital. Not only was he from a famous family, he was also very handsome and talented, making him the target of many girls' admiration.

Today, he was dressed in a bright red groom's uniform. His cut was exquisite and his hair was tied up with a golden plate of ruby on top of his head. His face was extremely handsome and elegant as he was humiliated by someone in front of his house. "Take this bitch, who dares not steal from a virtuous woman, down and beat her to death!"

With Ding An's words, a few servants took out a torture staff that was as thick as a person's leg, and mercilessly threw it at Ming Ru Yue!

Ming Ru Yue was in so much pain that droplets of sweat started to roll down her forehead. The makeup on his face had long been muddled into a ball because of the tears and sweat.

But Ming Ru Yue's face was twisted and sinister from the painful beating, her mouth continued to open wide, but she did not make a sound!

Ming Ru Yue's fingers scratched the ground tightly as her nails split apart. Her fingertips mixed with the dirt on the ground to produce a mix of ugly and dirty blood, but she was not in the mood to care.

She looked up in disbelief at the not so distant Ding An, her expression ashen and frosty, yet her eyes still held an unusual amount of mockery and disgust as she looked at Ding An, who was staring at her. Not far away, there was a woman holding a handkerchief. She seemed sad and was trying out her tears, but from a angle that no one else could see, her eyes seemed to be looking at her with venom.

She was extremely familiar with this girl, she was normally intimate with her, innocent little sister Ming Ru Qing.

Just a moment ago, she was still happily marrying Ding An, but the sky suddenly changed.

A person she had never met before claimed to be involved with her. She was about to explain when she found that she could no longer speak!

She suddenly thought of this. When she came here, she had drunk a bowl of medicine from the wet nurse. Her heart had turned stiff from the overwhelming chilliness!

It was as if one could still hear Ming Ru Qing's words, which made people feel as if they had been poisoned and made them feel so angry that their entire body went numb. "Ming Ru Yue, Ming Ru Yue, you're finally going to die! Do you know, from the moment you were engaged to Elder Brother An, I wanted to kill you at all times! You are just relying on your status as the direct daughter. For a foolish trash like you, why would you marry the Elder Brother An? The only one who can marry him is me! "

"Hehe, you want to hit me out of anger? Want to ask for help? Save it, you can talk? How does it feel to be betrayed by the person you trust the most? Don't be wronged, if there wasn't the cooperation of the Elder Brother An, how could a random scum like you make a love affair become a reality? Elder Brother An hates it more than anyone, I wish you die! Apart from your identity, you ugly female idiot who has nothing else to do, you still dare to steal my things, you deserve to die a thousand times! "

Ming Ru Yue's face was drenched in sweat and tears, her mouth was bleeding from trying to open it, but she still did not believe Ding An. The way the latter looked at her, was as though she had met a filth, as though she was anxiously throwing away the boredom of being crippled, and pierced through her body like a sharp sword.

Ming Ru Yue looked into the sky and started crying. Her mouth kept opening and closing, and if she could speak, she would be saying something weird: I hate it, I hate it, help me take revenge, help me take revenge!

A faintly discernible figure appeared in the sky, a voice that only Ming Ru Yue could hear: "Alright, I will definitely let the person who bullied you be punished, regret for the rest of his life!

Then, that spirit body was awakened by the noise and was reborn. It was reborn on the day that Ming Ru Yue was about to get married out!

A sharp voice bellowed out: "Second Miss, the bridal sedan is about to arrive. Quickly drink this medicine."

Ming Ru Yue raised her head to look for the source of the voice and walked in to see a middle aged woman dressed in a light green outer garment. She was slightly thin, with slightly high cheekbones, and had a rather harsh appearance.

This middle—aged woman was surnamed Cui, whom Ming Ru Yue's mother married to. She was also Ming Ru Yue's mother, who had been taking care of Ming Ru Yue ever since she died.

Her body was weak when she was born, and her brain was even more dull and unable to turn around. The big matters and small affairs that happened beside her were basically decided by this Mother Cui, so Ming Ru Yue trusted her, and this Mother Cui could be said to be an unshakeable existence by Ming Ru Yue's side. It was a loss to no one but this Mother Cui.

It was precisely this kind of person, who Ming Ru Yue relied on wholeheartedly, who carried out poisons to mute her poison, who then allowed Ming Ru Yue to scheme against him.

If Ding An and Ming Ru Qing were the blades that killed Ming Ru Yue, then Mother Cui was the saintly person that made a move!

Ming Ru Yue hid the cold glint in her eyes and said: "My health has been pretty good recently, there's no need to drink any more medicine."

Mother Cui walked over with large strides, and frowned as she placed the medicine bowl next to Ming Ru Yue's mouth: "Second Miss, don't be willful, your body is always weak. Today is a day of celebration.

As he finished speaking, Mother Cui's tone was unquestionably cold.

Ming Ru Yue sneered in her heart, and acted as if she was going to receive the medicine bowl. Just as Mother Cui released his hand, his hand suddenly went soft, and the medicine bowl fell onto the ground with a "pa" sound.

At that moment, a ruthless light flashed across Mother Cui's eyes, "You!" But then, she thought of something and said to the servant behind him. "Go, it's getting late, hurry up and bring Second Miss another bowl."

Ming Ru Yue's eyes became colder, this was not letting her drink, just in case, she had prepared quite a few poisons, "No need, I'm not drinking it today!"

However, the Mother Cui ignored Ming Ru Yue with a cold expression, acting as if Ming Ru Yue was being reckless. After taking the medicine bowl back, she waved her hand, called for the few mothers, and said: "Second Miss is sick and can't take the medicine, you guys follow me, Second Miss, I'll feed it to you."

"Yes sir!" Suddenly, a few strong and fat old ladies rushed over and pressed down Ming Ru Yue. A sinister look flashed past Mother Cui's eyes, and she pressed her hand hard on Ming Ru Yue's mouth, causing Ming Ru Yue to instantly open her mouth wide out of instinct. Mother Cui forcefully held the poison bowl over, pressed against Ming Ru Yue's mouth, and was about to pour everything down!

Ming Ru Yue's eyes flashed with killing intent, that bright pupils flashed with a cold light. Her hand trembled, and an object flew out, her body struggling along with it.

One of them suddenly staggered and staggered to the side, causing her to slant against him, causing her mother to stumble and stumble.

Ming Ru Yue saw the opportunity, and her body instantly bent to the side, exclaiming: "Ah, my bridal gown was torn apart, how dare you!"

Her body took the opportunity to be knocked towards Mother Cui. When Mother Cui was in a daze, Ming Ru Yue suddenly pushed Mother Cui's hand and the bowl of poison directly entered her mouth, and Ming Ru Yue did not give her the chance to vomit. He fiercely pulled on Mother Cui's hair from the back and pressed his chin on it, causing Mother Cui to open her eyes wide in fear, and gulped down the entire bowl of poison!