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Marriage End, Love Begin

Marriage End, Love Begin



  He had no choice but to marry her. After marrying her for three years, Yin Ze Chen was as cold as ice while Mu Yiruo continued to love him. On the day of her birthday, a divorce agreement forced her into a desperate situation. Mu Yiran refused to sign, so Xiao San came to her door and arrogantly shouted at her to start the love defense war. However, in this marriage defense battle, she finally understood that love was a matter between two people. It was impossible to accomplish it alone. "He sent her to hell for his beloved woman. He didn't care about her life and death, he just wanted her to marry him." Director Yin, you got what you want, and trapped me here for that? " Mu Yiruo questioned coldly. You need your child. " After Yin Ze Chen finished his sentence, he took over her. On the day of birth, he heard Yin Ze Chen's cold voice, "Keep the child." Years later, she was in the arms of a man. A certain someone was so jealous that he carried his son and shouted, "Wife, go home quickly! Your child needs to drink milk!"
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Under the dim yellow light, the servants had already placed the sumptuous dishes onto the table one by one. Each dish was covered with an exquisite silver plate, and the steam that was curling up seemed to be unsatisfied as it turned into wisps of steam and leaked outwards.

The half—open window, the twilight sky, as if everything were unpleasant, the sky grew darker, and everyone at the table was careful not to breathe. The silver cutlery was neatly arranged and polished, reflecting each of their tense faces, bright and glaring, and the sound of the bells was especially clear.

Mu Yi Ruo slowly raised his head, looked at the clock, then looked at the people around him, gently sighed, helplessly wrote it on her face, but in the next moment she revealed a smile, opening her red lips, before she could even finish, there was a loud bang, Old Master Yin's fist landed on the marble table, causing everyone's bodies to lightly tremble, they were shocked.

Old Master Yin's black cheeks and fiery eyes told everyone that he was angry.

Mu Yi Ruo clenched her fist tightly, and once again raised her exclusive smile, and gently said: "Dad, there's no need to wait anymore, let's eat first, everyone is hungry."

"Bastard." Old Master Yin said unhappily.

Everyone kept silent, lowered their heads, and did not dare speak another word. Mu Yi Ruo said again: "Dad, eat, everyone is really hungry, let them come to our house as guests. You can't treat our guests like this, let's eat."

Old Master Yin looked at Mu Yi Ruo, and said with a pained heart: "Are you that easy to talk to? Are you going to let him bully you? Ruo Ruo, today is your birthday. As your husband, how can you not show up? "

Mu Yi Ruo was a good girl, she liked being her daughter—in—law a lot. However, that disappointing son of hers, had really angered him to the point of vomiting blood, she had always known that her son disliked Mu Yi Ruo.

After the wedding, the relationship between the two was as calm as water. Normally, it was fine, but today was Mu Yi Ruo's birthday, so it was alright for them to meet each other. In the end, everyone came to bless Mu Yi Ruo, but their closest husband did not appear.

Mu Yi Ruo smiled and shook her head: "Dad, I'm fine, Chen, I'm a bit busy, I can understand."

Actually, the most important reason was that she did not love him. If it was someone Yin Ze Chen loved, they would naturally accompany him at all times, but whether or not she loved him, it was already destined that she would not be able to control him.

"Hmph, this is a good excuse. Let's not wait for that damn thing to come and eat first. Yiruo, I wish you a happy birthday." Old Master Yin showed a smile and said benevolently.

Mu Yi Ruo smiled and said: "Thank you, Father."

Everyone raised their wine cups, after congratulating Mu Yi Ruo, they had not finished drinking the cup yet. The door opened, and the main character that they had been waiting for finally appeared.

With another bang, Old Master Yin's wine cup fell. He stood up and walked in front of Yin Ze Chen, then said unhappily: "You still know how to return? I thought you didn't know. This is your home. "

Yin Ze Chen's perfect silhouette, under the light's illumination, became even more bewitching. His black eyes were so terrifying that there was always a type of aura in his body that no one dared to approach. In this era of self—control, he was perfect.

Yin Ze Chen raised her head, her ice—cold gaze landing on Mu Yi Ruo. Mu Yi Ruo instinctively lowered her head, avoiding the gaze that caused her to be afraid. Even if she wasn't wrong, he still felt an inexplicable sense of guilt in front of Yin Ze Chen.

Yin Ze Chen looked at Mu Yi Ruo's expression and laughed coldly.

"Today is your wife's birthday." Seeing Yin Ze Chen not saying a word, the Old Master Yin quickly reminded him.

Yin Ze Chen raised his head, looked at Old Master Yin and directly said: "Father, I am very busy.

"It doesn't matter what it is, Mu Yi Ruo your wife." Old Master Yin roared in displeasure.

To dare to say such words in front of him, how much grievance did this Mu Yi Ruo suffer when he was not around? Thinking up to this point, he truly felt that he had let Mu Yi Ruo down.

"That's the woman you forced me to marry. In my heart, I've never treated her as my wife. Everyone here clearly understands this matter." Yin Ze Chen said coldly, this was his attitude.

When Mu Yi Ruo saw this scene, she hurriedly walked to Yin Ze Chen's side and pulled his hand back a step. Then she looked at Old Master Yin and said: "Dad, since Shen Chen is already back, don't be angry.

Old Master Yin finally put down his hand and clenched his fist. He looked at Yin Ze Chen, turned around, and said unhappily: "Eat."

If not for Mu Yi Ruo's words, the slap today would definitely have ruthlessly landed on Yin Ze Chen's face.

Yin Ze Chen flung Mu Yi Ruo's hand away fiercely and walked towards the table. Looking at her empty hand, Mu Yi Ruo frowned in embarrassment, she then sat down at the table and sighed in disappointment.

This meal was too depressing, the entire process did not even speak ten sentences, and Mu Yi Ruo could not take it anymore.

After finishing their meal, everyone left one after the other. Old Master Yin walked to Yin Ze Chen's side, and said coldly: "Chen, I can make you have today, and can make your day disappear, and make you treat your wife well. Don't force me to make a move, and don't use your busy work as an excuse to me."

Yin Ze Chen's eyes were deep, and the corners of his mouth carried a smile. He said in a neither hurried nor slow manner: "Father, I really look forward to the day we face off against you. However, for her, it's not worth it for us father and son to fight each other."

"She's your wife. She's worth everything you can do for her." Old Master Yin clenched his fists and said patiently.

"Dad, I'll help you pay back the debt you owe. Don't worry about how I do it, it's enough. Dad, be careful on the road." Yin Ze Chen said with a smile.

Old Master Yin's face was extremely ugly, but he did not say anymore and turned to leave.

Walking to the door, Old Master Yin looked at Mu Yi Ruo and said apologetically: "Yiruo, I have wronged you."

Mu Yi Ruo shook her head and said: "Dad, don't say that, I'm fine, be careful on the way."

The Old Master Yin nodded and got in the car. Mu Yi Ruo turned around and looked at the open door, thinking of the cold person inside, she let out a long sigh, feeling helpless.

After Mu Yi Ruo adjusted her mood, she quickly entered and arrived at the living room. She saw Yin Ze Chen sitting on the sofa.

Mu Yi Ruo sat beside him, and without even saying a word, Yin Ze Chen immediately took out a document, a divorce agreement. The words were especially eye—catching, and also very eye—catching.