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Little Imperial Consort

Little Imperial Consort



  In his previous life, the legend had it that he would die a horrible death! Her martial arts had been crippled, and she had been humiliated to the extreme. She had only been punished for her disgraceful death … After her rebirth, Mu Bing returned to 15 years old, all he wanted was to make sure that the adulterer who betrayed her would die a horrible death. He had to take back what he had lost one by one, and the pain he had endured had to be repaid tenfold or even a hundredfold. What the heck was this hedonistic prince? Was it really an eye disease, or was the taste too strong?
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Mu Bing looked at her white and tender hands in disbelief. Her fingers were smooth and round, and she didn't even have a thin cocoon formed from years of training with the sword, not to mention her burnt skin and torn flesh.

Recalling the torture he had just gone through, recalling all that had happened in the past.

Although she was born in the General's Estate, she was also a daughter who was pampered by her upbringing. For him, he had to painstakingly practice his sword, and painstakingly train in all sorts of martial arts. In the end, it was also for him that his martial arts were wasted in exchange for his phoenix robe.

No, it was two of them. Her cousin had also been sealed. Hehe, after a country, there will be two of them. A great gift, a great reward. Not only that, the medical skill that had saved him countless times was finally falsely accused of bewitching magic.

It was so painful to kill a child who didn't have a clue, and to want her to be shelled! And those subjects, those dawn citizens, those rotten eggs and rotten vegetables thrown on her body, were not good memories.

Burning the cannon and roaming the streets were not worth more than three feet of white silk and a cup of venomous wine. His bloody hands trembled as he raised his wine cup. What he drank down in one gulp was a heart—wrenching pain. Also, the sky was filled with flashes of lightning, flashes of thunder, and the sounds of people in the sea of fire.

"Scoundrel, as long as there's a chance, I, Mu Bing, will not let you off even if I transform into a devil of hell …"

Right, didn't she already die? If he wasn't poisoned to death, he should have been burned to death. How could this be? It was as if everything that had happened previously was just a dream and she was the carefree young miss of the General's Estate.

This pair of tender white hands was the best proof! All of that pain and hatred was definitely not a dream!

To live a new life, this is the chance the heavens have given me.

Qi Tian Ming, Xiao Wan, I need to take back everything that I lost, and I need to pay back the pain I endured tenfold or even a hundredfold.

"I, Mu Bing, swear that I will make all of you beg for death!"

The voice was hoarse, but clear. A clap of thunder came from outside the window.

"Miss, are you awake? This thunder was too scary! The general is about to step down from court as well. The princes and princes are coming to our residence as guests today. "

A little girl around thirteen or fourteen years old with a round face and almond—shaped eyes pushed the door open as she chattered non—stop. Zhang Luo was thinking of dressing Mu Bing up, afraid that his young miss would lose her limelight.

I heard that the courtyard of Miss Watch was already busy preparing. However, her young mistress had recovered from the cold. If she were to sleep at this time, it would not be good if she disgraced herself in front of the princes.

"Tang Yuan... "You …" Mu Bing's voice was choked with emotions. Thank god Tang Yuan was still alive.

In her previous life, Tang Yuan accompanied her to practice martial arts and fight, and in the end, because he helped her block the blade, he died in her arms. He must treat her well in this life.

Tang Yuan's round face flushed red, she twisted her sleeves and pouted: "Young miss, we agreed to not call Tang Yuan."

"Hahahaha, Tang Yuan, your round appearance, is just like Tang Yuan, white and fat, how nice … …"

Mu Bing laughed until she cried. That's right, a white and fat face looked better than being covered in blood. Since Tang Yuan was here, then Hong Yu should also be here.

Just as he thought about Hong Yu, a slender servant walked in, and it was the beautiful Hong Yu. Her eyes were big and white, and she could pinch water out of her skin. At the age of 17, she had already developed a natural seductive attitude.

Mu Bing was furious in her heart. This wolf—hearted, unscrupulous, lowly slave that carried the master of the calamity! She couldn't help but throw a porcelain pillow at it.

With a cry of "Ah!", Hong Yu was still unable to completely dodge the attack. Her forehead still had a scratch, and fresh red blood flowed out. Tang Yuan, who was at the side, was so scared that her mouth was round.

After a long while, Tang Yuan finally regained her senses and ran over to get some ointment and gauze. Her heart was trembling, why did the young lady suddenly become so shocked? So much blood, how terrifying.

Clap, clap, clap. Someone started clapping, and an unruly voice sounded.

"Eldest Miss is not sick at all, she's obviously here to play with little girls!"

"I heard that Eldest Miss is a gentle, graceful and kind person, and now that I have heard of it, it is better for me to see it for myself. That scream was heard far away … " Someone echoed in agreement.

"..." The man dressed in bright yellow didn't utter a word, but looked at his two younger brothers with a funny expression.

The two people who spoke were: Zi Yi was Third Prince Qi Tian Ming, and Lan Yi was Ninth Prince Qi Tian Yi. The ones dressed in bright yellow was naturally Crown Prince Qi Zi Chen. They had originally been following the Great General to visit this young miss who had just recovered from her serious illness.

Who would have thought that they would encounter such a scene?

The Great General Mu Fei coughed twice in embarrassment, stared at Tang Yuan, and said: "Bring Hong Yu down to bind him up now …."

"Oh, oh, yes, General." After Tang Yuan finished speaking, she supported Hong Yu and was about to step back.

"General, please wait. Since my brothers have seen this, we should take care of it." I, Chu, will rule the country according to the law.

"Third Prince, this subject …"

Mu Fei wanted to explain, but he was cut off by a clear voice.

"Third Prince wants an explanation? How do you know I want her life, and not she mine? "

"You want your life?" This time, it was Qi Zi Chen who spoke, frowning.

"If you don't believe me, go and have someone check the medicine on the table that has yet to be consumed. We will naturally know who wants whose life!" Mu Bing looked at him through the drapes, thought about the encounters with the Crown Prince in his previous life, and his eyes flashed a little.

After Mu Bing finished speaking, everyone's performance was different. Tang Yuan glared as she pushed Hong Yu away. The Great General slapped Hong Yu to the ground, feeling a wave of fear after thinking that his daughter might die.

Hong Yu who was kneeling on the ground suddenly raised her head. Impossible, she would not know. If they were so secretive, it would be impossible for them to make a move now if they were discovered.

She had actually told this to Mu Bing herself, but that was something from her previous life.

However, Qi Zi Chen's heart was cold. This sort of thing was not uncommon in the harem.

"Then call the imperial physician over!" The remaining two people said in unison.

Qi Tian Yi looked at him awkwardly and explained: "Imperial Physician Xu is skilled in medicine, today, I brought him here to visit. Let him in."

Hearing that he was going to teach the imperial physicians, Hong Yu panicked, and quickly crawled over and hugged onto a noble's leg. Wu Nong soft words unspeakably sad, imploring only to say that he was wronged.

Even though Hong Yu was injured, the bright red blood on her snow—white face gave off a devilish and charming sense of beauty. Qi Tian Ming was stunned, a little girl was actually so beautiful, his heart rippling.

A wave of heroic passion rose as it helped Hong Yu up and said softly, "As long as you are truly wronged, this prince will definitely make Mu Bing give you an explanation."

"Hehe, when will the young miss of my Great General's Estate need to give a slave an explanation."

Mu Bing opened the drapes and walked out. Her hair was flowing down, and her small face was pure and delicate. The azure robe had the same color ribbon tied around the waist, and the red lips were especially conspicuous.