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Love you until death

Love you until death



  She had been obsessed for the entire night, but only after waking up did she realize that the person beside her bed was her perfect ex-husband who had been abandoned by her! "She's my ex-wife," he said to the woman holding his arm. "She just slept with me." She was the Great Green Goddess, and also the most disreputable woman in the world. He was the lofty 'Lord San' of the Nine Plains, and also the heir to the Li Family who had won and lost. He was decisive in his killing and ruthless in his actions. It was said that he loved his wife as if it were his life. Yet, she avoided him like a snake or a scorpion. She wanted to use her death to force herself to escape from his side! Yet he was willing to do anything to keep her by his side! She broke down and shouted, "Li Chuan, what the hell is it that you can let me go?" With an evil grin, he pressed his lips together. "I will let you go unless I die." She had thought that he had only restrained her to take revenge on her. It was only in the end that she realized that she was the woman that he had rumored to have placed at the very top of his heart. However, at that time, he came to her with another woman in his arms. "This is my wife, my ex-wife.
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nine origin City, Jade Sea Cloudsky Hotel.

Bai Jin's scalp felt as if it was about to explode. He turned her body on the soft bed, but her body felt like it was about to break.

A jade arm as white as snow stretched out from under the fluffy blanket and grabbed the center of her brows. Bai Jin rubbed his forehead, as he thought about how he shouldn't drink so much last night, he slowly opened his eyes.

What he saw was not his own room.

For a moment, she bounced up from the bed like a frightened rabbit.

It was a strange room, a strange bed, and there was nothing on her.

In the blink of an eye, his mind went blank.

Her clothes were scattered all over the bed and on the floor. There was also a man's shirt, a suit, and pain all over her body. All of this showed that she had slept with a man last night!

The sound of splashing water came from the bathroom. Someone was bathing inside!

With a "gulp", Bai Jin swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The next moment, she crawled towards the bed and fell under it with a "pa" sound. Ignoring the pain, she quickly picked up the clothes and began to put them on. God, how intense it was last night!

Then, with a creak, the bathroom door opened. Bai Jin's hand that was buckling on his bra suddenly stopped. When she saw the man who had a one—night stand with her, the color of his blood quickly faded from her face, leaving behind a deathly pale white face, as if even his soul had been sucked out.

"I give you freedom! Bai Jin, you must remember, if one day you fall into my hands again, I will make your life worse than death! "

That day, the man who had wanted to crush her was now standing right in front of her.

His body was wrapped in a towel, revealing his perfect figure. His fair skin was still dripping with water; his face was clean as jade, giving off a cold look from the inside to the outside. His pair of cold eyes were looking at her deeply; his thick eyebrows, his high nose, and his thin, beautiful lips were all exuding an enchanting sense of nobility and elegance.

A perfect man like Apollo.

Bai Jin never would have thought that they would meet again four years later — — Her ex—husband, Li Chuan.

Bai Jin took his clothes and quickly put it on, thinking only of escaping this place quickly. The man's hand was a step faster than hers, and he took her in his arms like a leopard, pressing her against the wall. Her face was pressed against the wall, painfully pressed against it.

"We just got out of bed, and you're leaving without a word?" Li Chuan's magnetic voice sounded by her ear.

"I have nothing to say to you. Li Chuan, let me go!" Bai Jin only felt that she had lost all dignity in front of him. She wanted to push him away, but his hands grabbed her head and pressed her clothes down, causing her entire body to be pressed against the wall. Instantly, it made her feel extremely ashamed!

"How can we not have anything to say? You forget, we were once husband and wife, Bai Jin. " Li Chuan wrapped his arm around her slender waist, and his body that was brimming with the aura of danger and masculinity pressed tightly against her exquisite and beautiful body. His lips moved closer to her almost transparent earlobe: "Last night, you made me really ecstatic."

"Li Chuan, don't touch me again, or I'll call the police!" Bai Jin was unable to move, and the aura he was blowing next to her ear caused her to shiver.

"You want to sue me for rape? Bai Jin, do you still have chastity to protect? " Li Chuan's charming voice sounded out, "My ex—wife, how about we experience last night's passion?"