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Pricess Strategist

Pricess Strategist



  Before his rebirth, he was a pure and kind daughter of an aristocratic family. After her rebirth, she was the sickly little loli with a pure exterior and a gloomy heart. Those who knew her nature avoided her. Only the Seven Nations' fiend would be able to suppress it! She was cunning; he was sinister; it was a contest between a pounce and a pounce.
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Nether Continent's Celestial Prison.

It was known as the strongest cage in the Seven States. It was said that the people here were all extremely vicious, and the corpses under their feet formed mountains. Every single one of them held hundreds of lives in their hands, and this place was the finishing point for all the criminals here.

Because no prisoner could walk out of this prison alive.

The dark gray stone floor gave off a cold feeling. The cell's walls were hung with all kinds of torture tools, and from time to time, miserable screams could be heard coming from the depths of the cell.

Every door was dark and dark, like mouths to eat, and a chill ran up his spine.

After the sound of footsteps, a red palanquin stopped in front of the entrance to the Sky Prison. The guard's face tightened, as if he was in awe of the person in the palanquin.

"Open the door!"

"Yes sir!"

Thick chains rumbled as the door of the cell was pushed open. A pair of gold—threaded, silver—striped phoenix boots broke into sight. The top of the white shoes was a set of plain white silk clothing, the sleeves of the collar embroidered with golden—red silk.

Her surname was Shen and her name was Wuyao. Since she had been weak and sickly since she was young, she had always made people worry that she wouldn't live for long. Therefore, she chose the word 'Longevity'.

Shen Wu Yao was the current empress dowager's niece, the young princess of Prince Shen Palace, and also the tyrant of Youzhou City. Shen Wu Yao was born with a cruel and savage personality, but because of his noble status, no one in Youzhou didn't fear her.

He couldn't even dodge this kind of plague. Who would want to provoke her with their long lives? But … Coincidentally, there was one who was not afraid of death.

"Princess, he is locked inside..."

"Is he dead?" The woman's lazy voice sounded.

"No, we still have one breath left. The princess has spoken, but the young ones do not dare to do so. They know what to do …"

A man was tied to a wooden stake with chains tied to him. His head was lowered so his face couldn't be seen. His body was tall and big. His clothes were hanging on his body like rags, and a large amount of blood seeped out from within his white shirt.

Princess Shen frowned. She raised the whip in her hand to whip a bailiff to the ground as she hastily took a step forward. Then, as if she had thought of something, he frowned and stopped in her tracks.

He clearly offended her by disobeying his orders, but she was the one who was upset when he saw her being tormented to such an extent. She was the one who was in a bad mood, and the one who was in a bad mood was still her.

"Who let you tie him up!"

The subordinates were all terrified. They trembled and did not dare to move forward as they were afraid that they would lose their lives.

She walked to the front of the iron chains and swept across the bound man. Lifting her slender white hand, she suddenly stopped, a look of shock appeared on her face that said that she had not finished her actions yet.

In front of her, a pair of crimson red eyes were staring straight at her.

The man seemed to have awoken at an unknown time. He slowly raised his head, revealing a face drenched in sweat as he moved.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

He had long, narrow phoenix eyes, curved lips, and a lazy, evil smile on his face. Every expression and smile was captivating, but even though his clothes were in a sorry state and full of scars, those who looked at him couldn't bear to blink.

"Do you know your wrongs?" Princess Shen asked coldly.

What he got instead was a man's silence.

Princess Shen was anxious: "This Princess is asking you a question! "If you know your wrongs and beg for forgiveness, how about I let you go?"

After a while, the man chuckled softly, as if he was mocking Ye Xiao for overestimating his capabilities.

"You think you can trap me here?"

Within the dark, small room, there were a few dim candlelight. The faint candlelight shone on the man's pale face, giving it an indescribably sinister look.

The man's eyes swept across everyone within the prison without a trace of emotion. Everyone present, including the Princess Shen who had a look of pleasant surprise on her face, felt a chill sweep over them.

Then, to the astonishment of everyone, the man shattered the chain with his bare hands and approached her like a death god walking out from the depths of hell.


The guard was about to shout when he caught himself.

Blood splashed everywhere as the man fell to the ground with his eyes wide open. It was unknown when four ghost—like figures had appeared behind him. They did not know when they had snuck into such a tight prison that was as tight as an iron bucket.

"This subordinate's rescue was too late!" The four of them knelt on one knee towards the man in blood—red clothing.

"Now that I have what I want, I should leave this place before dawn."

The man's cold voice rang out from within the darkness. His calm voice was filled with surging waves. There wasn't the slightest sign of him being on the verge of death. His weak aura from before was actually fake.

Sitting at the side, Princess Shen who had a dagger on her neck had her eyes wide open as she scolded:

"Who are you?"

The man didn't stop and left quickly without even giving her a stingy look.

How dare a lowly slave ignore her! Princess Shen felt depressed.

As if seeing through her thoughts, one of the men in black who arrived late tied her up into a silkworm chrysalis. He then took the time to grunt:

"You don't deserve to know my master's identity..."

"Impudent!" How dare you treat This Princess in such a manner! "

"This princess of the Qi is really different from us. If I were to slash a few times at such a beautiful face, we'll see if you still dare to bully a good citizen in the future …"

"How dare you!" Princess Shen gnashed his teeth as his face flushed red with anger.

"cyan, this girl said you have no balls. Let's shave her head!" The black—clothed Ding closed in.

"I think it's better for her to cut off her tongue since her mouth is so tough …" The man in black said.

"Don't move about recklessly, cutting off your ears will make you look bad …" Black clothed C said.

Princess Shen: "..."

Princess Shen's mouth was stuffed as she was tied up like a dumpling. Like a rag, she rolled onto the ground.

The Eastern Palace was the crown prince's temporary residence.

Qi's Palace Master Zhang Sun Xuan.

Twilight descended, and a thick killing intent enveloped the young prince.

He was not wearing a jade crown, and his hair was like satin that unrestrainedly fell down over his shoulders, fluttering in the night wind. His body was wrapped in bright yellow brocade, and he quietly stood in front of the azure stone counter.

"Like maggots attached to bones, or shadows following one another, what a great Thousand Killings! "What a great Cloud Prefecture's Seven Guards!"

The man's tone was shallow, and his seemingly casual mutterings carried a deep killing intent.

The aide behind him stepped forward and said hesitantly:

"Your Highness, the two countries of Zhao and Yue have already allied together. At this moment, we are in conflict with the Thousand Killings, I'm afraid …"

The young man stood with his hands behind his back. His gaze was gloomy as he lowered his head to look at the moths dancing in front of the candlestick. The corner of his mouth hooked into a cruel sneer:

"So what? A mere Thousand Killings, if he dares to come, I'll make sure he won't be able to return! Thousand Killings, since you're here, it won't be that easy for you to leave! Pass down the order, the palace is to be robbed, catch the thief with all our might, and kill them without mercy! "

At the same time, when the man's last word landed, dozens of black shadows that were hidden in the dark disappeared under the black curtain like shooting stars. Dark clouds covered the moon and the only sound of wind was in their ears.