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  "Woman, why have you come back?" "Marry you!" Rongshuxia had always thought that Song Lengge was of the high and cold type! Thus, when she tried to force him to marry her, she had never expected that it would be like this in the future — 365 days without rest. He was a major general of the military region who was swift, decisive, and clean, yet was willing to be forced by her to get his certificate. It was just that after their marriage, his wife's mood changed as she thought of how to use him to kill her enemy every day. He laughed coldly, "I, other than killing your enemy, also have another ability. Do you want to know?" "What ability is this?" I'll make your stomach bigger. "
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Late at night.

Hummer was parked in a parking lot in the manor.

The man in the driver's seat was covered in a chilling aura, the buttons on his military uniform were loose, and on his well—built chest, there were vague scratches left by a woman.

"Give it to me..."

Rong Qian Xia's entire being was tormented to the point where she was in an unbearable state, as her delicate face flushed red from being mesmerized by her emotions.

A head of long hair that was like a Chinese flower entangled itself on his skin. It was half hidden, and half covered. He was extremely beautiful.

There was no doubt that such a beautiful woman could make men want to die, but Song Leng Ge was not an ordinary man. He grabbed her slender waist with one hand and strangled her chin with the other, tying her between himself and the steering wheel.

His low voice was filled with the cold killing intent of a soldier as he sneered, "What do you want? Rong Qian Xia, what are you doing back? "

He had disappeared for more than a year. What was he planning to do after returning to the capital?

Rong Qian Xia came back to reality and looked at the cold man in front of her, her red lips slowly curving into a smile.

She put her arms around the back of his head and made him bow. "Marry you," she whispered. The three words were clear.

Song Leng Ge's eyes darkened and the line of his chin began to tighten. Some words spun in his throat, but he did not say it.

Subsequently, he raised his hand and touched under Rong Qian Xia's armpit, and as expected, he felt a tattoo.

Borrowing the dim light, Song Leng Ge could vaguely make out a word, but he almost didn't need to guess to know what it was!

A chilling laughter even colder than a sneer came from his mouth. His years of living in the military camp had tempered this man's steel—like willpower. However, in that instant, his willpower actually wavered.

He couldn't help but want to strangle this woman in front of him!

Who allowed her to say those three words to him? Who allowed her to take off his uniform?

"Rong Qian Xia, get me dressed and get out!"

Song Leng Ge threw her back to the front passenger seat, unable to hide his cold and furious aura.

Rong Qian Xia's body struck the block, the pain made her face turn white, her already aching body felt even worse.

Song Leng Ge had always been a temperamental man. He had just done the most intimate thing with her, and now he was pushing him away.

If it wasn't because Rong Qian Xia didn't have a choice, she really didn't want to come and find him. If she didn't want to marry the person she hated to the bones, she had to choose Song Leng Ge!

"Scram!" Song Leng Ge buttoned up the sleeves of his clothes. His cold and perfect face revealed a hint of patience, but his knuckles had already turned white from anger.

Rong Qian Xia reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, pretending that she didn't hear anything, and then sat back down on his lap, spitting out two words with her red lips, "I'm not going to f * ck off."

"Don't let me say it a third time!"

Song Leng Ge grabbed her disorderly hands and raised them high up, but this way, the tattoo beneath her arms became even clearer. He shouted angrily, "Rong Qian Xia, do you have any shame?"

"Yes, why not? The one who is truly shameless is you, Song Leng Ge! Who took off my clothes? Who pinched all these marks on my body? "As a man, you want me, yet you don't plan to marry me?" Rong Qian Xia was not afraid, her gaze did not reveal even the slightest of dodging.

First, she didn't drug him. Second, she didn't hypnotize him. Third, she simply wrapped her arm around his neck and said something. Then, he couldn't help but pounce on her.

If you love me so much, now turn around and say that she is shameless! Was she, Rong Qian Xia, that easy to deal with?

"Song Leng Ge, I want you to marry me! Whether you want to see me or not, as long as you give me a marriage certificate, I'll listen to you! The engagement will continue until my mother is discharged from the hospital! "You can do whatever you want in the future. If you don't like me, I can just disappear from the capital!" Rong Qian Xia arrogantly lifted her chin and spoke arrogantly and stubbornly, "Or, you plan to marry my sister? Didn't you want to marry the Rong family's daughter? I am more qualified than my sister. "

At least she was the young lady of the Rong family, and she gave him hers for the first time.


Don't f * cking give him the qualifications, Rong Qian Xia is the most unqualified!

Song Leng Ge suddenly flung her off and saw that she had fallen beside him. His eyes were filled with extremely cold complexity and fury as he picked up the clothes and threw them at Rong Qian Xia, "Even if I married your sister, I still won't marry you! "With this heart of yours, don't disgust me anymore!"

Rong Qian Xia was so angry that her chest was moving up and down.

"Alright then!" I'll wait and see whether you'll marry me or my sister in the end! " She was so angry that she laughed instead.

Rong Qian Xia randomly put on some clothes and got off Song Leng Ge's Hummer s car. Song Leng Ge turned around and glanced at her, then ruthlessly stepped on the accelerator with his spotless military boots, and left in a cloud of dust.

Rong Qian Xia wrapped her coat tightly, her face filled with anger. Just as she was about to walk back to the villa, she saw a woman standing under the tree.

The woman should have been standing there for a while, weak and gentle in the night, like a flower bud that couldn't stand the night wind.

Rong Qian Xia's footsteps paused for a moment, and she walked away as if she did not see anything. However, a delicate voice quickly came from behind him: "Elder sister …"

Immediately after, Rong Qian caught up, and asked weakly with red eyes: "Elder sister, you got down from the Brother Song? "What have you all done …"

"You don't know?" Rong Qian Xia stopped and turned her head to smile.