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Golden Ages Love

Golden Ages Love



  "You should look in the mirror. I like you. He's blind!" Since she was a child, she had been made inferior and cowardly by his unique upbringing. However, he had despised her just like that as well. He had forcefully plundered her on her night of adulthood … He was tyrannical, tyrannical, like a tyrant. One second he'd sent her flying, the next he could send her to hell. His body and mind were sunk, yet he displayed his demonic nature, turning around and talking about marriage with another woman! With her heart broken, she turned into a rich young girl after four years. A beauty that astounded the heavens. With just a single glance, it was enough to captivate a man! Seeing that she was accompanied by another man, he was jealous, angry, and almost lost his mind! Ignoring the situation, he spoke solemnly to the entire world, "Xiao Yan, you are mine, and you can only be mine!" Yan Xiaoke laughed coldly as he held his male partner's hand and smiled like a flower. "Man, I have already paid off what I owe you, and you want to chase after me …" Please line up! "
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In the St. Martin High School's auditorium, the red carpet had been placed in front of the entrance to the auditorium. The red carpet was lined with roses on both sides and was accompanied by dazzling lights. It was truly dazzling.

Saint Martin's High School was truly a high—class school. The identity of a student was naturally neither rich nor expensive, as they would not be able to enter Saint Martin's School even if they were worth several hundred million.

Tonight was the Imperial High School's third year of high school's prom. This was a tradition since the school was established, and tonight was a wild and joyful night.

Strangely, however, there were not many people in the auditorium tonight. Instead, they were all standing at the entrance of the auditorium. All of them were enthusiastically looking outside, as if they were waiting for someone.

"Gu Zhi Yao is coming, oh my god … I'm not dreaming that he's going to attend our prom, am I? I must dance with him, then I will have no regrets in this life! "

A girl held her heart, looking like she was about to faint.

Of course, this wasn't the only one who had committed a sin of infatuation. The young girls were all holding their hearts in their chests, looking forward to the arrival of the legendary Young Master Gu at St. Martin's.

The other girl said as if she knew something, "How can there be such a perfect man in this world? It is said that he had taken care of the Gu Group since he was a teenager.

Under his leadership, Gu's was like a helicopter, soaring all the way to the top 100 in the world!

The most important thing was that this kind of person, who could cause a global economic earthquake by stomping his feet, was this handsome.

With that perfect body, that perfect face, that perfect temperament, even if I had only him for one day, I would rather have lost ten years of my life! "

According to reliable sources, the reason Gu Zhi Yao came here tonight was because of the school belle's invitation. Lin Su, oh, which one of you think you can win against her? "

The moment this news was released, all the surrounding girls became as listless as eggplants!

Lin Su was not only the most famous school beauty on the list in St. Martin's High School, she was also the most beloved daughter of the Lin Family, one of the eight great families of China.

Clever, beautiful, talented, the temperament and beauty are one in a million, the suitors can line up around the earth.

When everyone was waiting anxiously, they looked forward to see Gu Zhi Yao's arrival.

Only one of them wore black—framed glasses and a school uniform. Her thick bangs completely covered her eyebrows. Her body trembled a couple of times, then she quietly stepped back.

She had to leave quickly, Gu Zhi Yao was here!

"Hey, Yan Xiao Ke, where are you planning to go? "Don't forget, you're my partner tonight!"

Just as Yan Xiao Ke was about to sneak away, she was grabbed by a tall and handsome boy.

Yan Xiao Ke rolled her eyes and asked with a look of speechlessness, "Young Master Xue, you are the best school grass in the world after all, why do you have such a hard time thinking about it? You still want me to be your partner when you see me like this, are you stupid? "

Yan Xiao Ke wasn't belittling herself, but rather looking at her, it was true that she looked terrible. In the Empire's High School, a place filled with rich and powerful people, where handsome men and beautiful women gathered, she was truly a wondrous flower.

She would always wear her school uniform, black—rimmed glasses that covered half her face, and thick bangs that covered her eyebrows. She cast a deep shadow over her already small face.

In short, if she did not occasionally shower and look in the mirror, she would not have been able to see what she looked like at all!

Xue Jin Ran was young, sunny, and extremely handsome. The noble young master had an extraordinary temperament, and he was the undisputed number one genius in St. Martin's High School!

An "ugly woman" like Yan Xiao Ke was simply not the same type of scene as normal people. When the two of them stood together, the scene looked especially strange as well!

Xue Jin Ran looked at Yan Xiao Ke with a smile that was not a smile and said: "I pity you, and furthermore I am someone who keeps his word. The first prize that you drew, I am your prize!"

"Boring, that lottery draw number was given to me by someone else. I don't even need a partner, I don't even want to come to the ball. If it wasn't for everyone coming, I would rather go to work and earn money!"

Yan Xiao Ke was not at all interested in this "big prize". Although the girls still wanted to curse her for being obedient after getting the rewards, but … Her heart was bitter!

Xue Jin Ran was rather dissatisfied with Yan Xiao Ke's attitude. Just as he was about to give her a "lesson", he heard the shrieks of girls and the sound of cars braking not far away from them.

The corner of Xue Jin Ran's mouth curled up. He did not need to turn his head to know who had arrived, but what Xue Jin Ran did not understand was Yan Xiao Ke's reaction.

Her whole body tensed as she muttered, "Oh no, oh no …" "It's too late!"

"What are you muttering about?" Don't tell me you are also infatuated with that Gu Zhi Yao? Hmph, he was only born a few years before me, otherwise … I will definitely not be worse than him! " Xue Jin Ran said in disdain.

Yan Xiao Ke took a deep breath, then pulled Xue Jin Ran back and said: "Young Master Xue, can you think of a way to bring me out of the hall? Now, immediately, immediately … "

"Why? The ball hasn't started yet! " Xue Jin Ran asked in confusion. Yan Xiao Ke seemed to be panicking, what was she afraid of?

Yan Xiao Ke watched as the door of the silver Porsche limited edition sports car was opened.

The first thing that entered Yan Xiao Ke's eyes was a pair of long legs, causing her to feel extremely bad, as though she would see that creepy face of hers in the next second.

Yan Xiao Ke could no longer stay still, she turned and planned to escape, but Xue Jin Ran beside her did not let her do as she pleased.

"Yan Xiao Ke, you are not allowed to leave! If you leave, what should I do? " Xue Jin Ran did not plan to let Yan Xiao Ke go like this. It was not easy to capture this girl, how could he let her go so easily!

Yan Xiao Ke clenched her teeth: "Let me go, let go!"

"I'm not letting go, do you want to make me lose face? I, Xue Jin Ran, actually lost my girlfriend at the graduation party! " Xue Jin Ran glared down at Yan Xiao Ke from above, looking like he had won.

However, Yan Xiao Ke ruthlessly stepped on Xue Jin Ran's foot. The instant that Xue Jin Ran released his hand in pain, Yan Xiao Ke took large strides and ran into the auditorium.

However, the girl in front of him suddenly rushed over, as if she had been injected with chicken blood, and pushed Yan Xiao Ke forcefully towards the exit of the auditorium.

Due to the impact of the power, Yan Xiao Ke's center of gravity became unstable, and she fell backwards!

It's over, Yan Xiao Ke wailed in her heart. She was rather unpopular in school, but those people clearly saw her, but they still charged over without restraint!

Seeing that Yan Xiao Ke was about to become everyone's sacrifice, Xue Jin Ran was so scared that he rushed forward to help.

However, the moment his hand was extended out, someone grabbed hold of Yan Xiao Ke who was about to fall to the ground first.

The excited girls also stopped, not a single one of them took a step forward. They just stood on the spot, using their starry eyes to look at the same direction with infatuation.