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Oh My Wild Girl

Oh My Wild Girl



  "Ha, you're the martial arts queen? Don't tease me, okay? "I think you're only fit to be a servant girl beside the Martial Emperor." Her face was filled with anger, and she really wanted to kill him in an instant. F * ck, such sarcastic words originated from that black hole, that perverted bastard's mouth, the president of the Linghu Corporation is extraordinary. Cough cough. Spitting blood. President of the Global Chain Group. Then … Then why the hell does this old lady care about your affairs? Huh? Your family? You perverted bastard, if you don't catch me, I'll die!
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The neon lights on the streets were so dazzling that even at night, no one could hide the clamor.

A figure was walking on the street with his mouth still mumbling. He held a bottle of beer in his hand with a mocking smile on his face. He was laughing at himself and the adulterous couple.

At the corner of the street, a black Lamborghini turned the corner and slowly drove towards them. The man leaned against the back of the car, closed his eyes and rested. Suddenly, he felt a jolt from the car and impatiently opened his eyes to glance at the boy driving the car.

"BOSS, there's an old lady blocking the way. I'll go out and take a look," Hearing the cold words, Ling Hu Ming Lang's expression became even more disdainful.

After a while, he opened the car door and went straight to the front of the car. He saw a woman holding onto his car vomiting, and a wave of disgusting smell caused him to frown even harder.

"Leng Liu, hurry up and get rid of this woman!" Ling Hu Ming Lang said unhappily, he looked at Ling Hu Ming Lang coldly and helplessly, if he could have dealt with her, he would have done so earlier, and would not have wasted time with this woman here, much less the woman who did not want to leave, and even vomited her vomit on the front lamp.

Seeing the cold expression, Ling Hu Ming Lang walked forward and grabbed the woman's arm, throwing her to the side. Ji You Ran burped and looked at Ling Hu Ming Lang who was in front of him in a daze.

"Miss, are you alright?" Although he was unwilling to talk to this kind of woman, Ling Hu Ming Lang wanted to get rid of this woman as soon as possible. He never expected that Ji You Ran would actually grab hold of Ling Hu Ming Lang, causing him to retreat a few steps in annoyance.

"You are the fucking young miss, I'm not like the little miss. She's the little miss, the bitch! The bitch that stole her boyfriend, why? I treat them so well, why are they treating me like this?" For a man and woman, the heavens are truly blind, no no no, that Shang Guan Yan bastard is blind, oh … " After clamoring for a long time, he felt his stomach churning, and the hand holding Ling Hu Ming Lang tightened. Ling Hu Ming Lang knew that something was wrong and wanted to shake her off, but he did not expect his strength to be so strong.

He watched helplessly as the alcoholic vomited all over his suit while standing there dumbfounded. Someone actually dared to vomit on his BOSS … … He had really grown a pair of eyes.

"Drag that crazy woman out of the trash bin!" Ling Hu Ming Lang roared, shocked.

Trash? He really wanted to throw her there, but how could he disobey his boss's orders and quickly pull Ji You Ran away? Ling Hu Ming Lang took off his own clothes and threw it to the side, staring at the mad woman in her hands with a terrifying gaze.

Ji You Ran raised her head and stared at Ling Hu Ming Lang's face, she tilted her head, a drunk expression on his face, but suddenly she pointed a finger at Ling Hu Ming Lang, revealing a smile, causing Ling Hu Ming Lang to be startled.

"Hey, you. Are you an angel sent by God? " Ji You Ran's sudden words stunned both Ling Hu Ming Lang and Leng Xian.

A cold chill went down his spine. Angel, there really was someone in this world who dared to say that his BOSS was an angel. He glanced at Ling Hu Ming Lang, and the expression on his face was indeed subtle, the woman in his hands, at the moment, looked extremely lovable, and he could only look at Ling Hu Ming Lang helplessly.

"BOSS, you really want to throw her into the trash can?" His voice was weak, but at this time, Ling Hu Ming Lang was so angry that he could not afford to offend his.

"If I tell you to throw it away, then throw it away. Why are you spouting so much nonsense? Do you want to stay in the toilet for a month?" Ling Hu Ming Lang's tone of voice did not contain a trace of doubt, it was cold and shocked everyone.

He had no choice but to drag Ji You Ran and walk towards the direction of the trash can. Unexpectedly, Ji You Ran broke free from the cold and rushed towards Ling Hu Ming Lang, pouncing onto him, causing Ling Hu Ming Lang's entire person to be pressed onto the head of the car.

Is this the legendary "evil girl pounce"? His mouth was wide open as he stared at them. Was he going to continue watching them or pull them apart?

Ling Hu Ming Lang stared at the lady lying on his body in astonishment, Ji You Ran turned and stared at the man below him with his big eyes.

"You're so pretty, haha, without Shang Guan Yan, the heavens have thrown a pretty boy over. The heavens are indeed merciful towards me, and even if I had to eat another year's worth of boxes of food, it's worth it. Today, this old lady will definitely eat you," Ji You Ran had a resolute expression, and from the looks of her eyes, it was obvious that she had a huge scheme behind her.

He covered his eyes with a cold hand. He didn't dare to see what would happen next. The bomb would explode after all. This woman really didn't know whether she was dead or alive. But what was strange was that Ling Hu Ming Lang actually did not move, and allowed this woman to bite his face for half a day.

Was he scared silly, or was it... It's over.

The cold hand pulled Ji You Ran away from Ling Hu Ming Lang's body, causing him to stand there stupidly.

"BOSS, are you alright? Are you alright?" This expression was very scary; he must be mad. Ling Hu Ming Lang slowly stood up and grabbed Ji You Ran. For some unknown reason, he forcefully dragged Ji You Ran to the side of the road and threw him into the trash can.

Staring at this scene coldly, one could only say that it was shocking. Ling Hu Ming Lang directly got on the carriage and looked around coldly. Did he really not care about the woman? Ling Hu Ming Lang then sat on the driver's seat, stepped on the throttle and ran, coldly standing on the street and messed up, he turned to look at Ji You Ran who was sprawled out in the trash can, and shook her head helplessly.

Walking forward, he miraculously discovered that this woman had fallen asleep in the trash can, and helplessly pulled her up to look at Ji You Ran's face.

Why did she look like such a woman? In order to benefit his evil BOSS, he had no choice but to send Ji You Ran to a nearby hotel to stay for the night.

The next day, Ji You Ran was awoken by the sunlight shining in from outside the window. She raised her hand to block the sunlight shining in her eyes.

Hotel, Pajamas, Hotel, Pajamas …