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Wrong Love

Wrong Love



  In order to keep the orphanage, Wen Tiantian replaced the escaped Jiang family's only daughter to marry into the Ji family. Tall, handsome, ruthless, that was her first impression of him. But — She was ill, and the first person to call the doctor was him. She was sad, and the first person to clumsily comfort her was him. When the real Jiang family's only daughter returned, she was forced to leave. "Ji Jingchen, on the other hand, held her hand with all his might as his eyes widened." "Wen Tiantian, why don't you take a step forward and try!" "You are my wife in this life, if you dare to leave, even if I have to use iron chains, I will lock you up on my body!"
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The summer was hot and the afternoon was even hotter.

The Jiang Family Mansion at the top of the mountain was filled with joy as everyone busily walked in the front courtyard.

A small dark figure sneaked into the garden.

A burst of footsteps came from afar, Wen Tian Tian immediately opened a door and hid in it.

Just as he turned around … Bang! A sound!

A sudden sharp pain came from the back of his head, followed by his vision turning black.

He fell to the ground.

At this time, a middle aged man wearing a well—groomed suit was standing outside the room, commanding the rest of the people: "Hurry and get ready, Ji Family's wedding car will arrive in a while! Don't dilly—dally! "

… ….

So painful …

Who was pushing her?

Wen Tian Tian frowned, the pain from the back of her head made her unable to open her eyes.

"Aiya, Nian Yao, why are you still sleeping? The wedding car's already been here half a day. " A woman's voice sounded.

Who was speaking?

So uncomfortable ….

"Stop arguing..." she cried out with difficulty.

That person said something else, and the surroundings once again quieted down.

Wen Tian Tian's thoughts were in a mess and she was tired to death, but there was someone who kept shaking her.

She struggled to open her eyes and found that she was being held by several people as they walked out. A layer of gauze seemed to have covered her eyes, making her unable to see anything clearly.

Head... So painful.

"You guys want to take me... "Where to?"

"Miss Jiang, the wedding carriage has arrived. We will send you up now."

Marriage … A wedding car?

Wen Tian Tian blinked her eyes, her thoughts moving extremely slowly, unable to react for a long time.

Until there really was a car in front of her, those few people were still working together to put her on it.

"I, I'm not getting married …"

The few bridesmaids did not have any expression on their faces. They did not care about Wen Tian Tian's soft mosquito—like voice and directly put her in the car.

The door was locked.

The surrounding noise was instantly blocked out by the car door.

The quiet environment made Wen Tian Tian's head hurt even more. She leaned on the backseat weakly, feeling sleepy and fell asleep once again.

— —

My head, it hurts …

It was about to split open.

On the wide bed, a petite girl was lying on her side under the blanket. The pure white wedding dress accentuated her delicate and exquisite body.

Her eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and her lips were slightly dry from lack of water.

Wen Tian Tian struggled to open her eyes only to see a white ceiling. The long curtains were hung with golden hooks and rested at each corner of the bed.

There was a faint fragrance of mint in the air.

"Have you slept enough? Get lost! "

A cold voice suddenly sounded, mixed with rage.

The chaos in Wen Tian Tian's mind was swept away in an instant, and became clear.

She managed to raise her head, and there was another sharp pain in the back of her head.

"Ugh …" "So painful …"

The deep, melodious male voice continued saying something.

Wen Tian Tian could not hear clearly, but it was not good news.

He frowned disapprovingly.

Such a nice voice, but...

So fierce.

A hand suddenly extended over, pinched her chin, and lifted Wen Tian Tian's face.

His gaze moved up slowly, and an extremely handsome face appeared in front of him. With a high nose bridge, pitch black pupils and a gaze as sharp as a blade, thin lip raised his head, but he did not smile at all.

He was looking at Wen Tian Tian coldly.

"Trying to get my sympathy? Unfortunately, I do not have the word 'empathy' in my dictionary. "

Wen Tian Tian blinked her eyes. Originally, her head was a mess, but seeing the approaching face, she could not even turn it.

"Why am I here?"


The man gave a cold laugh, and his sexy lips continued to spit out heartless words as he looked at her coldly.

"I'll give you three seconds. Get out of my bed."