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Hire You As A Wife

Hire You As A Wife



  She was the woman he had already ordered a long time ago, but she had actually forgotten about it. His method of retaliating against her was to fall over and over again. "With so much debt, she was able to return to his side." Qin Mo! "I'm here to apply for a secretary." "So?" You can't tear my clothes! "
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A tall, good—looking young woman was standing outside a presidential suite.

From time to time, the sounds of men and women celebrating could be heard in the room.

This voice was very familiar to her. One was her ex—boyfriend, while the other was a student that she had taught at home.

With a smile on his face, he pushed the door open. Amidst a series of screams, he quickly walked in front of the man and woman who were having fun.

"Qian Qian? "Wait a moment, I can explain!" The man hurriedly put on a nightgown, covering his naked body.


A resounding slap.

The man was bleeding from the corner of his mouth.

"Sister Ye, why did you hit my boyfriend?"

No matter if it was her appearance or body, the little girl, who appeared to be extremely young, also put on a set of clothes and covered herself, blocking between Ye Qian Qian and that man.

"Because he was my boyfriend until yesterday." Ye Qian Qian laughed coldly, "Also, Mu Xiao Chun, please do not call me Sister Ye. "You are a man of gold and jade, and I am just a commoner. I really can't do anything about it."

"Qian Qian, I hope you can understand the feelings I have for Xiaochun." The man who was hit endured the burning pain on his face and cursed in his heart: Damned bitch, your attack is so heavy!

"Understand? Is that what you think? " After Ye Qian Qian finished speaking, she raised her hand and slapped Mu Xiao Chun again. "Alright, now you two are even more compatible."

"You!" The man wanted to say something, but he hesitated. After all, he was the one who had the upper hand.

"You what you?" Ye Qian Qian sneered: "A college student that is about to graduate at the age of twenty—four sleeping with a little brat who had just learned how to use aunt towel. Do you really have this special hobby, or are you in love with their family's money? "

The girl was also stunned and leaned against the man behind her in fear, not daring to retaliate at all.

She was used to having everything she wanted, but she wasn't used to paying the price for it.

Today, Ye Qian Qian had given her a new lesson in life.

The door to the presidential suite was pushed open and a middle—aged woman angrily walked in.

"Bastard, you dare to hit Little Pure?" The middle—aged woman did not care about how embarrassed her daughter was right now.

Although she was still barefoot on the carpet, she was naked beneath her robe.

She had a similar appearance to Mu Xiao Chun, but her years of living like a prince had caused her body to become overly obese and she had completely lost the beauty of a woman.

"You ate my food, yet now you dare to hit my daughter?" The woman said, "Ungrateful thing! Are you going to be an ingrate? "

Ye Qian Qian pointed to his own ex—boyfriend and said: "He, is the money I paid for my meals and the rent for your family. As for the change that I should have found, I've already collected it myself just now."

"Scram!" Get lost! " The middle—aged woman spread her legs, her high heels nailed like compasses to the luxurious wool carpet of the presidential suite.

"Aunt Li, no, Miss Li." "I'll move out from your house today. All my luggage is already packed, don't worry." Ye Qian Qian smiled slightly, turned around and left in a gorgeous manner.

"Halt!" Li Jinhua angrily said, "You want to leave after beating someone up? Do you believe that I'll call the police? I can sue you for theft! If you were to live with us for a year, a poor bastard like you must have stolen a lot of things! "

"framing?" Ye Qian Qian smiled slightly.

She took out her cell phone and took a dozen pictures of the three of them.

"You, what do you mean?" Li Jinhua exclaimed.

Ye Qian Qian laughed coldly: "Murdoch Group's daughter, who is a minor, and the Beijing University's President, who is drinking in a presidential suite at the most luxurious hotel. How much do you think this news will sell for?"

"You dare?" Li Jinhua bellowed. She rushed towards Ye Qian Qian, wanting to snatch her phone.

"Scram!" Ye Qian Qian casually shook the fat lady, and threw her to the ground.

He howled like a pig, but the only man in the room didn't do anything. The girl had studied Taekwondo, so he didn't want to embarrass himself.

"If you try to frame me, these pictures will go on the headlines." Ye Qian Qian shook her hand, and said: "Goodbye."