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You Are My Honey Pie

You Are My Honey Pie



  Was she getting eight lifetimes of bad luck? "He was tied up, but it turned out to be a black dragon!" "Sir, can you let me go?" "No, I have to take responsibility for you!" If she was responsible, she was responsible. Why wasn't it the red RMB? What she wanted was not a form of compensation! Everyone said that the second young master of the Gu family was a foppish and unruly dandy. Yet, this kind of man had fallen head first onto a small blade of grass, and had even suffered quite a heavy blow! "Hubby, I'm hungry!" "I'll make it for you." "Hubby, I'm tired!" "Let me massage for you." "Husband, divorce me!" I'll give you. What! "Stupid girl, get the hell out here! I promise I won't beat you to death!"
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"Who are you? What exactly do you want to do!? "

Tao Ning looked at the few black—clothed men in front of him dizzily, various images flashing through her mind.

On a rare weekend, she went shopping with her best friend, then had a spicy hot meal before going to a movie. Just as the sky darkened and they were about to go back to their own homes, a black van stopped in front of them. Just like recently reported cases, a few strangers forced her into a taxi!

She fainted in the car out of fear. Now, was he going to cut her kidney or dig out her eyes?

Shaking his head with all his might, Tao Ning began to cry loudly, "Brother, please do me a favor. I don't have two taels of meat on me, AIDS and syphilis! I beg you, can I give you money? I'll give all of it to you! "

While Tao Ning was taking out the money, a low voice came out from the corner of the room: "All of you get out!"

"Yes, Young Master Gu."

In the blink of an eye, the people left the building, and only then did Tao Ning realize that the room was unusually extravagant.

Were all traffickers so high—end now?

"Wei Ji Yue, you're still so cute."

Nani? Wei Ji Yue? Tao Ning looked in the direction of the voice in shock. Suddenly, a breathtaking beautiful scene appeared in front of her eyes.

A man wearing a black embroidered dragon silk bathrobe was sitting on the snow—white sofa with one arm resting lazily on the other and the goblet in his hand. The light on the other side was extinguished, and he remained silent as he emitted a dangerous aura from his eyes.

His handsome face was like a black panther ready to pounce, staring blankly at Little Tao.

After a full thirty seconds, Tao Ning finally reacted and called out helplessly: "Wei Ji Yue? Um, sir, did you recognize the wrong person? My name is Tao Ning. "

"Come here!"

"Err …" Tao Ning's heart was filled with ten thousand mud horses, what was going on? Can't you explain it first?

"Or do you want me to go?" Tao Ning, whose voice did not fluctuate and was not scared, instinctively shouted, "No, there's no need."

As he spoke, he staggered from the side of the bed to the side of the sofa. Looking at it from close up, men were even more handsome without friends! Wheat skin smooth and firm, exposed a bit of the pectoral muscles sexy do not want.

Even in his dreams, Tao Ning would never have thought that there would come a day where he would be in such close contact with this world—famous man.

Seeing her at a loss, her slender fingers suddenly brought a glass of red wine in front of her. With a hoarse voice, she said, "Drink it."

"I, I don't know how to drink."

The man stared at her with his unmoving eyes. An invisible pressure pressed down on her. His thin lips slightly parted as he said, "Do you want me to make a move?"

Tao Ning was shocked, she had clearly seen her friendless appearance, why was she so cold? With a slight tremor in her voice, she cried out, "Why must we drink? What was going on? Will you please tell me? "

"Alright, as long as you drink it."

Tao Ning was not a good person, she already felt that there was a problem with the wine, and now she was even more sure about it, but could she choose not to drink it?

The answer was no! Gritting his teeth, Tao Ning finished it in one gulp!

"You can say it now, can't you? What wine is this? Who are you? What do you want to do!? "

The man stood up. He was half a head taller than her, and the warm air blew closer to her face, "The wine is drugged, and I'm Gu Zheng Chu because I'm afraid you'll hurt. Tonight, I want you!"

It was simple and efficient, but it shocked Tao Ning to the point that her brain was muddled. What nonsense! At most, she only had some impression of the name Gu Zheng Chu, as if she had accidentally heard that it was some Second Young Master of a financial family in Asia.

Crap, how could he be muddled! A double shadow actually appeared in front of his eyes! And his body is still warm, right? Could this be the aphrodisiac that would stir the martial arts world? A man who was so handsome that he had no friends drugged a passerby like her with aphrodisiacs?

Alright, enough! Tao Ning was sure, this was a dream! This was an illusion! This was a symptom of longing for life due to excessive fear!

But... Why did Gu Zheng Chu's kiss feel so real and the ice—cold feeling felt so good? Was it to be reserved? Or more?

Gu Zheng Chu had a lot of women, but this was the first time he saw a woman with such a rich expression on her face! She was indeed not that beautiful. Her normal neighbor's appearance was much more lively and adorable.

The hand swept across her hot skin, making Tao Ning feel even more dizzy. It was hard for her, to think that she could still persevere with such a violent pill.

He was like a pack of wolves waiting to take action. He suddenly flung his black bathrobe out, and it floated in the air like a cloud of black smoke. From then on, it covered Tao Ning's sunny life.

That night, Tao Ning was fully developed. With the help of the Tiger and Wolf's medicine, it was said that all sorts of postures were completely unlocked, to the point where when she woke up the next day, even moving her fingers would cause him pain all over her body.

However, this was not even comparable to the ten thousand points of damage to her spirit!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" After waking up for half an hour, Tao Ning, who was standing on the ground, used up all her strength and roared! It was too horrifying! She had been kidnapped by traffickers and taken to a hotel. Then, she had become stronger than the famous business genius Gu Zheng Chu!

Even a special scriptwriter would not dare to make it up here!

The dishevelled Tao Ning only had one thought in her mind, Run! Run! She was going to the police!

Unfortunately, just as he opened the door, he was immediately thrown in by the few men in black outside. It seems like she was imprisoned? Who could tell her what was going on? How could such an unbelievable thing happen in her ordinary life that was over 20 years old!

Just as Tao Ning was about to go crazy like a trapped beast, the door opened with a click, followed by the sound of her voice whispering to her ear last night, "Afraid?"

Turning around, he saw a beast in human clothing. Tao Ning was so angry he almost carried him on his back, but he had to admit that this guy was even more handsome than one without clothes on.

However, she was not brain—damaged to the point that her appearance was equal to that of justice. So in the next moment, Tao Ning was enraged!

"Gu Zheng Chu, why did you do this to me? I don't know you at all. "

"Now we know each other." Gu Zheng Chu was dressed in a black Armani suit and stood proudly on the spot. Tao Ning really wanted to pounce on him and die together with him. Who gave him the courage!

But her words were: "Let me go! I, I promise I won't call the police! " Even Tao Ning himself did not believe the words he spoke with a guilty conscience.

Gu Zheng Chu looked at her meaningfully, then suddenly took a step closer with his slender thighs, all the way until he forced Tao Ning into a corner. He pinched her chin and said charmingly: "I originally wanted you to leave now, but I've changed my mind."

"Wh, why …"

Gu Zheng Chu's handsome face was within reach, and he approached her lips bit by bit. Just as he was about to approach, he suddenly tilted his head and whispered in her ear: "Because this body is innately prepared for me."

Tao Ning finally understood the meaning of her words a minute later.

Gu Zheng Chu arrogantly lowered his head and kissed her lips, tossing and turning, as if he wanted to eat her into his stomach …

It was a pity that Tao Ning was not in her best condition despite such a seductive scene. This was because her muddled brain was occupied by two words — Love, Slave!

"Xiao Yue Er, do you want me to wake you up? or even your feelings? " Charm and raspy voice suddenly exploded beside his ear, shocking Tao Ning awake. He was shocked to find that he did not know when he was already on the bed.