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Flash Marriage Sweet Love

Flash Marriage Sweet Love



"Marry me, then these two pieces checks are yours." A rich and overbearing strange man said this to An Yi Mo at the moment she was abandoned by her boyfriend. In order to save her father's life, she said yes. After marrying him, she was protected and taken care of by him. Staying with this man, she felt safe. However, he always keeps the distance with her. She knew it was a contract marriage from the beginning. Even so, she still couldn't help but fall in love with him. Until that night, when she heard that the man secretly called others and said he would send her away soon, she finally realized that her contract husband was not him at all!
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An Yi Mo held the notification of the critical illness and cried heartbreakingly to his boyfriend on the other end of the phone: "Zi Xiao, can you lend 500 thousand to me? If I don't change my kidney, dad won't live past a month! "

"What?" You want to borrow money again? And you still need 500 thousand? " Yao Zi Xiao was already displeased after being woken up, but hearing An Yi Mo say that he wanted to borrow money, Yao Zi Xiao became even more displeased.

An Yi Mo's tears flowed uncontrollably as he spoke in a hoarse voice: "There's a matching kidney source in the hospital. If the operation is successful, my father can live for a few more years. Ziyi, this is the last time I'll spend money for my father, I guarantee …"

"Yi Mo, you … Are you in the hospital now? There's something that I should tell you in person. " Yao Zi Xiao's voice sounded a little strange.

An Yi Mo anxiously waited for half an hour, but the moment he saw Yao Zi Xiao, he ran over and grabbed his sleeve: "Zi Xiao, did you bring any money?"

"Yi Mo, my dad helped me decorate my wedding room. I just changed my car, how could I have any extra money to give you?" A sliver of impatience flashed past Yao Zi Xiao's eyes, and he shook off An Yi Mo's hand that was grabbing him away and fiercely said: "Your father has already spent more than two hundred thousand dollars on me, and what my parents earn are also blood and sweat money, they both have their objections …"

"Zichen, don't be like this." An Yi Mo did not know what to do, and tears fell from his eyes: "Tell your uncles and aunties again, I promise that this will be the last time. In the future, I will definitely be filial to them, and be a horse to them, I beg you, if you don't help me, dad is dead for sure."

Because her father was sick, he had already borrowed all their relatives, so when others saw them, they took a detour. When they called, they would even more so not answer, other than Yao Zi Xiao, there was no one else who would help her!

"My salary is so little. My parents gave me all the money for my marriage. They already ordered me to spend another cent on your father." Yao Zi Xiao glanced at An Yi Mo unhappily.

"Then don't tell uncle and aunt, just secretly take it out and give it to me, okay?" I promise that I will try my best to make it up to you and I'll definitely return it to you, okay? " An Yi Mo looked at Yao Zi Xiao with the last sliver of hope.

"The money. The bridal chamber was completed three days ago. " Yao Zi Xiao looked at the ward with slight disgust: "Besides, with your father's body, no matter how much money you waste, it's useless!"

"It's done, why didn't I know? Didn't you say that we would decorate the wedding room together and choose the furniture together? " An Yi Mo blinked his eyes as a string of tears rolled down his face once again. She finally realized something, "You said just now that you wanted to tell me face to face, what is it?"

As if he had made a great decision, Yao Zi Xiao spoke with heartlessness: "I'll tell you the truth, but in fact … My parents don't agree with us being together anymore. They've already chosen a more suitable fiancee for me. Yi Mo, let's break up. "

An Yi Mo's face became completely white, he looked at Yao Zi Xiao in disbelief: "You came here to talk about breaking up with me?"

Yao Zi Xiao frowned, a look of boredom flashed across his face: "My parents are already old, I cannot go against their wishes. They are very unyielding this time, if I do not agree, they will destroy my financial resources."

"Zi Xiao, we have hands and feet, and your work isn't bad. Don't tell me you have to rely on your parents?" An Yi Mo was a little anxious. He had been together with Yao Zi Xiao for more than three years, yet they suddenly mentioned that they had broken up.

Yao Zi Xiao frowned, he looked at her with disdain, and said: "You know that I have always listened to my parents, I am a filial son."

Looking at Yao Zi Xiao's resolute expression, she blurted out: "Zi Xiao Xi, are you going to honor your parents or are you afraid that they will take back everything that you have been bestowed?"

"What are you talking about?" As if his words had hit its mark, Yao Zi Xiao's face alternated between green and white: "What about you? Do you really love me? How often have we seen each other since your father was hospitalized? I spent so much money for you, what did you do for me? I can't even kiss you, let alone do it. Forget it, it's too late to say anything now. I'm here to say goodbye to you, not to discuss things with you. "

"Zichen, did you originally think this way? Daddy is sick. I really didn't think about you. I'm sorry. As for that … I just wanted to save the best night for the wedding day, and... "

"Enough!" Yao Zi Xiao no longer had any patience, he interrupted An Yi Mo: "No matter what, you borrowed my money previously, so I don't need it anymore, just treat it as your breakup fee."

Yao Zi Xiao flung away An Yi Mo's arm, his expression firm: "Let go of me, I'm going back, there's nothing more to say between us."

After which, he turned and left.

Suddenly, her world seemed to be collapsing.

"Zixiao, don't go. If you go, daddy is dead for sure, wuwu …" An Yi Mo cried until her tears were blurry, she chased after him for two steps, but instead of turning back, she quickened her pace, and in the end even jogged up, as though she was escaping from a plague.

An Yi Mo cried until his heart went soft on the ground. Perhaps it was because of his heartbreak, or maybe it was because he was crying for his father.

Without Yao Zi Xiao, father is dead.

"Only cowards cry!"

A cold voice sounded from the top of his head, as though it was a demon from hell, full of ridicule.

An Yi Mo lifted his head and looked at the unfamiliar man in front of him with astonishment.

The man looked to be about twenty years old and wore a shirt. Standing in front of An Yi Mo, he had a tall and sturdy body like a small mountain.

Looking at his appearance, there was an incomparably handsome face under his clean and short hair. His thin lips, high nose, clear horns on his chin, and a pair of incredibly deep black eyes were looking at An Yi Mo impatiently.

Looking at the man's handsome face, An Yi Mo was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

An Yi Mo's dissatisfaction caused the man to sneer in disdain. Then, he took out something from his pocket and passed it to An Yi Mo. "Take it!"

"This is …" An Yi Mo stared at it for a while. Is this a cheque?

He did not answer An Yi Mo's question. Seeing that she had been waiting for a long time, he used up all of his patience: "Can't you recognize this is a cheque?"

After receiving confirmation, An Yi Mo slowly got up from the ground, patted on the dust on his knees and skirt, and took a look, shocked by the amount displayed.

"Exactly five hundred thousand?" An Yi Mo even forgot to cry, the pain of breaking up was forgotten, he looked at the handsome and strong man in front of him strangely: "For me?"

Seeing An Yi Mo's guarded and doubtful expression, the man looked up and down at her with a picky gaze, as if he was examining an item. Then, he coldly mocked her: "It's dry, just like that woman."