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His Wild Love

His Wild Love



  "Shuixin, what do you think are my strong points?" "Too fierce!" "What about the flaws?" "Too fierce!" "Tell me why you sneaked away." "You are too fierce!" After finishing her sentence, she was pressed down heavily by him. Then, he saw a woman lying on the ground with a sore back for three days. He was a cold-blooded and arrogant devil in the eyes of others, but he only doted on her. From then on, she led a fierce and blissful life that he doted upon to the point of being shameless!
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In the dark night, the silence was suffocating.

On the side of the road, in a luxurious Mercedes, there was a good show going on.

"Senior Xing Wei, no matter what your future identity is, I will always love you."

The disheveled Ling Ying seemed like an enchanting snake demon as she tightly clung onto Yan Xing Wei's body.

"Ling Ying, I want you!"

Yan Xing Wei was simply unable to resist her enticement, he quickly pressed on the button on the side of the seat and flattened the driver's seat.

"Senior Xing Wei, can we have something special today?"

Ling Ying laughed and quickly switched seats with Yan Xing Wei, "You just have to close your eyes and properly enjoy my love."

Yan Xing Wei was slightly taken aback, but when he saw her pair of seductive eyes, he couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Alright, I'll listen to you!"

Seeing that Yan Xing Wei really had closed her eyes, the smile on her face suddenly deepened, the light in her eyes seemed to have disappeared as he glanced at the phone that was already prepared. He carefully turned the phone to mute mode, placed it in a concealed position in the carriage, and aimed the camera position at the two of them.

… ….

"Senior Xing Wei, I love you."

"Ling Ying, I want you too!"

The scene of the two fighting in the car was clearly reflected in Tang Shui Xin's eyes.

She stared in disbelief at the video she just received, tears unconsciously welled up in her eyes.

There were two people on the screen. One was her fiancé and the other was a close friend of four years from her university. She was also the only bridesmaid candidate she would have for the wedding in a month.

But now, both of them had betrayed her.

Tang Shui Xin's hands could not help but clench into fists, his nails digging deep into his palms, but she could not feel any pain at all.

An hour ago.

"Shuixin, we're going to be married in a month. Are you ready?" Yan Xing Wei caressed Tang Shui Xin's hair and whispered in her ear.

The two of them drank a little red wine during dinner.

When she was forcefully hugged by Yan Xing Wei, she already felt a headache coming on, but she could still hear the words that Yan Xing Wei was saying by her ear.

"Shui Xin, I want you."

"Xing Wei, didn't we make an agreement at first? Only on the night of our marriage could I completely hand over myself to you."

Yan Xing Wei ignored Tang Shui Xin's rejection, and impatiently stooped down. When his kiss was about to land on her lips, it was actually avoided by her face.

Tang Shui Xin felt that his body was a little weak, but her mind was still clear. She reached out and forcefully pushed Yan Xing Wei away.

"Xing Wei, we agreed that we would stay on the first night of the wedding day." Tang Shui Xin emphasized the point again. After tidying up his messy clothes, he quickly took a step away from him.

Yan Xing Wei looked at her with a complicated expression, then turned and walked into the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a bath."

Tang Shui Xin, who was standing at the side, looked at the tightly shut bathroom door and sighed helplessly.

How many times had it been? She couldn't remember.

Every single time, as long as Yan Xing Wei couldn't resist asking her, he would enter the guard room to take a cold bath and let the cold water wash over his body with an intense desire.

Thinking of this, Tang Shui Xin's expression slightly eased up.

She stood up and knocked lightly on the bathroom door. Her mouth was close to the door, and said to Yan Xing Wei who was inside"I'll go to the kitchen and cook supper for you. You come out to eat later."

Tang Shui Xin waited at the door for a long time, but when he didn't hear Yan Xing Wei's response, he instead heard a burst of splashing sound.

She smiled helplessly and, as usual, walked quickly to the kitchen.