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Intrigues and Love

Intrigues and Love



  She was a modern incense mixer. Betrayed by her best friend, murdered by her best friend. She said that we will die together! She fell down a cliff and traveled through time and space. He was a prince who had been poisoned by a strange poison. He had married the daughter of his enemy, and from then on, transferred the hatred onto her. Unexpectedly, she was the antidote for his poison. He had taken her heart with his unparalleled love, but he had killed her. When the secret of the past was revealed, the only thing left was to wish for death! Her feet were deeply sunken in, and she was riddled with injuries. She had actually discovered that her best friend had come over here together with her. The past replayed itself. Facing friendship and love, how could she choose?
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Great Zhao State, Yuan Shun 25 years.

In the most solemn and luxurious Prince Xuan’s Mansion of the Shang Jing, there was a huge pond in the backyard. In the middle of the lake, a tall pavilion was built for viewing purposes.

It was the beginning of spring when the green willows surrounding the pond started to sprout. The faint green color encircled the lake, making it very eye—catching. In the center of the lake, there were two richly dressed women standing on top of the Jade Lotus Pavilion, staring at each other. From afar, the two figures, one blue and one purple, seemed like a perfectly formed picture scroll.

Looking closer, the two of them seemed to be in a dispute. The surrounding atmosphere was somewhat solemn and there was a feeling of mutual hostility.

"Su Wanqing, I treat you as my best friend. Why did you frame me?" The blue—clothed woman was incomparably beautiful. Her pair of beautiful eyes were like the ripples of autumn, and the expression on her face was extremely sorrowful.

However, the purple—dressed woman had a look of disdain on her face. She gently caressed her lower abdomen and looked at the person in front of her with a mocking gaze.

"Bai Miaoxiang, this wangfei position should have been mine. "It was you who stole my position. For the sake of the child in my stomach, you must die." As Su Wanqing spoke, her eyes suddenly became sinister and ruthless, her slender hands grabbed onto Bai Miaoxiang's collar tightly, pushing her step by step until she retreated to the fence behind.

"You … You want to kill me? " Bai Miaoxiang's glistening tears were about to fall. Could it be that all the friendship that she had for more than ten years was fake? If they said that she had stolen her position as the princess, then it could be known that her marriage to Lian Cheng Yi was also something she could do nothing about, as she had never thought of interfering with the relationship between the two of them.

Su Wanqing's eyes were extremely vicious as the corner of her mouth rose slightly: "Because you were dissatisfied with the Prince's punishment, you then vented your hatred on me and attempted to kill me. Yet, you accidentally fell into the pond. You know that the prince hates you, and you are not favored in the palace. Even if you die, no one will doubt you. "

Bai Miaoxiang felt a chill in her heart when she heard her words. In the past ten years, she had treated her like a little sister, but in the end, it was all like this.

"Su Wanqing, you are crazy, even if I have to die, I will not let you go." Bai Miaoxiang suddenly struggled to dodge her pincers, but felt weak. She suddenly looked at the stone table in the pavilion, and a cold chill entered her heart.

"You poisoned the tea." Bai Miaoxiang's entire body was powerless as a sense of despair arose quietly.

Su Wanqing's complacent laughter sounded like silver bells ringing in her ears, but it sounded like a talisman of death from hell. Just as Bai Miaoxiang was about to lose all hope, she suddenly heard Su Wanqing's voice.

"Bai Miaoxiang, before you die, why not let me tell you a secret. Do you remember that blind youth you saved seven years ago in the Western Mountain? She's the Prince Xuan, right? He's been looking for you, but I don't know why he thinks of me as you, as the woman who saved his life. Haha, Bai Miaoxiang, I have to thank you. It was you who told me about the incident that happened seven years ago in the Western Mountain, which resulted in my getting the love of the Duke. "

Bai Miaoxiang suddenly woke up from her stupor. Seven years ago, in the Western Mountain. Her memories of the past became clearer bit by bit. The boy who was heavily injured and covered in blood was actually him.

Prince Xuan, Lian Cheng Yi, her husband!

Bai Miaoxiang was still stunned and had not woken up yet, when she heard Su Wanqing's sinister voice: "Bai Miaoxiang, go and die. I will help you love the Duke properly." As she spoke, she pushed out with her palm, using all her strength.

Just at that moment, Bai Miaoxiang seemed to have thought of something, when she suddenly used all her strength to grab onto Su Wanqing's hand that was about to retract.

"Su Wanqing, let's go to hell together." She smiled sinisterly at her, and the force of her fall pulled Su Wanqing, who was standing on the pavilion, down along with her.

There was only a miserable scream, "Ah …" The two figures dropped down to the pavilion that was several tens of feet high. With two splash sounds, ripples appeared on the surface of the water, and the layer of blood that flowed out from the water was particularly dazzling.

… ….

Prince Xuan’s Mansion, Autumn Water Pavilion.

"Miss, although concubine Su has been saved, her child is gone. Miss, what should we do? Your Royal Highness, he … he will definitely not let us go. " As Jin Se spoke, her small hands continuously twisted at the straps of her dress, looking very uneasy.

In front of the mirror, a woman was sitting upright. She carefully sized up her reflection, as if she had not heard the words of the maid.

Two hours ago, when she woke up, she found that she had transmigrated. She was a incense mixer from the 21st century, named Fang Chenxiang. However, a ghost was currently residing in her body, and the body's owner was called Bai Miaoxiang. She fell into the pond and drowned two hours ago.

She seemed to understand why she had become Bai Miaoxiang. Because she suffered the same fate as Bai Miaoxiang, she was betrayed by her best friend, and when she was pushed down the cliff by her best friend, she was dragged down along with her good friend, just like Bai Miaoxiang.

Ten years in the same class because of a man. How similar was she to the dead Bai Miaoxiang? This was fate. Falling into space and time was the chance that the heavens had given her. She wanted to live a good life in's place, and show off the attitude that she, Fang Chenxiang, should have.

Whether it was a friend or a lover, she no longer needed it.

Fang Chenxiang gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her finger and retracted all of her thoughts. From this moment onwards, she was the direct descendent of the State Duke Qian of the Great Zhao, the princess of the Prince Xuan’s Mansion.

"Miss, what's wrong?" Jin Se stared at Bai Miaoxiang with her sharp eyes. Ever since she was saved, she had been sitting in a daze in front of her makeup mirror, as though she had lost her soul, causing Jin Se's heart to become even more uneasy.

Hearing the voice, Bai Miaoxiang regained her senses and turned her head to glance at the maid in front of him. Jin Se had grown up together with Bai Miaoxiang, and could be said to be her closest kin.

It was just that after experiencing the betrayal, she didn't trust anyone anymore.

"You said that the children of the concubine Su are gone?" Bai Miaoxiang asked casually, but her heart sank as she thought of her close friend. She felt sad in her heart, her close friend was actually pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, but she was completely oblivious, as if she was an idiot.

Jin Se heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Bai Miaoxiang speak. "Yes, prince was furious when he heard that the concubine Su's child was no more. I heard that your highness is investigating this matter. Miss, what exactly is going on? "

She was the one who deserved to die for Su Wanqing's child. Remembering his best friend that was dragged down the cliff by him, Bai Miaoxiang laughed bitterly. Was she dead or alive? Such a high cliff, even if she was still alive, she would still be like Su Wanqing.

Her boyfriend's child, hah ~ that's ironic. At this moment, she was suddenly envious of Bai Miaoxiang who had died. At least, she did not love him, but only had a cold heart and despair brought about by betraying her good friend Su Wanqing. Seven years ago.

Bai Miaoxiang thought back to the conversation between the two inside the pavilion. The one who had saved Lian Cheng Yi seven years ago was clearly Bai Miaoxiang.

She carefully searched through her mind for memories of seven years ago. West Mountain Treading Green, Bai Miaoxiang had gone there with Su Wanqing and only lost track of the time when Bai Miaoxiang met that heavily injured youth by the side of the mountain stream.

On the other hand, Bai Miaoxiang had a book that her mother had passed down to her. The twelve—year—old Bai Miaoxiang had used her own medical skills to save him. Later on, she told Su Wanqing what had happened. She led him to the cave, but the youth had disappeared without a trace.

At that time, Su Wanqing was still laughing at her, saying that she was thinking of spring, and she was so angry that she ignored him for a few days.

The memories left behind by his original body were so clear. Bai Miaoxiang rubbed her forehead. She couldn't understand why Lian Cheng Yi thought of Su Wanqing as a girl who saved him. At that time, he was clearly blind.

"Miss, why are you distracted again? What are you going to do with your absent—mindedness? At that time, it was only the two of you in the pavilion. Jin Se's voice trembled slightly. A few days ago, her young miss had suffered a setback, and her injuries had not healed at all.

Bai Miaoxiang subconsciously touched the wound on her arm. That day, she was framed and said to have tried to poison Lian Cheng Yi's diet.

The wounds on her body healed only after a long time, and the masterpiece of all this was actually that vicious woman. Thinking of all of these, Bai Miaoxiang's heart was in turmoil.

Lian Cheng Yi deeply loved Su Wanqing, which was known by everyone in the Duke Palaces. As for her, a proper wangfei, she had never been pampered and had always been looked down upon by the people in the mansion. She was truly a cold person in this world!

"Jin Se, I know you're worried. "But …" Before Bai Miaoxiang could finish his sentence, he heard a voice filled with killing intent, and the wind from the palm breaking through the door.

The top—quality carved wooden door was shattered into pieces, and a black shadow rushed towards her with a sinister and bloodthirsty expression on its face, as if it was a messenger from hell.

"Bai Miaoxiang, kill me and pay with your life. I want you to repay my son's life." A brutal voice pierced the ears, and in the next moment, Bai Miaoxiang's beautiful neck that was as white as snow was grabbed by a thick palm, and no one could resist.

"Prince, please calm your anger. I beg you, Prince, to let my little miss go." Jin Se knelt on the ground and tugged at the hem of Lian Cheng Yi's clothes, begging for forgiveness.

"Scram." Lian Cheng Yi's vicious voice was accompanied by a ruthless kick. Jin Se's frail body fell onto the corner of the table, and spat out a mouthful of blood. With a muffled groan, she fainted.

As if all of his anger had been ignited at that moment, Bai Miaoxiang's hands fumbled about wildly, touching a silver hairpin on the makeup mirror, he raised it and pierced it into the acupuncture points on Lian Cheng Yi's arm.

There was an acupoint on his arm, upon contact it would cause him to feel numb all over and lose strength. As the strength left his neck, Bai Miaoxiang held onto the neck that was in pain and gasped for air. Raising his head, he met Lian Cheng Yi's gaze that was filled with hatred and fire.

"What right does Your Highness have to believe everything she said just because you loved her that I killed your child?" Even if she's lying to you, you should still enjoy it, right? " Bai Miaoxiang slowly stood up straight. His calm eyes were especially sharp, which actually shook the bottom of Lian Cheng Yi's heart, and made him forget to reply at that moment.