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The Debutant Miss Mommy

The Debutant Miss Mommy



  Five years later, he appeared before her with his fiancée. "I'm your new boss. Sura, you're married early enough. How come you have children? "
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He really didn't remember her.

Su Rui was not surprised at all. Other than Xiao Xiao, he could not tolerate anyone else in her eyes.

The other women were all the same to him.

"As for last night's matter, I will take responsibility for it. You can tell me your conditions, and as long as it's not too outrageous, I will fulfill it for you. " It was the first thing he had said to her since dawn.

As a result, Su Rui started to recall what happened last night: For the sake of a big order from the company, she went to accompany those customers whose eyes had the word "lecherous" written in them. She thought that she would be able to handle it easily, after all, her alcohol capacity was astonishing.

After realising that something was wrong, Su Rui used the reason of going to the washroom to leave the private box, but the alcohol had a side effect, causing her to be unable to resist, and she wanted to call for help. He walked towards her, and under her shocked, sleepwalking gaze, she opened his arms and held her in his arms.

She smelled alcohol.

"Follow me." he said forcefully.

Almost without hesitation, she obediently followed his steps.

He took her to her room, then turned on the shower. "Bath first."

Just like last time.

Other than Xiao Xiao, all the other women felt dirty.

However, Su Rui was no longer the little girl who looked up to him and saw him as a god.

"Wash yourself slowly, I'll be leaving first." She was about to leave.

But he took her arm from behind and said irritably, "Isn't every woman so uncomfortable! Just what do you all want in order to be satisfied! "

Su Rui suddenly said: "This time, was I angered by Xiao Xiao again?" Thus, she got drunk and, like last time, used such a vile act of revenge to teach that woman, who was always unlucky, a lesson.

"I want —" She turned at last, cursing herself for being so cheap, but her body was so honest that the moment she saw him, it began to burn like a wildfire. "I want you."

Standing on tiptoe, she kissed his thin, cool lips. It was as cool as yesterday, as cold as ever.

Su Rui could not remember what happened after that.

She was his vine.

Then, when he was exhausted, he turned this way, and she turned that way, sleeping with her back to him, in the same bed.

Then, at daybreak, he stood by the bed, dressed in his best clothes, and began to clean up this ridiculous one—night stand.

He didn't even bother to look at her again.

"Oh." Su Rui slowly sat up, took out the cheque that had been hidden for a very long time from her own small bag, and gently placed it on the bedside, "Thank you for helping me pour the fire. Goodbye, Mo Fan Ya. "

Goodbye, Mo Fan Ya.

This time, you really can get out of my life.

End this five years. A farce!

My one—man show.