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A Marriage without Love

A Marriage without Love



  When she married Mu Shu City, she knew that this marriage had nothing to do with love. It was because the reason for him marrying her was very simple. And because it had nothing to do with love, she had married. Before their marriage, he had no objections to her rules and regulations. He had said that there was the name of a husband and wife, and that they didn't have the actual status of husband and wife. They treated each other with respect. However, after the marriage, his true nature had been exposed, and every time he violated the contract, he could still speak calmly, "I broke my promise, what kind of compensation do you want?!" Heh, what president of the imperial city, what husband, what goal in the heart of a North City girl, what target in the heart of a young married woman? They were all lies!
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North City.

Danny's Bar.

"I have always loved Ye Yuan Yuan, and next month, I will be betrothed to her. If you still know how shameless you are, stop pestering me everyday!"

Qian Zi Xiao's mocking words still echoed in his ears, but when Luo Xue looked at the red wine in the cup, his vision became blurry.

Despicable, heh heh...

The corner of her mouth curved into a self—deprecating smile. She was indeed a scumbag. If it weren't for the fact that she had been shamelessly taking care of him for three years and handing over her heart to him, she wouldn't have felt so bad right now!

"It is indeed unworthy!"

She couldn't help but growl in a low voice. Then she raised her head and took another big bite.

"Luo Xue, what are you doing? Coming out dressed like this! Wearing your clothes quickly, the Director Zhang will be here in a moment! "

The beautiful woman was Qiao Li Fen, Luo Xue's stepmother. Although she was over a hundred years old, she still had a posture.

Luo Xue's face flushed red, as though she was drunk. Her thoughts were pulled back to reality from the pain of losing her lover.

"You are all bad people!"

"Hiss …"

Just as Luo Xue finished speaking, a cup of cold water suddenly splashed onto her face. It was bone—piercing cold, causing her to shiver uncontrollably.

"I'll wake you up!"

Luo Xing Xing's words were sharp, and every time she saw Luo Xue's beautiful face that could confuse all living things, she would grind her teeth in jealousy, wishing that she could personally disfigure her face!

"Xing, why did you come here? Be careful not to dirty your clothes."

"Mom, I'm fine, I'm guessing she's going to cause trouble!"

"Alright, we have a mother on this side. She won't be able to pull any tricks, but you, have you found out about it yet?" When will the young masters of the city arrive? "

"I don't know, but what I'm sure of is that he will definitely come today."

"Mhmm, good daughter. If you can marry into the Mu family, mother will be blessed in her life."

Looking at the mother and daughter in front of him, Luo Xue couldn't help but want to laugh. Today, the two daughters of the Luo Family came out to look for their husband.

This difference, just thinking about it was laughable!

"It's almost time. I'll head out first."

Luo Xing Xing looked at Grassotti who was on her wrist, then glared at Luo Xue and left while stepping on a dozen centimeters high heels.

Just as the room door closed, Qiao Li Fen threw a tissue on the table.

"Wipe your face quickly. I'll tell you Luo Xue, if you don't listen tonight, don't even think about the hospital that will dare to treat your mother, not to mention the surgery fees! You should know about our Qiao family's influence in the North City's medical field, right? "

When Xu Hui was mentioned, Luo Xue's nerves tensed up. Ever since she was kicked out of her house 16 years ago, no one cared about him and her mother. Now, she suddenly thought of them.

Heh, did she think that she grew up as a vegetarian all these years?

Luo Xue did not say anything, but ridicule flashed past her eyes, and she wiped her face with a tissue.

"Creak …"

The door suddenly opened, and a pot—bellied, unshaven man, with a face full of wrinkles, dressed in extremely dazzling clothes, with a gold chain around his neck and wrist, caused Luo Xue's eyes to hurt.

"I'm really sorry for the delay in traffic. Is this Snowy?"

The man sat down beside Luo Xue, and looked up and down pervertedly.

"It's fine, Director Zhang you are a busy man, you can earn money at any time!"

Qiao Li Fen put on a noble's smile, looked at the Director Zhang with a fawning expression, and then glared at Luo Xue, "Little Snow, this is the Director Zhang, hurry up and call for someone!"

Luo Xue did not raise her head. How could she take a second look?