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Missy Is Back

Missy Is Back



  "Don't you think you're too close with Ye Lanqin?" "The Wealthy Class Young Master gritted his teeth and charged forward." Does this have anything to do with you? " "Huh?" Lixi raised her eyebrows, her face filled with unwillingness! Is the XXOO a relationship? " Pei Junting bit down on her lips angrily. If she still wanted to refuse to admit it after eating so much, then Upwards Ho! would have to give her a long memory! The little woman became sad and a ripple appeared in her breathing! A family of three had their bones shattered in an explosion. The Ye Family on the FBS Wealth Board had changed their face. Was it bad luck, framing, or just a misunderstanding? Ye Lange reconstructed the wealth of the Wealthy Li family in S city! illegitimate daughter? That was also the money that the elders of the Li family approved of! Squeezing, bullying? I'm sorry, rebirth isn't about suffering! After waking up from her drowning, Li Xi had a different life trajectory when she was 20 years old. Battle aunt, Uncle Zhan, break down all the successors that excluded her. She wanted to have the strongest power to rewrite the Ye Family's history!
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In the quiet ward, a pale—faced woman leaned weakly against the window frame. The folded newspaper in her hand was an old one from half a year ago, but the big black words on the front page were still extremely eye—catching.

— — The luxury yacht suddenly exploded. The rich Ye Boyuan and his wife and daughter in A city were buried in a sea of fire.

The rims of Li Xi's eyes were completely red, and there was still a loud bang beside her ears. It was as if her body was still enduring the tearing pain, and everything had turned into a mess of flesh and blood.

"Ye Lan Ge, do you really think that the person Lu Yan loves is you?"

"He and I have been childhood friends since childhood. We have been together since we were sixteen. The only thing that you can attract to him is your wealth and background."

"Do you really think that it's because there's something wrong with your body that you can't give birth to?"

"To tell you the truth, you can't have children because I put a pill in your food. As for why you can't get it out, that's your husband's work. He didn't want you or his children at all."

… ….

Ye Lan Ge could still hear the ridicule from her best friend. This was the last call Ye Lan Ge received before the explosion, and her eyes were filled with hatred.

In her previous life, she was the daughter of the Ye Family, a talented genius in business. She had made a name for herself in the stock market, becoming the CEO of the Yeh's group at a young age.

Although there was a huge gap in background, Ye Lan Ge had never wavered. In her eyes, Lu Yan was someone who was talented, and someone who was deeply in love with her.

Love is more important to a woman than wealth, isn't it?

Zhuang Xiao Mei was precisely the bridesmaid who stood by her side. In the past few years of university, the three of them had a close relationship with each other, she had never felt that there was a problem with her best friend and her husband.

She had been married for six years and never gave birth to a man and a woman. She didn't even know what it was like to be pregnant.

However, Zhuang Xiao Mei suddenly grew pregnant, and with a wronged face, refused to say the name of a man. That child was already five years old, and she was even the godmother of a child.

— Lu Yan! Zhuang Xiao Mei!

Li Xi ground out two names from between gritted teeth. She had to use blood to pay for the debt of blood, but since the heavens had given her the chance to be reborn, she could not let her parents die in peace, she could not let just take everything that happened in Ye Family!

"Knock, knock, knock ~ ~ ~"

A soft knocking sound came from the ward. Li Xi adjusted her mood and put down the old newspaper.

"Third Miss, Madam asked me to come and take you home."

The driver of the Li family stood by the door with a polite expression on his face.

"Wait for me downstairs, I'll pack up and then come down."

Li Xi's face was expressionless; she, who had been lying on the ground for half a year, still looked rather weak.


The driver replied before turning around. The discharge procedures had already been completed.

With a bitter smirk, Li Xi closed the door once again.

The Li family of S City was also considered as a big family. In the eyes of outsiders, she, the Third Miss, was a person of limitless glory, but in the Li family, she was just an illegitimate daughter that her maternal grandma did not love.

His mother was a B—list celebrity who was on the verge of reaching the top. Due to a fire at the scene, she lost her mother when she was fourteen. That was why the Li family's old man had personally brought her back to the Li family.

It must be to quell all the scandals on behalf of his son.

Li Xi's heart hurt as she lightly caressed the thick diary on the sickbed.

— In this life, I won't let you suffer any grievances, and I won't give anyone a chance to bully you. I will definitely make you the most brilliant star!

He walked into the bathroom with the dark green long dress and looked at the mirror in the bathroom. For the first time, Li Xi saw himself clearly: This waist and looks could really go and participate in the Miss World's elections. It was no wonder that he was pushed into the water by someone else.

An evil thought suddenly popped up in his mind. If this kind of girl like her were to appear in front of Lu Yan, would the so—called childhood sweethearts still exist?

With a cold smile, Li Xi walked out of the ward with the luggage. Her new student had already begun.