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A Deadly Dance

A Deadly Dance



  He was the most respected king of the Divine State, the most powerful prince. His power was monstrous, and he was extraordinarily handsome. However, he was also the most tragic person. She was the most talented woman in the kingdom of gods. She was peerlessly beautiful, but she was also the most pitiful person. A tragedy? Sad? No, that's called hiding one's true self, hiding one's true self. That's called pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger. That's called hiding one's true self. That's called hiding one's true self. Once transmigrated, a decree was given that she would become someone waiting to die. Waiting for death? Is that possible? It was impossible. How was she going to turn the situation around? But … The days before turning the tables on him were really depressing and depressing! It's fine to face an iceberg everyday, but don't come running over to me. This is my room, this is my bed, this is my lips, why did you take it all? What happened to her being ruthless and unladylike? It's all a lie. Under the holy tree, she said, "Come back alive. I'll marry you again." Under the holy tree, he said, "Come back alive. I'll marry you again." She waved the heaven and earth, the universe, and life and death again. With one dance, all things were born. With one dance, the world was destroyed. Whether it was life or destruction was decided with a single thought from her.
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Inside Scholar's House, there were lights and decorations, there was a joyous smell around, there were guests sitting around, and sounds of congratulation could be heard everywhere. However, this was only a scene in the front hall, but a completely different scene in the back hall.

When Shi Yao Yin woke up, she found out that she was wearing a phoenix coronet and red wedding gown, which was especially dazzling.

When he had just woken up, he felt weak all over, dizzy and uncomfortable. Especially the part about his neck, it was so painful that he couldn't even breathe. He wanted to speak, but he couldn't.

Something was not right, why was her body so small? How was this her body? It wasn't her body at all.

Just as Shi Yao Yin was at a loss on what to do, her mind seemed to have been flooded by a flood.

She remembered that her boyfriend had gotten married. The bride wasn't her. She had lost her heart and was drinking to ease her worries. She had accidentally fallen into the lake. When she woke up, it was exactly the same scene as now.

She was now the direct descendant of the The State of Awakening. Shi Yao Yin, a peerless and unparalleled beauty, had been bullied by her stepmother ever since she was young because her mother had died too early.

Shi Yao Yin wanted to continue to read the information in the original owner's mind, but at this time, a furious roar came out.

"You damned girl, you want to kill our entire family, don't you? You actually dared to hang yourself on the day of the wedding. Did I allow you to hang yourself or die? Do you think you can really get away with it just because you're dead? "In your dreams, even if you die, I will throw you into a bridal sedan."

The original owner's memories told Shi Yao Yin that the person who roared at her was her stepmother, the current owner of the Scholar's House, Madame Shi.

Shi Yao Yin was no longer the timid and weak original owner. How could she endure being scolded in such a way? But just when she wanted to retort back, she found that she couldn't speak at all. It took a lot of effort before she managed to squeeze out a few words, "You …" "Damn it..."

The word "detestable" was completely infuriated. There was no sound at all. No one else could hear it.

"Damned girl, you dare to glare at me? Who gave you the guts?" Madame Shi dragged Shi Yao Yin who was on the bed off the bed, stepped on him and used her feet to trample on her back. She continuously scolded: "Are you still staring? Stare again and I'll gouge out your eyeballs. Your mother's life is cheap, and so are yours. For a lowly person like you to be able to marry into the current Third Prince, that is the fortune that you have cultivated over several lifetimes.

"Ahh …" Shi Yao Yin's entire body felt pain from being stepped on, especially on her back, it was extremely painful. She wanted to resist, but was unable to.

The body of the original owner was already weak, how could he withstand the Madame Shi's abuse? However, she was the one being abused, not the original owner.

Even though she was an orphan, she had never suffered such humiliation before. How could she endure such humiliation?

She remembered this debt. She would definitely settle it ten times in the future.

"Damn girl, you still dare to glare at me? I'll make you stare, I'll make you stare, I'll make you stare. " Madame Shi increased the strength of her feet and stepped into death, but she only stepped on her back, not other places.

Shi Yao Yin had to get married today, and moreover, she was marrying the current Third Prince, so of course she had to look good. Otherwise, the Scholar's House would not be able to explain herself, so the Madame Shi did not dare step on the rest of Shi Yao Yin, but on her back that was not easily seen by others.

"You … "Bastard..." Shi Yao Yin had been stepped on by Madame Shi the entire time, half of her face was stuck to the ground, and the pain from her back was even more intense.

Right at this moment, a middle—aged man with an extraordinary bearing and refined bearing walked in.