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Dominating CEO's Little Tricks on Her

Dominating CEO's Little Tricks on Her



  "Can I be your woman? This is my first time! " Since she was forced to marry, she randomly captured a man she only met once and became the bed pet of the crown prince with over a hundred million yuan of wealth and authority in the capital, Duke Nangong Jue. After a night of lovemaking, he raged, "Didn't you say you were a virgin? How dare you lie to me? " Her eyes were filled with tears. She had never had sex with a man before, so why was it not the first time? What was going on? "What is the memory that keeps flashing in my mind?" Tell me, who was your first man? I will cripple him! " The man asked. No …. "I don't know …" "Don't know? "Then I'll help you recall your memories …" The man frantically demanded it, but she was squeezed to the point where there wasn't even any juice left. When she opened her eyes again, a cute and exquisite little treasure was standing in front of her. He smiled and called out to her, "Mommy!" She was completely dumbfounded. What was going on? When did she have such a big son?
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It was a hazy night at the Orange Bar.

In an open private room, Ye You Ran was deep in thought with his head lowered. Suddenly, a good friend nudged his. She turned around and casted a glance at her good friend: "What's wrong?"

Jing Tong pointed to Han Qian Zhe who was seated opposite of him, bit his lips and said, "Qian Zui just so happened to pick you."

Ye You Ran looked up and glanced at Han Qian Zhe. Seeing that the wine bottle was in his hands, she raised his eyebrows, placed the bottle down, and said softly: "Go ahead."

Han Qian Zhe's gaze swept across her and asked a question that he had always wanted to know: "Is your first time still here?"

This question … Ye You Ran pursed his lips, and looked at him coldly.

Jing Tong, who was sitting beside Ye You Ran, also asked. He did not expect Han Qian Zhe to actually ask such a question, so he bit his lower lip, and swept his gaze over the two of them.

"I refuse to answer this question, just punish him directly." Ye You Ran said lightly.

Before Han Qian Zhe could speak, Jing Tong spoke first: "Qian Zhe, don't make things difficult for You Ran, just let her do the simplest thing. You Ran, do you see that man over there? "You just need to ask for his name card and you'll pass."

Hearing her words, Ye You Ran looked towards the direction she pointed. Her vision was too dim, so she wasn't able to clearly see what the man looked like, but she could vaguely feel that he was a very tall and handsome man.

"What's that?" "Holy shit!" Ye You Ran said as he stood up.

Logically speaking, in a place as chaotic as a bar, she shouldn't agree to her conditions, but she didn't want to answer that question.

The only choice was …


A sweet voice sounded out from behind Nan Gong Jue.

Suddenly, everyone's gaze all landed on Ye You Ran, and Nan Gong Jue also turned his head according to the voice.

Ye You Ran was wearing a white skirt, his long hair flowing down his shoulders, and a sweet smile on his face.

"Yo, beautiful woman!" The man beside Nan Gong Jue was called Li Rong Yu. When he saw Ye You Ran, he immediately whistled. Ye You Ran's expression did not change as he stared at Nan Gong Jue and continued to smile, "Sir, can I ask for your name card?"

Nan Gong Jue turned his head around, and only then could Ye You Ran clearly see his appearance, which was as deep as a starry sky. Beneath Yun Feng's nose was his lips, which were pursed tightly, and he just sat there quietly with a cigarette between his fingers. His indifferent gaze landed on Ye You Ran, as though he was looking down at an emperor.

"Beauty, he's not the only man here. You want it from me, I'll give it to you!" Li Rong Yu maintained his unrestrained smile, and looked at Ye You Ran with a tinge of amazement.

But Ye You Ran did not even look at him, his clear eyes were still staring straight at Nan Gong Jue, and asked: "Is that possible?"

It was not the first time that Nan Gong Jue had met a woman who had taken the initiative to strike up a conversation with him. However, it was the first time that a girl like her, who seemed like an obedient girl, would be so natural and graceful.

"Ask me for a business card? What price are you prepared to pay? " Nan Gong Jue began to speak, her voice was sexy and hoarse, bringing with it a sense of steadiness.

Ye You Ran paused, and looked at him.

His handsome eyes were also looking at her. His handsome face had a smile that was not a smile. His eyes were like those of a hunter hunting his prey, precise and sharp.

Nan Gong Jue made his move, taking his own name card, he handed it over.

Ye You Ran reached out to catch it, but unexpectedly, he grabbed onto her small hand.

Her hand was always cold, but his was extremely hot. Ye You Ran's fingertip trembled, and his clear eyes slightly narrowed as he looked him in the eye.

After a while, her red lips curled up into an elegant smile. "Thank you."

Then with a flick of his hand, he pulled out the name card and … Saved his own hand.

After that, Ye You Ran turned around gracefully and walked back to his seat with calm steps.

Behind her, a burning hot gaze was chasing after her. Ye You Ran didn't even need to turn his head to know who it was.

After placing the name card on the table, Ye You Ran asked softly: "Is this enough now?"

Jing Tong's expression became somewhat ugly, and he pursed his lips to look at her for a long time. He had thought that she would definitely run into a wall this time, but he didn't expect her to do it so smoothly. The other party is Nan Gong Jue, the rich and powerful Crown Prince Nan Gong Jue!

Was it because she was more beautiful?

At this time, Ye You Ran was holding a glass of beer. He raised his head and took two gulps, as the liquid flowed down his throat, revealing her beautiful collarbone, making it hard for people to shift their eyes away.

Jing Tong's hand that was under the table suddenly clenched.

After drinking the wine, Ye You Ran put down the cup.

Seated beside her, Jing Tong looked at the name card, the hand holding the cup subconsciously tightened, a strange look flashed across his eyes, then he suddenly spoke out: "You Ran, do you know who the man on the name card is?"

"Who?" A hint of haziness appeared in Ye You Ran's beautiful eyes, but it also added a bit of charm. Han Qian Zhe, who was sitting opposite to his, instantly stared blankly.

Jing Tong's jealousy increased a little as he held back his anger. He picked up the name card and looked at it, his eyes wide with shock. "Nan Gong Jue? He … Isn't he the eleventh successor to the Nangong Family? "

What heir? To Ye You Ran, it had nothing to do with her.

"You Ran, he's actually willing to give you a name card. I heard that he's cold—blooded and emotionless, and doesn't give anyone face, but he actually gave you a name card. Jing Tong pulled Ye You Ran and said anxiously, and even intentionally swept a glance at Han Qian Zhe.

As expected,'s expression changed when he saw it.

Ye You Ran avoided her touch without leaving a trace, and laughed: "What do you think about acting on the spot?"

Han Qian Zhe's eyes lit up with hope again. His expression changed, and he wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the waiter.

The waiter served a glass of red wine.

"Waiter, I'm sorry, we didn't order red wine." Ye You Ran said.

The waiter smiled sweetly and said gently, "I know. This is the gentleman over there asking for you, Miss."

Everyone followed her line of sight and looked at where Nan Gong Jue was.

Everyone's expression changed as Jing Tong immediately climbed up the pole, "Oh god, You Ran, I already said that he has his eyes on you, right? You still won't believe it! "

Unexpectedly, Ye You Ran only smiled, unceremoniously poured himself a full cup of red wine, and then drank it all right after raising his head.

Rafi in '82? He really was rich.

"Since they want to spend the money, then don't be polite."

Putting down the cup, his fingertip unintentionally swiped across the name card. Ye You Ran's expression changed, the eleventh successor of the Nan Gong Family?

What a noble title.

Thinking about that, Ye You Ran could not help but look towards the man's location, unintentionally meeting his handsome eyes.

Their eyes met in the air, causing Ye You Ran to be startled, but he quickly retracted his gaze, and drank another mouthful of red wine, no longer wanting to bother with him!