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The Hero's Journey of Bai

The Hero's Journey of Bai

Author:Fengyu Tianxia


Beauties? Don't annoy me, please. I don’t have time to play with all of you. Money? I like it! But it really bothers me that I own so much money. Power! That is my favorite. However, my power is so enormous that I myself even feel scared! You call me Brother Jiang? That’s how people used to address me, but now they call me ‘Mr. Jiang'. People always say that the whole world will be shocked if I stamp my feet. Hmm, not really. I don't have much strength on my feet. And they also say that my words can bring sanguinary slaughters. It's just kidding. Actually, my life motto is peace. What's more, they say that I can do anything I want all over the world. Come on. They even don't know me at all. How could they have the chance to talk to me?! Now, I get the system as my guidance. The door of becoming a hero has opened. Since then, an ordinary security guard heads forward and never stops.
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March should be a time for the blue sky, but instead, there was a dark sky full of clouds at this moment. And it was raining and lightning. Sometimes there was a wind blowing leaves.

People’s emotion was infected by this gloomy weather.

Jiang Bai was sitting at the door of a poky rental house. At that time, raindrops were like bullets, penetrating his mind. Jiang Bai was in a very bad mood.

“What the hell? Where am I? Aquamarine? A parallel universe? I’ll be damned if this is time traveling.”

Jiang Bai said this to himself after a while of trance. He couldn’t help but give himself a slap in the face to make sure that he still could feel the pain and that he was not in a dream.

It was not his fault to be like this. Anyone who found himself ten years younger the moment when he woke up, and in a completely different planet, he would be in a much worse state than Jiang Bai. Jiang Bai was a brave man. If anyone else was in his shoes, the situation might drive that man crazy.

"Aquamarine is in a parallel world. Apart from some minor details, the situation is similar to the earth. You can compare Aquamarine as the earth ten years ago. Congratulations, young man. You won the first prize. You won a chance of reborn."

When Jiang Bai was slapping his face, a very arrogant voice came to him.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Bai was stunned and shocked.

What the hell!?

"Me? I am the Wicked Hero System. I came from... Well, not important. Anyway, young man, you are so lucky. I brought you here and to a completely different life. Don't bother with the details. All you have to do is to get more prestige, and in return, I will provide you with countless treasures."

That voice came again, seemingly talking to itself, ignoring Jiang Bai’s questions completely.

“Wicked Hero System? What the fuck is that?”

Jiang Bai was lost, and he found his brain in a downtime.

"The Wicked Hero System was designed to help you become a world-known hero or villain. Everything comes from Prestige Points. And with enough Prestige Points, you can have everything."

Here came the voice of the system again, and with that voice, many pieces of messages were sent in Jiang Bai’s mind. Jiang Bai started to understand this Prestige System from scratch.

It could be compared to a game, and the rules were simple. To get everything Jiang Bai need, he would have to finish tasks and to store experience.

"Jing Bai! Get down, you bastard! Have you done the job I told you yesterday?"

At that time, someone was shouting loudly in the yard.

In the drizzle, three or four fancily dressed punks kicked the door of this three-story rental house open and shouted at Jiang Bai, who was sitting behind the rusty railing on the third floor.


After scratching his head, Jiang Bai organized his memory and recalled this guy’s identity.

Liu Bin, a very famous punk in this area with yellow hair, was standing in the middle. He kind of knew him, but not very close.

In the past, Jiang Bai was a weak man. He would definitely hide from this kind of trouble if he could. He was a well-behaved security guard in Entertainment City, having a boring but safe life, looking forward to a dull but loyal marriage.

Jiang Bai and Liu Bin were like two parallel lines, without any crossing in the whole life.

But there was an incident yesterday. Jiang Bai's mother asked his distant cousin to take some clothes for him. She was such a lovely girl, which seduced Liu Bin.

And that made two parallel lines cross. When Liu Bin found Jiang Bai, without talking first, Jiang Bai was slapped in the face by Liu Bin, and was forced to set up a date between Liu Bin and his lovely cousin.

Jiang Bai might be weak, but he would never do such a thing.

It wouldn’t need much knowledge of Lin Bin for Jiang Bai to understand what Liu Bin really wanted. He couldn’t put his cousin in danger. Although...

Even if he actually did it, that very distant cousin would not listen to him.

“Hey, I am here.”

Jiang Bai answered to them. Without hesitation, he took half a brick and walked downstairs.

The past Jiang Bai was weak, but there was a new soul in that body.

That soul was no hero, but when it comes to fighting, he never had a second thought.

To be or not to be, that never was his question.

There was nothing to fear when he was facing a punk-like Liu Bin.

“Hey, Brother Bin. I have come up with a perfect plan. Come here and let me walk it through for you...”

When Jiang Bai went downstairs, the other three came to him. So Jiang Bai smiled and said it with respect.

"That's great, man. Ha-ha, if your plan works out, you will be under my protection. In this area, I assure you that no one would dare to mess with you..."

When Liu Bin saw the respectful face of Jiang Bai, he thought Jiang Bai was afraid. So he let his guard down and laughed when going near Jiang Bai. Liu Bin was patting on Jiang Bai’s shoulder, saying that with a satisfied facial expression.

"Great, my ass!"

With the sound of "Pa"! Jiang Bai hit Liu Bin on his head with that half a brick.

Immediately there was blood spurting out from Liu Bin’s forehead, which made him began to scream. Nonetheless, Jiang Bai continued his attack.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Jiang Bai hit him seven times while Liu Bin was screaming. He didn't stop until Liu Bin fell down on the ground and couldn't move anymore. Then he wiped the blood on his arms and said to another two punks who was completely shocked: "What are you waiting for? Take him and get out! I will be waiting for your revenge in the Big World. You son of a bitch!"


These two punks were 22 or 23 years old. All four of them were actually alike. Every day they were noisy and aggressive, but deep down, they were weak, and they would bully the weaker. At first, Liu Bin's gang took Jiang Bai as someone who was afraid of trouble. To their surprise, this man was such a bad ass. He almost killed Liu Bin!

And, was he from the Big World?

Holy shit!

Jiang Bai was from the Big World, which was a famous place in this block. That two punks could not even speak, barely opening their mouths. They dragged Liu Bin and ran away like rabbits, without the pride when they came.

“Hem!” After they went away, Jiang Bai could finally relax.

But honestly, that body wasn't very strong. He couldn't catch his breath after this, and he felt exhausted. If those two were mad and ruthless, he could hardly stay alive.

Even Jiang Bai successfully scared them away, he was still afraid. They were living in a society governed by law. Fighting might make him feel good, but the consequence might make him regret it.

As the situation then, if Liu Bin called the police, Jiang Bai would definitely be in pain.

In most cases, punks like them would not go to the police, but this shit would not cease to exist. There would definitely be revenge.

“I should leave here as soon as possible. This place is no longer safe.”

In a second, Jiang Bai made up his mind.

“Ding! You have won your first battle. One versus three. It is a perfect showing off. Young man, you have just gotten five Prestige Points.”

Just when Jiang Bai was about to leave, the voice of the system came to him.

Jiang Bai couldn’t help teasing the Wicked Hero System, because the comments from it were really strange.

And hold on, why are five Prestige Points?

There were only three people. How could there be five Prestige Points?

But soon, Jiang Bai understood.

He suddenly noticed there were other two people watching him from the balcony on the third floor. They were neighbors. And when they realized that Jiang Bai had seen them, they subconsciously shrank the necks and quickly nodded to show their greetings and came back to their room in a second.

This scene made Jiang Bai amused.

If he remembered correctly, one of the neighbors had bullied Jiang Bai for a long time simply because he was older and stronger. Jiang Bai was happy about the bonus that this neighbor would never dare to bully him again.

“Congratulations, young man! You have finished your first experience of gaining Prestige Point, and won yourself a lottery chance! Life is a long journey. The important thing is to accumulate. The second chance will be gained when you get 1000 Prestige Points.”


Jiang Bai was stunned, and then a huge slot machine emerged in front of him.

This machine surprised him, but soon he realized that only he could see this and not anyone else.

This thought made him relieved.

This machine was not like the common one. There were three boxes from top to bottom, and the central pointer only pointed at one box. Besides, there was a list of nine different colors.

Except for three black boxes, there were three white boxes, one blue box, and two purple boxes, with letters written on them.

The three white ones were “100,000 RMB”, “one affair”, and “10 Prestige Points”.

Apparently, white boxes were the lowest awards. Except for that "100,000 RMB", Jiang Bai didn't want the other two.

The blue box stood for a higher prize, “Advanced Free Combat Mastery".

This was a good skill for Jiang Bai, and he did want it!

Jiang Bai, at that time, was a forceless man. Besides, no matter last life or this one, he actually had no skills except his strong will.

He and Liu Bin were still in conflict. With this, he would be much safer.

Jiang Bai ignored one purple box with a question mark on it and turned to another one.

As his eyes were on that purple box, he couldn't turn anywhere else. He paid no more attention to "Advanced Free Combat Mastery" and "100,000 RMB".

That was because, on this purple box, there were letters that anyone would want, "a chance of getting rich".