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Beloved by the Imperial CEO

Beloved by the Imperial CEO

Author:Yun Ruozhu


Legend has it that Ninth Duke Xian was unparalleled in martial arts, and he possessed a handsome visage resembled Pan An (the most handsome man in ancient China). It is said that Ninth Duke Xian was born to be a talented and erudite star shinning in the world. But we are only talking about legend now! A conflagration consumed his stunningly attractive appearance, deprived him of his legs and even the talented woman who was engaged to him was swapped by someone else secretly. Ye Liuli, the pathetic replacement, was waiting to marry him as his Duchess. She clawed her way to the graduation from Medical University, and was suffering an internship with enjoyment. However, who could know that when she fell from the building only for saving a suicidal patient, she went through time-travelling and replaced her sister to marry the disabled Duke. On the wedding night, others would have a wonderful and unforgettable night with their lovers, but she experienced only frights. Never mind, it was never too late for a man to take revenge even after 10 years. Those perpetrators who set her up or harmed her, she would never let them go, and she pledged to revenge on them on by one!
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Sawyer International Hotel, the only seven-star hotel in west-harbor city, belonged to He Yi Empire.

A group of youngsters were throwing a class reunion party in the luxury room of the Food and Beverage Department of the hotel.

Cheng Nuo, looking at the classmates chatting in twos and threes around, had unspeakable joy in the heart. It was these people who had participated in her beautiful youth.

“Cheng Nuo, come here, have a drink.”

At this time, Cheng Shanshan walked over, holding two glasses of wine and passed the one in her left hand to Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo looked at Cheng Shanshan who wore thick make up on her face. She was not only her cousin, but also her classmate. After her parents died in the accident in the first year of her high school, Cheng Nuo moved to her uncle’s home and lived with her cousin, Cheng Shanshan.

“En, thank you, my cousin.” Said Cheng Nuo, taking the glass from Cheng Nuo’s hand.

After clinking glasses, Cheng Shanshan put the glass in her right hand near her lips but didn’t drink. Instead, she stared at Cheng Nuo fiercely. Not until Cheng Nuo drank up the wine did Cheng Shanshan’s face put on a strange smile.

Cheng Nuo, I would ruin your reputation tonight.

After Cheng Nuo finished the wine, she wanted to chat with Cheng Shanshan. Yet she suddenly felt a dizziness in her head, and a strange feeling arose in her body.

“Well...” Cheng Nuo snorted uncomfortably and looked around. The classmates around suddenly became unclear.

“Cheng Nuo, did you drink too much? Come on. I will take you to the bathroom and you will sober up after washing your face.” Cheng Shanshan pretended to help Cheng Nuo out of the room kindly.

With the support of Cheng Shanshan, Cheng Nuo felt no strength at all and a dizziness began to overcome her. She wanted to say something, but couldn’t utter a word.

Seeing Cheng Nuo faint completely, Cheng Shanshan smiled more deeply and meaningfully.

Cheng Shanshan did not take Cheng Nuo to the bathroom. Instead, she walked towards a small private walkway and passed Cheng Nuo to two strong men who had already waited here for a long time.

“Well, this girl is so pretty with such a pure look, you are lucky.” One man had ogled over Cheng Nuo’s body.

“Stop. Where is the money?” Cheng Shanshan said it like a queen. All she wanted was money.

The other man, with a wretched smile, took a stack of money out of his pocket and passed it to Cheng Shanshan, saying, “Good, it’s done.”

Cheng Shanshan took the money and cast a charming glance at the man, saying, “Done.”

Cheng Shanshan counted the money to make sure it was the right number and then she left with her twisting slim waist.

“Let’s go upstairs and take her room.” The two men held Cheng Nuo and took a elevator to the top floor of Sawyer hotel.

The top floor of Sawyer hotel was an exclusive area for superior guest rooms. There were two presidential suites: a supreme suite and a golden diamond suite.

“Well, which suite is for her?”

The two men wondered that they had got the master control card, but forgot the room number.

“It must be the supreme suite based on our boss’s status. Our boss is supreme. Let us go.” One strong man guessed.

Then, the two men sent Cheng Nuo to the supreme room cautiously without any noise.

Just two minutes later, the men quietly walked out of the suite and clapped their hands at the door to celebrate their success, and then entered the elevator happily.

At the door of the Sawyer hotel, a fancy Buggati Veyron of limited edition braked sharply and then the hotel manager greeted him respectfully.

He Zikai took off his sunglasses, opened the car door and got off the car.

In a pure hand-made suit, he had a evil-looking face craved by God with every line to the point. His tall and slim figure looked stylish in the suit and the whole body exhaled a noble but chill breath, which was so cold that nobody dared to come near.

“Mr. Kai...” The manager greeted him respectfully and handed a room card with both hands to the kingly master in front of him, saying with a smile, “This is the room card for the supreme suite.”

He Zikai took over the room card, without looking at the manager and went straight to the hotel.

When the exclusive elevator reached the top floor of Sawyer Hotel, He Zikai walked out of the elevator. While he was walking to the supreme room, he squinted at the door of the golden diamond suite.

A drunken fat man holding a room card was ready to open the door, shouting tipsily, “Beauty, beauty.”

He Zikai took back his gaze and swiped the card into the supreme suite.