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Marriage Test

Marriage Test


To heal the younger brother’s illness, Chole Luo who was lacking money sold herself as a secret lover to Clare Lennox. After many inextricable and commiserative nights being with him, Chole finally got enough money for her brother’s medical fee and divided her life from his. Two years later, Chole works as a manager in a five-star hotel and was instructed to greet and receive a mystery VIP guest ---- generally like all the romance drama, Clare Lennox was this distinguished VIP guest then they met again. Regardless of Chole’s unwillingness, Clare especially pointed Clare to be his 24-hour housekeeper. He came closed to her and didn’t care about the others’ eyes. Is it only a coincidence to meet him or by his elaborate plan?
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Inside the presidential suite of the luxurious hotel, clothes were scattered all over the floor.

The messy bed was filled with a calmness after lingering passion.

The night was terribly quiet.

There was the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.

Chloe Luo lay quietly on the bed, staring at the bathroom door with her clear, black eyes. Her small hands, which were hidden under the quilt, were tightly pulled, rubbed and creased the sheets.

With the sound of a door opening, the bathroom door opened, and a sturdy man came out with the fragrance of shower gel.

He didn't look at the people on the bed, directly bent down to pick up the clothes on the floor, walked to the mirror, and slowly put on the clothes one by one.

"Sir..." Chloe Luo whispered, looking at the man's broad and sturdy back.

"Yea." The man didn't look back, only gave a short word as a response.

"I... Next time... I won't do it again. The surgery fee for my brother is enough." Her voice was almost low as pin dropped to the ground, her long eyelashes drooped, and her eyes were full of timidity.

Hearing her words, the man's hand that was tying the tie paused slightly and his thin lips curled downwards.

"Okay!" he said, with a clear-cut and emotionless voice.

The slender hand grabbed the suit jacket aside and neatly put it on. "Take the medicine."

His words reminded Chloe Luo, who was lying on the bed. Subconsciously, she turned to look at the nightstand beside her, where there was clearly the after-morning pills he had prepared for her.

She had gotten used to this arrangement.

Every time after the night, she would take the medicine obediently. She never needed him to remind her, so he rarely mentioned it deliberately.

But today, after she said goodbye to him, he took the initiative to talk about it, which surprised her.

But on second thought, she felt relieved.

Perhaps, he thought that they would not meet again in the future and worried that she would secretly became pregnant with his child, and she would come to see him again in the future.

After all, everyone hopes to have some relationship with a big shot like him.

Looking up, she wanted to tell him that she would take the medicine obediently. There was no need for him to worry, but she found that he had left the bedroom and disappeared from her sight.

Two years later.

In the conference room of Prestige Hotel in X City.

"Chloe, have you checked the presidential suite? Is everything perfect? The guest will arrive at 3 o'clock this afternoon." The general manager, Egbert Wright, knocking the pen in his hand and asked solemnly.

Chloe Luo nodded. "I'm sure. There's no problem, but..."

"But what?" Egbert Wright saw her hesitation and asked.

"The guest's identity... We don't know about the guest's information. How can we send someone to pick him up?" Chloe Luo asked.

Egbert Wright waved his hand and said, "There's no need to pick him up. Because this time the guest's schedule is confidential, so the information our hotel gets from them is limited. However, what I can tell everyone, is that the people who come here this time is a big shot that we can't afford to offend, so all of you, please try your best to serve him. Do you hear me?"

"Got it." Everyone answered in unison.

"After the meeting, the housekeeping department and the catering department please check again the menu of the presidential suite in the evening. We must make sure that the reception work is perfect." Egbert Wright threw the pen in his hand after giving the order. When the meeting was about to over, someone rushed in from outside the conference room.

"Mr Wright, the honored guest has arrived in advance, and is ready to get off at the door." Andrew of the concierge department reported breathlessly.