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CEO's Assistant

CEO's Assistant

Author:Bella D'Luca


Bella Sanders is 23 years old who just graduated from University and is looking for a job. One day She came across a job opportunity at King Consolidated. The CEO is in need for an Assistant. She was ecstatic. It was the No.1 company. So without thinking twice she applied. But she didn't know what she was signing for back then Xavier King. The most eligible bachelor who is the owner of King Consolidated. The man had everything. Money, Power, girls throwing at him. He is workaholic and does everything for the success of his company. He had it all. Or so he thought until he set his eyes at the beauty in front of. The moment he saw her, he knew she was his. And he always gets what he wants. He's in for a ride. ________________________________________________________ "The moment I saw you, you became mine babygirl. No one, not even you can separate you from me." he whispered into my ears as I shivered from his voice. It wasn't a statement. Its a promise. And there is no running away from it.
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  Bella's POV.

  I pulled my leather jacket tighter as the New York city's cold air hit me. I was walking down the city with my cup of tea in my hand.

  It was chilly at this point of time in New York. I was a fresh graduate from Columbia University. Currently, I was looking for a job. I have been looking for sometime but came up with nothing.

  As I reached my apartment, I took out my keys as I open my door and went inside. I placed my keys at the table and plopped down at my couch. I was exhausted. I went to town to look for a job offer but none looked decent.

  I got to give myself some slack. I mean I did just graduate so its going to take some time. I decided to take some nap as I lie down in my couch.

  After an hour or so, I woke up and decided to take a shower. I let the hot water run down my skin as I sighed the hot water hit my skin. After taking a shower I came down to make a sandwich.

  After that, I thought I should do some of my house chores. So I cleaned the house and arranged everything. Soon I was done. I decided I should go and start searching for jobs again.

  I open my laptop as I scroll threw websites. So far nothing intrigued me. Some of them were low paying job and others weren't really my type of job.

  As I was about to close the website, something caught my eyes.

  King Consolidated is looking for an assistant for the CEO.

  High pay.

  The CEO is need of an assistant ASAP.

  Interested applicant apply through the online application and you would soon be called for an interview.

  When I see this I started to get excited. The King Consolidated is the No.1 company. I hurriedly applied for the job. They said they'll call back soon after reviewing the application.

  I off my laptop as I started to get excited. I really wish I get this job. This is literally a dream job for many.

  I got bored soon so decided to watch OUAT in Netflix. I kept thinking of the job. I really do wish to get this job. With a sigh I focused on the tv.

  After watching several episodes, I read a book to pass some time. After reading for about a good 45 minutes, I went to bed, hoping I'll get the job.

  The next morning I woke up to see if I received any emails but to my disappointment I didn't receive any. I sighed as I did my normal routine.

  I put on workout clothes and running shoes. I went to the nearby park as I jogged around the neighbourhood.

  It was refreshing in the morning to go for jogs like this. It keeps my mind fresh and my body energetic. After about half and hour, I went back to my apartment. I got a bottle of water and start to gulp when I heard my laptop go off.

  I went to my laptop to see what was it. When I saw I received an email, I opened it, only to be surprised that it was from King Consolidated.

  I got excited and started to read it. It had stated that I was to attend an interview and to come tomorrow at 11am.

  I got so excited as I jump up and down. They called me for an interview. I started to get ready for tomorrow. I researched more about the company. It was very useful indeed.

  After that I went to take a quick shower and put on a sweat and hoodie. It still get chilly. Even in the day.

  Then I my got portfolio ready and made sure everything was right. I also got my interview clothes ready. Soon everything was ready.

  I got myself some lunch and continue watching OUAT. I heard my phone go off. I went to see who is it and it turns out to be Andrew.

  Andrew is my friend since childhood. We used to be in Kansas and after sometime we moved away. Yet we still kept in touch.

  He is currently owns a photography studio in Chicago as he is a photographer. I got to say he is one good photographer.

  Even though he lives in Chicago and I live in New York, we still do keep in touch. He is my best friend. A brother from another mother.

  A- Andrew, B- Bella

  A- Hey you!

  B- Hey back to you.

  B- I got something to tell you.

  A- What is it?

  B-I got a job interview. And guess where it is?

  A- Where is it?


  A- Wow! That's awesome. Congrats. When is the interview? And what is the interview about?

  B- Well its tomorrow and its for the CEO's assistant

  A- Oh wow. I got to warn you. The CEO of the company is strict and stern one. You should be careful. He can destroy you with one look.

  B- Don't worry. If I do my work right nothing will happen. Anyways its not like I have gotten the job. Its a maybe. There might me smarter people than me who applied for the job.

  A- Come on. We both know you are the smartest person.

  B- Seriously? Hahaha

  A- Hahaha. Anyways, I gotta go. Bye.

  B- Bye.

  I closed my phone and went back to watching OUAT. Soon night came and I decided to go to bed straight.

  I set my alarm and went to sleep. I cant wait for tomorrow. It has been such a long time since I was this excited. However what Andrew told me came into my mind.

  I wish I don't screw up tomorrow or do anything that would make the CEO angry. Or that's it for me. I sighed as I went to sleep. I really hope everything goes well tomorrow.