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Indulge in His Domineering Kisses

Indulge in His Domineering Kisses


Shayla Bledel got a marriage contract from Sebastian Norman, a billionaire, and was forced to marry him. It was all because of they had a one-night stand. At her engagement night, she wrongly slept with Sebastian. Meantime, she found out her fiance screwed with her bestie! Worse, after word got out about her scandal, she was forced by her family to marry an old man she had never seen before, for money. Just as she was helpless, Sebastian showed up and proposed a contract marriage. She needed to escape her horrible family, and he needed a wife. She thought everything about this marriage was fake, but instead she got his endless tenderness, care and protection. Gradually, she indulged herself in his charms. This sham marriage seemed to be heading for real. However, that day, she asked for a divorce, because of the secret about him...
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It never occurred to Shayla Bledel that she would be so drunk.

No wonder this was the best Imperial Hotel in Asia. Even the labels on the wine bottles were full of incomprehensible foreign characters. After drinking two sips, she began to feel tipsy.

She pressed to apply pressure onto her grumbling stomach and stumbled to the bathroom. That is why she did not hear the sound of the door opening.

"President Norman, this is your room. Tomorrow's schedule has already been sent to your assistant. Tonight, you..."

The flattery was not over yet but the door had already slammed shut.

The handsome man who just stepped in looked indifferent. His dark brown eyes were clearly showing signs of annoyance with the flattering. 

As soon as he entered the room, he threw his tailored blazer on the sofa.

He then unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt while walking towards the bathroom......

Shayla rested her head on the toilet bowl cover for a minute. She felt sick to her stomach but was unable to throw up. 

The little consciousness that was left in her was telling her to figure out a way to sober up as soon as possible and to not let Hayden Graham see her drunk.

This room was very expensive. He must have been planning on surprising her with a perfect engagement night.

Shayla was feeling dizzy but managed to get up to push the door open.

Before her hand could reach the doorknob, the door suddenly opened and she toppled forward.

Sebastian Norman frowned as a soft body fell into his arms. He immediately retracted his arms and shouted coldly, "Get out!"

"Ouch!" Shayla let out a cry of pain and rolled from his body to the floor.

He felt Shayla's warm breath on his body as she slowly slipped to the floor. He had a fire in his gut.

He was about to kick the woman out had he not heard her fall to the ground with a thump. 

Shayla was still drunk but her reaction was quick. After she fell to the ground she immediately clung onto those long and slender legs.

She subconsciously rested her face against those legs. She slowly inched up a little and muttering unclearly, "Since when was there a pillar outside the bathroom..."

Sebastian's expression turned sour. Right before her hand got too close to his private parts, he lifted her up and dumped her on the carpet. "I don't care who sent you, just get the hell out!"

He went into the bathroom after finishing the sentence. 

Shayla shuddered at the cold voice and thought in a state of drunkenness, "Is Hayden mad?"

Sebastian took a shower and walked out of the bathroom in a towel but came to an abrupt stop. 

"Who sent this woman to my room?" Sebastian spoke coldly into the phone as he stared at the woman sleeping on the bed.

The intensity of the conversation made the person on the receiving end tremble. "Is Master Norman trying to indicate that he has not been well taken care of?"

"Master Norman, what's your ideal type? I'm sorry but we are not prepared. Please give us two, no, no, at most an hour..."

Not them?

"Get out." He said disgustedly before hanging up the phone.

Everyone understood the consequences of sending a woman to him, not to mention a drunkard. 

So who was she?

Sebastian picked Shayla up impatiently with the intention to throw her out.

Shayla's head then leaned directly on his shoulder. The feeling of not being able to touch the ground made her feel uncomfortable, so she kicked her legs a few times.

He felt a cold breeze across his lower body.

The towel had dropped!

Sebastian looked down with a sullen face and saw another pair of long and fair legs entangled with his, forming a sharp visual contrast.

The worst part was that after she'd accidentally kicked off his towel, she'd hooked her legs onto his naked body.