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Star Craft

Star Craft



Rhys is a terran commander working at backwater station. He has to defeat numerous zerg colonys. He helps the protoss with there mision to rid the galaxy of the zerg. The protoss are an alien race with a mission to rid the galaxy of the zerg. The terran are a human race that are searching the galaxy for mining deposits. The zerg are a race who are destroying all terran and protoss beings.
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  The terran are a race that are searching the galaxy for huge mining deposits. There are many terran factions and most dont get along that well the terrans had a civil war between there factions. After the war ended another war started this war was called the brood war. The war was fought by the terrans and the protoss against the despicable zerg swarm. The terran wait for the waves of zerg in many mining deposits and one station is protecting the terrans. The station is called backwater station and one very special commander is in charge of keeping the mining deposits safe from the zerg. Will Rhys and his faction of terran be able to survive the oncoming waves of zerg.

  "Here they come!" Rhys yelled.

  "What we arent ready to fight" Rhys's marines stammered.

  "God help us" Rhys swore.

  "The zerg are not your friends they are vicious killing machines" Rhys snickered.