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Marrying A Hideous Billionaire

Marrying A Hideous Billionaire

Author:Princess Athena


She's just a commoner for everyone but nobody knows what kind of her life goes. Are they gonna find out the truth? But there he goes being a detective trying to find out the truth behinda those foxy mask. She can be foxy, deceiver, pretentious but she can't wait run away from her own wealth.
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  Alexa's P.O.V

  "You can't just say no to my will Alexa your gonna run down our company sooner or later and you'll marry him either you like it or not!" my father said with authority on his voice looking at me straight into my eyes but i look at him with boredom since I'm standing infront of his desk for almost 2hrs he's discussing about our company term.

  "Oh father, if i could follow what you want for me then I'll forget whomever i am from past to the future. Well it's your choice to trust some guy whose a kid of your old pal, you'll never know what is inside of their mind." I answered with a deceiveful tone and gave him a smirk, father you never know what kind of child i am & you'll never know how i can make your life miserable if you choose to ruin my life.

  "That kind of smirks never scared me, I'm your father and i know what kind of child you are. Don't play psych on me Alexa, you better not do something stupid or else you'll be grounded for years & you will never go out without my body guards around looking at you, stopping you doing what you want." father gave me a chill run through my spine and i can't help but to get shock "That'swhat i thought" he continued and dismissed me since someone rang on his phone.

  Ugh! I can't believe it, he still can puppeteer me leaving me chilled and lost on my own thought dang it father you'll regret this day i promise you that. My hands washed my face with frustration, thinking what should i do to stop this stupid plans of him for my life.

  "Frustrated much kiddo?" my big brother asked me with teaseful tone

  "Yeah Andy, you shouldn't run away from the responsibility it made my life miserable. Why I'm the one who suffered from your father's miserable life decision? Where are you when we needed you here?" i said with anger and look at him with death glare and he showed a shocked reaction but he instantly collected himself from a shocking words i said and did a professional composure.

  "Don't talk to me like that, you are just 13 years old & didn't know everything. My


father throw me away when i was 15 i don't have a choice but to be on his shadow and at the age of 22 i came back here but father told me that you'll be my replacement that's when you're just 7 years old." Andy gave me painful stare at me.

  "Save the sobs story I'm not interested, ENJOY your life with mom being free doing what you want without thinking how my life sucks." smirked at him and gave him my palm as a sign that he is going to talk to my hand.

  I'm about to walks away when we both heard an applause and Andy's eyes widen based on his reaction i know father watching as from upstairs, i smirked and look at father.

  "Dear father did i make you proud or you're giving an applause because your beloved son came back home with a guts of telling a sobs story? No wonder why my big bro is emotionally weak, you never raised him how you raised me. Andy the weakest child of Jones, you'll never been part of us and whatever your trying to do it never psych me." i gave Andy and father a playful smile and i walk straight to my study room with confident..