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My Boss’s Son

My Boss’s Son

Author:Jevon J. King


A young girl working at her new job as a personal assistant is asked by her boss to fill in for an event planner who became sick at her home, she agrees and this is where she meets her boss’s young son, at first they get off on the wrong foot but quickly become enamored with each other and strike up a romance. This novel has it all, from action and comedy to sex and drama, this novel has it all.
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  Phone rings in the outer office, a pretty dark haired girl with an angelic voice answers, MS’s. Adler.

  Elizabeth Adler “Emily, can you come in here for a minute please”. “Yes, right away ma’am” Emily replied.

  She got up and opening the mahogany double doors stepped in her boss’s office, it was a magnificent space, the office was located on the 25th floor of Adler Industries in the middle of New York, with a 180 degree view from its floor to ceiling glass walls, a fire place and a bar to the corner and a glass desk center with two chairs in front and Ms. Adler looking as powerful as ever behind it, her focus on her laptop screen, Emily never knew how her boss got any work done with the most amazing view of central park.

  Without glancing up at her, Elizabeth motioned for Emily to take a seat on one of the chairs.

  “My sons are returning from their camping trip they take annually to mark Lucas’s birthday, their dad would take them every year when he was alive, it’s been 3 years and they still take the trip up to our cabin” Elizabeth got up from behind desk as she closed the screen on her laptop and took a seat right next to Emily.

  “You have only been here 3 weeks and in that time you have been very invaluable to me, someone I can depend on which is why this Saturday I would like you to come work for me at my residence, I’m throwing a party for Lucas and my planner has come down with a terrible cold, everything has already been planned out, I just need you there to oversee the setup”.

  Emily paused for a moment, she was planning on spending the weekend at the spa, she had a coupon for 25% off and she planned on getting the works, hair, nails facial and a massage.

  Seeing her facial expression, Elizabeth spoke up, “if you say yes, I will pay you triple your hourly wages”. Well that did it, Emily knew the spa would have to wait, no way was she about to pass up, she did a quick math in her head $18.75 times 3 per hour for God knows how many hours would be equal to….alot of money!

  “I would love to” Emily replied, “Besides it’s not like I had anything planned for Saturday” she wondered if the coupon would be valid for the following weekend.

  “Excellent!” I will send my driver to come get you Saturday morning at around 7am”. Elizabeth stood up and went back around to her side of the desk and opened her laptop screen in a dismissive sort of fashion, Emily was used to the way Ms. Adler did things, she was offended, she quickly got up and taking a glance out the window at the amazing view she wondered what it was she had gotten herself into for the weekend.

  Emily locked her up desk and shut down her computer, it was 5pm and it was Friday, she mentally checked the things on her to do list as she headed to the elevator and hit the button for the ground floor, she just needed to get her hair and nails done and to get a good night’s sleep, Henry, Ms. Adler’s driver would be at her apartment at 7am, tall and thin with a clean shaved face, a few wrinkles and a warm smile, he was always a fun guy whenever he took her places for the office, he seemed to be in his sixties, he still had his full head of hair which was still black for the most part with strands of silver here and there, Emily wasn’t sure if he dyed it, she never asked.

  The elevator came to a stop on the ground floor and dinged as the doors opened.

  “Surprise!!!” Emily stepped back clutching her purse to her chest at the sudden outburst, her best friend since childhood was standing at the elevator doors with a big grin on his face. “Nick” Emily exclaimed, “Oh My God, are you trying to give me a heart attack”. The blood slowly returning to her face from the shock of having surprised being yelled in her face, Nick stuck his foot in between the elevator doors as they began to close, “I’m sorry Em, are you going to get out and give me a hug or are you going to stay in the elevator until Monday?”

  Stepping forward she embraced her best friend, Nick is a mixed guy, his mom is black and his dad white, he had perfect curly hair, dark brown eyes and a perfect complexion that made it seem like he was tanned year round, he had grown a beard since she last saw him and he seemed to have been working out.

  “What are you doing here in New York?” Emily asked as she stepped back from him, then before he could answer touched his face and said “nice beard, and have you been working out, you look good”.

  She placed her hand to his back and led him to the front desk in the lobby where she took her security clearance badge off and handed it to the clerk and gave him a smile as they headed out the front door onto the street.

  Nick grinned “As a matter of fact I have been, thank you for noticing, the beard is just something I’m trying, chicks dig it down in Toronto, anyways I have a couple weeks off from work so I figured I would fly over here and surprise you”.

  “Well it’s a lovely surprise” Emily said with a huge smile on her face, “Come on my car is parked over there” she said pointing to the end of the block, “where are you staying anyways?”

  “One of my buddies at the firm” Nick replied, “his family has an apartment building they rent out and he has a room that is reserved for him whenever he is in town, he loaned me his key in return for me taking half his work load when I get back”

  “Great, need a lift?” Emily offered?

  “I do” replied with a grin, “but not back to my apartment or yours, I called up Ryan and Meg and they are already at Moe’s bar waiting on us, that’s supposed to be another surprise for you so when you get there act shocked”.

  They reached the end of the block and Nick walked up to a brand new red Porsche, tapping on the hood he exclaimed “damn Em! How much are they paying you at this job, this car looks like it costs a small fortune, you have to let me drive!”

  “Sure you can drive” Emily said laughing as she tossed him the keys, “here, unlock it why don’t you”.

  Nick caught it and pressed the unlock button on the alarm, and it the alarm on the car next to the Porsche unlocked, it was an old Honda civic, Nick’s face dropped as she opened the passenger side and slide in comfortably, he stepped into the driver’s side and started it up.

  “That car belongs to my boss’s son, she drives to work sometimes even though she has a driver and speaking of boss, I can’t be out too late with you guys I have to work tomorrow at her residence, it’s her son’s birthday and she is paying me a lot to oversee the setup, the planner got sick so I’m filling in”.

  “Don’t worry about it” Nick said as he pulled out of the parking spot, “We will grab a few beers and you will be home before you know it”.

  Emily wasn’t home before she knew it, Nick and their two college friends Dawn and Richard were already on their beer by the time they got there and before she knew anything she was seeing blurry and hugging everyone and telling them how much she missed them and how much she loved having them as her friends, they had started off with draft beers and the moved to shots which they chased with hot wings, fries, beef kebabs and fish fingers.

  “Hey you guys still remember the lyrics to that song you two used to try and duet at every karaoke bar back when we were in college” Dawn asked while she took a bite of her hot wing.

  “Ohh my God how could I ever forget that” Emily laughed, we killed it every time.

  “I killed it, you definitely murdered it, I’m surprised Swayze’s ghosted hasn’t come to haunt you as yet” replied Nick, he tossed a French fry at her.

  “I bet you the next round that I outperform you, they have the setup for it, wana give it a go? Emily’s eyes narrowed as she issued the challenge.

  “Deal!” said Nick as he sprang up from the table and pulling Emily to her feet dragged her over to the corner stage and made the request, maybe it was the drinks or maybe Emily was taking singing lessons but she didn’t sound as bad as he remembered her, in fact she sounded amazing, he had absolutely no problem springing for the next round all on his own, her voice sounded incredible and with her up on that stage they had the time of their lives.