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Blood love

Blood love

Author:Anne Roy


did not have a great past and when I decide to escape it by moving to scareville I realise how stupid the decision was and instead fall in love with my soulmate --- When Rose enters a mysterious town filled with secrets she immediately decides to run away because she already had enough.But what happens when she realises that she is already to deep in love with a vampire and there is no turning back?When Rose enters scareville she expects to leave her past behind but instead it turns out she needs to face them now.Secrets uncovered,lies,love&blood ----- He started banging on my door as I slowly sat on the ground.I had faced many things but these weren't one of those things."Out! Of there now!! You can't hide there forever " Damien shouted outside of the door,while I was trying my best not to cry but wasn't able to stop myself as I burst into tears and spoke"Please,leave me.How can you do that?"I said my vision turning blurry it was all to much to take for me "I can do anything I want to do to you and no one will help you I rule this place"He shouted in anger,angry that he can't get hold of me.
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