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Walking disaster.

Walking disaster.



This is a novel is about a abusive dad and his son. It's a normal day at Hatsumi highschool, Till Lucian-Yoon the new student. Coming to change Keir-Cho's life, but there's still his dad making more and more bad memories any chance he get.
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  He whined. Tears fall done his face. As he sat under the slide.

  His mom just pass away from suicide. He ran away from the funeral.

  "Keir?!. Come here what are you doing?".

  Keir's Dad abused his mom. When Keir was only 8 when she killed herself.

  "Keir can you hear me?!".

  Sadly Keir had to stay with his abusive dad. His mom's side of the family didnt want to take him in, They was ashamed of her.

  He looked up all teary eyed.


  He whipped his tears only to catch a glance of his father. His father smacked him without hesitation.

  "Do I look like your mom? Dont speak of the useless

  piece of trash, She left us".

  He was speechless from the slap, But also furious that his dad dear say that about his mother.


  The Present day....

  "KEIR?!" The classmate taps him.

  Keir goes to Hatsumi highschool. His classmate is currently trying to waken him.

  "Keir wake up!!". He continues to tap slightly more aggressive.

  At this point Keir pissed. He has a start temper, He mostly skips class and when he does come he sleeps his way through.

  "Eh.. Can't you see I'm sleeping?!" Keir pushes his hand away.

  Almost everyone in his class is afraid of him. He doesn't start fights, but he fisnsh them pretty dirty.

  Though he stopped getting in fights. He gets suspended for days. When he's at home his dad takes advantage and-

  "you asshole!". The classmate rises with anger.

  "WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN?!!". Keir already pissed he woke him.

  The teacher tells them to stop. The classmate going back to his seat. The teacher opens the door.

  "Come in and greet the class" As the teacher said opening the do for the new student.

  Keir leans back in his chair. looking confused.

  "Hello I'm Lucian-Yoon, Me and my family just moved here from Canada". He waved and waited till the teacher sitted him.

  "Sit by Keir-Cho, Keir rise your hand". The teacher sitted him beside Keir hoping they be friends.

  "Nooo!, theres an open chair over there!". Keir shouted out. He liked sitting alone, no one would sit with him anyways.

  "Quite down I'm not changing my mind". The teacher started getting the class ready for the day.

  Lucian sat his stuff down and sat down beside Keir. Keir was glaring at him. Lucian took out his notebook unbothered and took notes.

  "Dont start talking to me". Keir said while laying his head back. Lucian glances at him.

  After a few minutes its break time. Eveyone went to the snack bar except Lucian and Keir.

  "Uh.. do you want anything from the snack bar?". Lucian says while tapping Keir's shoulder.

  "No. I said dont talk to me". Keir flicks Lucian hand away. "Dont touch me either".

  A classmate comes back in. "Hey dont even try his super stubborn, Im Zenaku-Kim." He told Lucain.

  "Oh uh I'm Lucain" Lucian stood up greeting Zenaku.

  "Come on let's get snacks" Zenaku grabs Lucain's arm. Lucian didnt wanna leave Keir.

  "What about Keir?". Lucian pointed to Keir

  "Dont worry about him, Its best to not get close to him. He's trouble, no one likes him". Zenaku says while walking out of the class.

  "Oh uh.. Okay..". Lucain follows Zenaku to the snack bar.