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The secret of princess moon

The secret of princess moon



It's a story of Princess moon who reborn as a ordinary girl named moon but she don't know about her real identity and supernatural powers . In the Earth planet she was a normal ordinary girl who is most beautiful and innocent and wants to become a fashion designer. But in to the moon she is a princess of moon named princess moon who is unique born with special powers. What happens when moon fell in love with ordinary human but she can't be with him because of her special supernatural powers. Will she chosse moon kingdom or her lover? Will she sacrifices her first love or kingdom and supernatural powers? Starring Siddharthnigam, avneetKaur
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  Chapter 1

  "The secret of princess moon'

  A girl who born in mumbai and grew up in agra her childhood is so painful. When she was 5 years old her mom passed away, and after 5 years ago when she was 10 years old her father passed away in a car crash......

  11 years ago .....

  Moon :

telling her friend about refuses birthday party

  Sorry guys I can't come my little sis is coming at that time and my aunt just land to Chandigarh for her 15 days treatment practice , really very sorry guys I can't be able to come to the birthday party sorry ..


moon's best friend

: o oh your little sis