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Dangerous love❤

Dangerous love❤



You are an obsessed fan of a rock band called gun's n roses.. But suddenly a meeting and move will change all your life... From good??? Or bad???? Who knows??? Will you find a lover?? Ok read and find out
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  I was so lucky... I have Axl rose as my neighbor

  I don't believe it.....at first I was so shocked but now I'm happy that my favorite singer is my neighbor....

  this morning he came and knocked on my door

  and he told me if I want to come to his house..and that the rest of the group will be too

  the hours passed and I started to get ready..I didn't wear anything special, a short skirt and a simple everyday t-shirt... I looked in the mirror for a moment and I just ran outside like as if there was no tomorrow...

  Before I could even ring the doorbell, the door opened and I saw axl...he just stepped aside and I went inside....but he was a little harsh with me..but wherever he goes I will make him like me... that's what I promised to myself....

  I sat on the couch with the others..I felt weird because they were just looking at me from top to bottom...

  then duff came with a bottle of beer and sat on the couch ... next to me ... then axl do the same... now I was in the middle with two of my idols..I didn't know what to say I was just looking at the gap ... Suddenly duff put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it and looking me in the eyes..I felt like I was blushing like a tomato....

  o Steven saw that I didn't feel comfortable and told us to play Truth Or dare...

  But axl began to complain like a small child...

  Axl: i don't want to play that shit!!!!

  Axl said with his deep voice

  Slash: come on axl don't be such a baby.. Just play the fucking game..!!! It will be fun!!!!!

  Axl: I said I don't want to!! Pay fucking attention when I'm talking!!!

  Duff: please Axl do me a favor..after you owe me anyway....

  Axl looked at us for a few seconds and said

  Axl: ok fine fine!!! I will play!!!

  we all sat at the table...

  slash said that the game would be boring..and that we are no longer babies..whenever he said let's play 18+ .. so I agreed because everyone had agreed and I couldn't do otherwise...

  izzy started asking..he chose Duff

  Izzy: mmm Duff truth or dare???

  Duff looked at me with a smile

  And said

  Duff: of course Dare you dummy!!!

  Izzy said with a smirk

  Izzy: kiss Steven!!!

  Slash started to scream

  Slash: kiss kisssss KISS!!!!!

  Duff gave Steven a kiss

  we started laughing ... and after a few minutes we stopped....

  Then duff ask slash truth or dare

  Slash: emm truth!!!

  Duff: you are boring dude... But ok... Mmm It's true that you like the girl from here????

  Y/N: I'm sorry but I have a name!!! And my name Is Y/N


y/N means your name for those who don't know

  Slash: she's very sexy, I can't hide it from you, maybe I will do it with her...

  Y/N: emm shut up asshole!!!! Continue the game now!!!

  Slash just looked at Axl and me like he was going to take revenge...

  Slash: truth or dare Axl???

  Axl: dare....

  Slash: do a striptease in y / N

  Axl looked at me with a smirk

  I was like wtf??? Before he was harmless and now his so warm...

  Axl whispered in my ear

  Axl: you know I am able to turn you on....

  I know that he is able to turn me on... Ive watched him on the TV everyday.. And his so damn good!!!

  Fuck this is not gonna happen...

  Before Axl do it I said

  Y/N: wait!!!

  Axl: what baby???

  Y/N: shut up!!! I'm not your baby!!!

  Axl: then what??? I know your into me...

  Y/N: don't do the striptease please my eyes my poor eyes!!!

  Axl don't pay attention to me.... I looked Duff.. Omg he was furious!!!

  Duff started to scream

  Duff: AXL ROSE STOP!!!!

  Axl: what now???

  Duff: she doesn't want to see the striptease!!!

  Axl: omg you telling me that now!!! That's the fucking rules in that stupid game!!! From the beginning I tell you all that I didn't want to play that shit!!! Now what???? I'm doing this

  Y/N: ok Axl do it!!!

  Duff looked shocked and sad

  Duff: no I don't let that happen!!!

  Axl: try me!!!!

  Y/N:guys stop!!! Axl do the striptease... Duff just get out!!!!

  Duff: you really mean that???

  Y/N: Yes!!!!

  Duff looked so sad

  I felt kinda bad... I was so mean!!!

  He slam the door

  And then axl just put music and started

  He was too close to me and his started moving slow... Omg.. I couldn't breathe....

  I looked every detail of his body.. Omgggg his so hot!!

  Then he took off his shirt and I saw his abs...

  I looked away for a while.. And the boys wasn't here with us... I was alone with axl...

  Axl noticed that.. And suddenly gave me kiss...

  I felt butterflies in my stomach..

  Axl pulled me against his body

  I stopped him..

  Axl: why????

  Y/N: i-i think that's a bad idea....

  Axl tried to kiss me but I slapped him on the face...

  I closed my eyes... I was so afraid...

  But Axl didn't do anything just stared at me...

  Y/N: im sorry...

  I burst into tears.. Axl hugged me and kissed me in the forehead.. Then I tell him goodnight...!!!

  I was so confused..... I was so mean to Duff.. And I rejected axl because I wasn't ready to do it with him... Fuck if axl wasn't my neighbour... It wouldn't happen all that