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Indestructible madness

Indestructible madness

Author:Nicias Blackwater


James Graveborn was standing in front of Hotel Nevona. As he approached the front door three guards stopped him asking if he was on the guest list. He frowned and replied I don't need to be on any list in the world. I go where ever I please.
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  James Graveborn was a man with many talents and even more money at his disposal. As a man worth trillions he was used to people giving him what he wanted or he would take it for himself by force.

  james was standing in front of Hotel Nevona. It was noon as he approached the front door three guards stopped him asking if he was on the guest list. He frowned and replied I don't need to be on any list in the world. The guards laughed and told him he needed to leave immediately or they would remove him from the premises. James was already in a fowl mood cause his assistant call to tell him that the Hotel Nevona owner backed out of selling it to him. James grabbed two of the guards by the throat and slammed them into the gate knocking them out instantly the third guard took a swing at him. He had been trained by the top combat instructors around the world. So he easily dodged the punch and kicked him away. Once the guard realized he was out matched he grabbed his walkie-talkie and called for backup. James simply punched the man and knocked him out. He felt slightly better now that he got his aggression out a bit.

  James dusted himself off and walked in the Hotel. It was grand indeed the pillars that lined the main lobby gave off a royal feeling. The crystal chandler emit a light blue sparkling light across the whole hall. James who was in a handcrafted suit immediately attracted the young lady at the desks attention. She hurried over to greet him, asking if she could help. James replied indifferently he wished to speak to the owner. The young lady said that her name was Rinn and could help him with any problems that he may have encountered. James looked her up and down taking a deep look at her body. She was beautiful and he could tell that she was a capable individual. But now was not the time for this kind of thought. James simply stated he had business with the owner. She looked kinda uneasy but went to the desk and made a phone call to the manager who called the owner. After a few minutes Rinn returned had told him that the owner would be down in a few moments he could wait in the private lounge to follow her.

  James agreed. She then walk toward a hallway that led to a few high end dining areas and a VIP lounge. Once they entered she turned to James and asked if she could get him a drink or something to eat. James told her that he was fine that he wouldn't be there for too long. She gave him a nod of acceptance and left closing the door behind her. James sat impatiently waiting for what seemed to be forever. Finally a potbelly man strolled in with a frown. The man said my name is Walter Lee im the owner im very busy. What is the matter that you needed me personally. James simply stated that he was there to see why did you cancel our deal. I offered you 200 million more than the value of your Hotel Nevona is worth. So Mr. Lee what is you explanation. At that moment he realized that the man in front of him was non other than the man worth trillions and had a reputation for disaster if someone made him angry. James Graveborn was infamous for being ruthless when he was denied what he wanted. Walter Lee was taken back because the whole deal was done by third-party so he never really knew who it was till he investigated the deal in private. By then Walter had another person offering 10 percent more so he began proceeding with this person. James was getting inpatient and simply said if its about the amount im willing to go as much a one billion no more. Thats double the value of Hotel Nevona. What do you say. Mr. Lee. Walter Lee was even more stunned and just nodded. James was satisfied he started to the door opened it and stopped all of a sudden. Without even turning he ask who tried to out bid me. Walter came to his senses and replied a Mis. Doe. James smirked and whisper a name to himself Erica Doe. As of late every time he would show interest in a business or project she would try to interfere. James simply said my assistant will be in touch within the hour. I will be instructing him meet with you to finish the paperwork directly not threw the broker. With that he left a very excited Walter Lee.

  As James was exiting the lobby the young lady Rinn asked in a polite manner if everything was resolved. He told her in a few days the she would be under his employment and when he came to this Hotel he would deal directly with her only. She was very beautiful and polite. With that being said he left.