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The KINGdom

The KINGdom



Xiao bai a tenacious crown prince was given a task to investigate the spreading plaque come along with his two men named Liu Zhang and Hong Jong.The plaque was caused by a horrid human eating flesh beast.The disease was expand quickly through out the capital.As they commenced their task,the crown prince had met a physician called Chun Hua.As they continued investigating, they found a mysterious plant that only blooms during winter and said to be the cure of all the havoc.
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  In the Neandu

name of the nation

, there was a kingdom owned by the prestigious, thoughtful, brave king named Xiao Gu.The kingdom was built by his great grand father, and finally have it in his hands now.As he ruled the whole nation, he was praised, cherished, and loved by the Neanthals

Citizens of Neandu

because he always care for his people and shows an unending kindness.

  The nation had never experienced hunger,war,crisis,epidemic before until now.The officials had lived a decent and bountiful life while the neanthals were all lived freely and healthily.

  Years had passed, they were rumours spreading that the people outside the capital were starving, and doesn't have any food left to eat. Some of them were already found dead. The rumours finally arrived at the kingdom of Neandu and King Xiao Gu heard what was happening out there.So the king takes action and said to the head of officials

  "I will lead the troops! Head official Lin? the king yelled in front of the officials.

  "Yes your majesty?" with a bow head, Head official Lin said.

  "Prepare some foods to eat and tons of silver, I will bring them along with the 100 soldiers! The king shouted consistently.

  "Yes your majesty, I shall follow your orders and I will make sure that I will choose the best 100 soldiers in the capital, the head official said.

  As the meeting continued, they planned to go there at dawn where the surroundings are calm and quiet. At 1:00, King Xiao Gu has been prepared already. Wearing his finest armour with a glisten sword placed on his waist.

  As he goes outside the kingdom, there had his 100 soldiers waiting his majesty sinced last night.

  "We will spend our life with his majesty till death", the brave soldiers shouted with the head bow down.

  His majesty silently feel a piece of calm in his heart. At exactly 3:00 am they're already done preparing what they need to bring including the foods, medicines, clothes and more. They started to go to their destination.

  Some of the soldiers were riding their horse while some of them riding in the carriage. It took 3 days to reached the Gusan City

the city were the peasants lived


  On the first day of their trip they spent the night in the forest sinced the sky were already dark. So, Lee Cui

king Xiao Gu's personal guard

ordered the soldiers to gather firewood for a camp fire, and prepare a place for the king to stay at night.

  "Your majesty!" General Lee Cui said, pointing his arm inside the carriage with a head bow.

  His majesty nod and goes inside.

  The soldiers did not take the chance to sleep, guarding his majesty till morning. The cold wind strikes their skin with a howling sound of forest animal. Some of the soldiers felt scared but then nothing happened actually.

  King Xiao Bai woke up early in the morning and gasped a fresh air. The soldiers were busy hunting foods to eat. After the breakfast, they continued their way.

  When they were already in the middle of their destination, they met a bundle of thugs. It could clearly seen that they were just a mere peasant from Gusan City searching for food and anything to eat. It was approximately half of the population of Gusan, which was equivalent to 300 persons mostly men, holding different kinds of tools which they think could used either to haunt or protect themselves.

  The soldiers were alarmed. Sinced the peasants were contained more than the King's soldier, it could conclude that they might lose and die. But eventually...

  The king moved forward and said "Please calm, we don't dare to hurt you, where do you live?" the thoughtful king Xiao Gu said.

  Looking at their faces, you could see their pity eyes with a pale faces, who were afraid of getting hurt. Their movements doesn't look like they had mastered martial arts well, they feared death. They didn't do wrong actually, they were just trying to survive, Did everything they could to fed their families.