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living wiht mr popular

living wiht mr popular



a young girl name chloe from a small village , move to a city to study high school . she rent a small house with a boy named james the most popular boy at their school , she start living with him and atlast she fall in love with him
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  my name is chloe from a small village i move to a city for better studies

  on the way i took a bus and look at the window , i know that ,city and village has a big difference , this is my first time to see a city there were high buildings and vehicles . After a long ride i reach my destiny a small house which i rent . i took a step in it and found a boy .

  i shout loudly and said "who are you , why are you at my house , he replied me " thats my question "

  my neighbours heard my voice and came in , the owner of the house tell us that we are going to live together . i was very surprise , the one who is surprise was not only me , the boy was also surprise , then he shout "no way"

  chloe " i dont want to admit it , but there is no other house i found to rent sooo " the boy replied the boy " what , i stay here first so you should go out "

  the owner of the house tell him. "calm down , look you are a rich guy so if dont want to admit it , you have to move out ". the boy replied "fine .

  the owner of the house told me that he is my uncle

  and to call him uncle john and the boy his name was james his father is one of the richest man in the country . i was surprise that a rich guy like him stay in a small house like this .

  uncle told me to come to his house and eat dinner , i went to his house and after i ate dinner i was introduced to his family , he has two daughters named grace and mercy he also have one son named ryan . his wife name was margaret a kind women who looked me like her real daughter , i was very happy to see them . after all that i go back ti the house .

  the boy ask me my name and i said that " my name is chloe " . he said that he is 15 years old and go to a school name green hills acedemy , i was surprise that we are going to be in the same school . i told him that " i was going in that school too " he get up and go to sleep . i said " stop " , he replied " what is it , i said "where will i sleep" .he told me that there is another bed at the room where he sleep . i said" thank" you and go sleep .lying on the bed i ask him a question "why a rich guy like you rent a small house like this "

  he replied " i dont like to stay at our home " i ask" why"

  then he said" many girls follow me and come to my house all the time " and then i started to laugh.

  he ask "why did you laugh " i replied "you are so popular " he told me to sleep . i was thinking that he is a cold person ,and why did so many girls like him . then i look at his face and think just because of his face and then i fall asleep