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Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

Author:Roselle 331


Roseleane is a poor girl who worked 3 part time jobs to pay for her parents debt . Troy is a billioniare who ruled all over Asia. While Roseleane was on her way back home a black private car suddenly bumped into her causing her to fall her anger built up and tears swelled in her eyes . The window rolled and the man spoked "Here's $10000 take it and go away " Troy spoked . "Just because you're rich doesnt mean you can just bump into me and just give me money like this! I can report to the police that you bumped into and ran a red light!!"Roseleane said with anger and tears . Troy grabbed her jaw and said " Many girls want my money why don't you ??" "You just ran a red light,bumped into me,and now you're harrasing me??""
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  "This should be enough for dinner"Roseleane Park was on her way home on a rainy until a black Porsche in a fast speed suddenly bumped into her causing her to fall . The window rolled down revealing Troy Smith in the Driver's seat he passed $10000 to her and said "Take this and go " "You just ran a red light bumped into and you want me to take this and go??Are you mad?" Troy Smith grabbed her jaw and said " You dont my money? Many girls in this City wants this " " Just because you're rich that doesn't mean you can harrass me and hurt me like this!!" Troy threw a black credit card to her and said " This should be enough for you and if you are injured come find at the Smith's Group."