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What Happened After

What Happened After

Author:Yui Xhiranouie


Young and immature. That was her. Matured and honed by the trials in life he has to face. That was him. They became a couple. His love was pure and true, while hers was purely infatuation, or so she thought. When the time came that she has to move far away, he promised to love her and stay faithful every single day. She promised the same, but how can a weak feeling such as infatuation stay?
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  "We have arrived at our destination safely. This is your captain speaking, thank you for flying with us. Have a good day!"

  It was 9am when Anya's plane arrived at the airport. 3 years ago, in the same airport, she was here, happy and hopeful of a new and happy life she will spend in Australia with her family. But today is different— way too different from the happy and hopeful state that she was 3 years ago, today, she came home to the Philippines, devastated and broken and desparate to seek peace. The happy life she thought she and her family will have in Australia was shortlived. Her husband for 9 years cheated on her and impregnated another woman. He left her and their child and chose to build a family with his mistress.