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Love is like wind

Love is like wind

Author:Autumn Sky


Love is like the Wind, we cannot see but we always feel. She loves him, he loves her... But they always hide their feelings from each other. College love story, True love but wrong time. It was perfectly beautiful but it ended to early, would we have a chance to continue our love story?
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  1| Episode One

  Julia's POV:

  Love is like wind... We can never see but we always feel.

  Some of us doesn't confess their love to a certain person because we're afraid about what will the result be, Romantic love doesn't always make a relationship strong, because some also ruins relationship.

  They said Rich persons were lucky, they have so much money, they can have what they want, they can live comfortably... But for me, being rich wasn't As easy as what everyone thinks, it's hard to find real friends, some approaches us just because of the powers that i have, the powers my family have, so what if I don't belong to this family? Will they hate me? Will they still respect me? Will they still 'love' me?

  Luckily I have this friend, she's real, and just like me, she hates users too, we get along really well, we both like reading books together and studying together, but because of some misunderstanding, we're not friends anymore.

  Few days ago...

  Music room was my favorite place here in our University, it's quiet and peaceful, and i also love singing, playing a guitar, piano, violin and many more about Music... I wanna be a singer one day... But I have to take care of our family business since I'm an only child.

  Still got the flowers that you sent

  And the note you wrote that said

  That we're meant to be forever

  I have a secret admirer in highschool, but i don't know who he really is, but I like how he don't miss a day without giving a gift to me.

  I keep them all as evidence

  In a drawer under the mirror

  Filled with empty promises

  But when we went into college, he disappeared, he also stopped chatting me. Yeah, he was messaging me, I already asked someone to find out who this is but still, I didn't get an answer.

  I stopped from singing and playing guitar when the door suddenly opened, and i saw there my best friend, Sydney Dionne Anderson.

  She's known here as the most beautiful girl in the whole University, but she's also known for her harshness and rudeness personality, she hates pretentious persons too.

  "Lia! I missed you very much!" She yelled as she hugged me tightly, actually we've just been separated for a day.

  I chuckled, "We've just seen each other yesterday, Sy!"

  She moved away a little from me, " I hate those people around me, they are act like as if we were close, and they always laugh Everytime I'll roll my eyes, Next time I won't go on a field trip anymore" she complained.

  I just laughed at her reaction, "let's eat? Mom, prepared two meals for us" I asked, and she agreed.


  The class have finished already, I'm walking towards the locker when I felt my phone vibrated, there was a text from Sy.

  From: BeSy♪

  Where are you? Can you help me buy materials for my plates?

  To: BeSy♪

  Sure! I'm at the locker room right now, please wait for me at the lobby.

  I was typing in my phone when someone stopped in front of me, it was late when i realized that it was the vice president of the student council, like me he's already 2nd year college... What's his name again? Hmm, i think it's Chaz?

  I slightly tilt my head on my right as a sign of confusion, " Why? " I asked, but he just gave me a folder and left me there standing.

  I opened the folder and saw papers about the upcoming event, it was a celebration for our school's anniversary, and we have to perform something that shows friendship... I heard that this school's owners are friends, but i don't know who they are because I don't actually care.

  I'm the leader of our class for this event, My idea was, I will be the one to play the piano as Some of my classmates are performing a interpretative dance, and one of them will be reciting a Poem.

  I organized my bag and locker before finally going to the lobby, but before I got there my Adviser called me and asked me to go to the dean's office.

  When I entered the office, i saw the Dean sitting In his swivel chair while his elbows were on the table and his hands "We heard that you're actually good at writing novels and composing songs? Is that true?" The Dean asked.

  I sighed, "The first thing you should do is to ask yourself if you enjoy writing, if yes, you're already a good writer, everyone can be good at writing sir, they just have to be contented, it's also the same in Music, the first thing to do is to entertain yourself before you entertain the others. " I explained continuously, but i paused just to heave a sigh, "So... If you'll also offer me a Project abroad, I'm sorry, but I have other plans, it's not like i don't like composing songs and writing novels, it's just that my parents can only rely on me" I said and went out of that room... I already accepted that I can't persue my dreams.

  After explaining why i can't accept that offer, I went out of that office, and as always, I regret declining the offer... But I'm the only one who can take care of our company, I don't have a choice. I hugged the folder 'Chaz' gave me a while ago when i suddenly felt sad, i didn't realized that i was on the lobby already.

  I saw Sydney sitting on the couch cross-legged, crossed arms and is frowning.

  "What took you so long? I thought you left already!" She complained as i sat down beside her.

  I looked at her straight in the eyes, i can't even force a smile, "they offered me a project abroad again, they want me to join a band, and it's really hard to decline it, but i still did... And i regret it as usual" I explained without showing any emotions, i heard her sigh before she stood up and stopped in front of me.

  "Let's go? I still have to make my plate" she asked and i just nodded, her major is interior architecture. She likes designing houses, and she's good at drawing, she even made a portrait for me 2 years ago as a birthday gift.

  When we finished shopping... Yeah, shopping, actually our purpose there was to buy materials for her plates but when she saw a beautiful dresses, she asked me try them on... And at the end, she bought three clothes, two for me and one for her.

  One is a casual yellow off shoulder, summer dress, with buttons, short sleeves and below the knee length.

  The other two are the same but different color, a sweater and a skirt, mine was colored blue while her is color pink.

  I came home after a long shopping, and she came home too...

  "I'm home, Mom" I said as I enter our house.

  I went to our kitchen and saw my Mom preparing our dinner, I approached her to hug her.

  I love my parents so much, that I'm ready to give up my dreams, my dream to be a singer and author.

  After eating dinner with Mom and Dad, I went up to my bedroom and took a bath, before I sleep, I opened my laptop... I'm going to make an update first.

  This Novel is all about a Singer and how hard her experiences before she made it on top.

  I closed my eyes and imagined I'm her... She have to choose between her dreams and the guy she loves.

  "My family was against me, Mark." She said while still crying, "I thought you were my ally, but you are just like them, you do not understand me" she covered her face with her palms, and sat down.

  "You know how I want to be a singer, you know how hard I've been through just for this, I thought you would understand me, i thought you would support me"

  But still, in the end, her dream came true, I wish I could be like her too...