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His secret

His secret



These qualities make him the perfect man every woman wanted ,why does it feel like it will lead to my destruction.sola dream man, is he really perfect? what is his secret?we all have that dirty secrete. How long will it be hidden.can love withstand it when it’s revealed
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  "Hmm, it’s supposed to be my decision,but why does it feel like it will lead to my destruction?" Sola asked herself in a bid to make the decision that she hoped might not turn deadly. Every bit of her wanted an answer but she knew she was in no position to answer that in all honesty. The situation was beyond her.

  "I love Victor, I love him so much" she continued". "I don't want to lose him. He's everything to me. My hope, my future, my fiance” Now her voice had gone from her thoughts to her lips. “We've been together since I was in 200l at Babcock University. We love each other so much that I have never done anything without him”. She starred at her mirror looking at herself pitifully while being trapped in the good memories she has had with him.

  Everybody around them were jealous of their love, even Sola's friends in school told her how jealous they were. Why wouldn’t they be? Victor was a good looking young man with dreamy eyes that felt like it was staring into your soul, a man of God that speaks like the great prophets of old, a music minister that sings with passion and of course, an instrumentalist that played till you fall in love with music. These qualities made him the man every woman wanted and a perfect mentor to Sola’s spiritual journey.

  His professional life was in the bank as an accountant, working with Prestige bank of Nigeria at Lagos. In his parent’s arms, the very famous Oladunjoyes, Sola found love and sanctuary. Due to her profession as a medical doctor,she was always the preferred doctor to take care of them if the need arises and above all, they couldn’t wait to make her their son’s wife. Who wouldn’t?

  The eagerness to have her as theirs came with a lot of pressure for them to get married in time under the guise that they weren’t getting any younger. Unfortunately, it was the same with Sola’s parents who loved victor as well and couldn’t wait for the aso ebi moment.

  “I refuse to do it” she threw herself against the floor in pain. “It’s obvious I would never be married to victor because I, Adesola refuse to do it” her eyes swam with tears. "Why such evil? Why will victor even advice I do such a thing?” with the little strength she had, she crawled to the bed. No one saw anything bad in the whole situation. Now we had victor’s mum who was the prayer coordinator of her church. Then we had his father who was also an elder in the Church.

  “When will you both do the right thing? Why the delay” this was on everyone’s lips, especially at weddings and naming ceremonies.

  Wait a minute! Now, one would think sola had ran mad because she was all alone in the room."What happened to the faith these people claimed to have? Or does that mean I don't love victor if I refuse to bend to their will? This delay hurts so much but it’s not even my fault”.

  "What will happen to our love? Our relationship and even my relationship with God when I agree to do this despicable act?"

  The confusion she felt almost made her choke of her own tears. She had to be miserable. It's been two days since she had her last bath but that was the least of her problems."God help me!!!” She cried out soaking in her tears.

  ko ko ko...

  The sound of the door brought her back to reality. She hurriedly stood up,wiped her tears and adjusted herself to look less miserable. Making her way to the living room.

  “Yes, who is at the door?” she asked

  "Sola!!”Victor called her name loudly.

  If there is anything Sola was good at,it was rolling her eyes. She rolled her eyes and sluggishly moved towards the door. “I'm coming o” She replied. Suddenly,she remembered how Victor always saw through her and it wouldn’t take long before he realizes she had been crying all day, so she ran back to the mirror to clean her face properly,powdered her face a little and smiled at what she saw at the mirror.

  Now she could answer the door which she quickly did.

  “Wow! You’re looking beautiful today” Victor teased her, if only he knew. “Is it because I told you we were going on a date today?” He winked.

  “Date???” she had forgotten it was today. “Honestly, I forgot. I don’t think I can go out today”

  “Sola! Sola! What's wrong with you?” He held her hands. "Why have you been so cold to me? Your behavior these days bothers me. You've stopped calling like you used to, you even promised me you would attend my church service last week but you didn't. Then when I called,you didn't sound okay. Are you sure everything is fine?” Victor asked furiously.

  Sola moved to a nearby couch, sat on it and sunk into it. ‘’Victor!” she said, sounding exhausted.

  "Yes?” He replied anxiously

  ‘’I don't think I will do it! Sola concluded” She boldly looked at him with a cold expression because she had ran out of tears. “Are you sure