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The Tale of the Underground

The Tale of the Underground

Author:Colton Hopkins


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  "Sit down Children. Let me tell you the tale of Men and Beasts. Are you ready? Alright.. Long ago, Men and Beasts were at war. After the long battle, Humans were victorious. Humans have sealed the monsters underground with a magical spell. The only way to pass the barrier was with a powerful human soul. Many years later, upon Mt. Ebott.." The woman continued. "A child named Chara climbed up, avoiding humanity. She was disgusted with the way humans acted and climbed the mountain to get away. Chara saw a huge hole and decided to run towards it to check it out. But she saw a strong branch and noticed before it was too late, falling into the dark hole. When she landed, she found herself on a bed of Golden Flowers."

  The child got up, and saw the light looming over them. The hole was too deep to climb back up, so she continued down the cave. The child noticed a purple gateway and decided to take a peek inside looking for a escape. Inside was a single Golden Flower surrounded by grass. The child walks up to the Golden Flower when they hear "Well Howdy there!" The child heard, so the child looked around to find the noise, when they hear "Down here pal!" Says the flower. The child looks down at the flower and is shocked to see a face on the flower. "I'm Flowey! Flowey the flower! Golly! You must be so confused! Someone ought to teach you how things work around here! Guess little old me will have to do!" Flowey smiles and gives off a little wink. "You have a soul! If you want it to be stronger you need some LV! What's LV? Why LOVE of course! You want some LOVE don't you?" Five white pellets form around Flowey. "Down here, Love is shared through little white friendliness pellets! Move around get as many as you can!" The pellets slowly float towards the child and the child reach out out a hand and grips onto a pellet. Her hand stings and she lets go instantly. "You IDIOT!" Flowey gives off a sinister smile "Down here, it's kill or be killed! Why would ANYONE pass up a opportunity like this one?" Flowey chuckles "Die!" Pellets swarm around you slowly bounding towards you. You sit in the middle scared for your life. Suddenly, a purple fireball spawns near Flowey. It speeds up towards Flowey blowing him away as the pellets disappear, a woman walks towards you. She appears to be a goat standing on her legs in the form of a human. She is wearing a purple dress and around eight feet tall. "What a terrible creature torturing such a poor, innocent youth. Ah, do not be afraid my child. I am Toriel caretaker of the Ruins. I pass through this place everyday to see if a human has fallen down. You are the first human to come down here in a long time. Come, I will guide you through the Ruins." She reaches out and grabs your hand. She holds the child's hand and walks through a new purple gate that was behind flowey.