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Virgin bride

Virgin bride



Luca is a playboy who was not ready to settle down or get married but when his cousin try forcing him to marry her best friend, he knew it's time to get a wife even if it's in name only Robin is a girl who lost her parents when she was young and force to go live in her uncle who treated her like a slave and was ready to sell her to any one who was willing to pay.
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  Luca woke up, getting out of bed he put on

  his briefs and glanced down at the woman

  lying naked in his bed. She was a pretty

  brunette he picked up at the party he attended

  that night, he couldn't remember her name.

  That was nothing new to him, he never

  bothered to get to know them, they were just

  a means to satisfy his urges. After taking a

  shower and changing he went down to enjoy

  a hearty breakfast, he had worked up quite an

  appetite.Grazia, his cousin was already seated at the

  table with Filippo, his friend and business

  associate of over ten years. They also lived

  with him in his castle, he somehow inherited

  Grazia when her parents, were killed in a

  tragic car accident six years ago.When his meal was brought to him by one of the kitchen staff, Charles, he instructed him

  to send some food up to the young lady in

  his room. He was also told to tell her a car

  would be waiting to take her where ever she

  needed to go.

  "Really Luca, you brought another one of

  your whores into your home," Grazia scoffed.

  His eyes turned dark, his cold stare sending

  shivers down her spine. "You're right, this is

  my home and who I choose to bring into it is

  my business. You'll do well to remember that

  cousin dear. I will be gone for the rest of the

  day, don't hold dinner for me."

  "Where are you off to?" Filippo asked,

  scooping scrambled eggs into his mouth.

  "I'm heading to the country, there'a man, Dan

  Potter has some horses for sale. I'm thinking

  of getting a couple, might as well make use

  of the stable that I paid a small fortune to

  have built."

  "I could go with you," Filippo suggested.

  "No, I prefer to go alone, besides, you have

  that meeting with Hillbrook winery. Get them

  to sell their company to me." Luca ordered.

  "Why do you want it so bad? it's such a small

  company and you have your own, the biggest

  one in the world." Filippo asked.

  "I just do. It's not for you to question me, it's

  your job to do as I say."

  "Luca, you are turning thirty soon, do you not

  think it's time to find a wife? you are a

  wealthy and important man in Rome. People

  are beginning to talk about you and all the

  women you are sleeping with. It's time for

  you to marry, someone with class, refined, a

  woman who will be an asset to you and your


  Sitting back he looked at his cousin, she was

  tall, slender, dark black hair, same as his.

  She was also a greedy, conniving witch, living

  off him instead of finding a rich husband to

  take care of her and her thirst for the finer

  things in life. She had it made living here in

  his castle with her own suite of rooms,

  household help waiting on her hand and

  foot. "Just who would you like me to marry?

  your friend Eleonora Gallo?" He questioned


  "As a matter of fact, yes. Eleonora would

  make the perfect wife for you, she has


  "She is also a stuck up bitch, no sense of

  humor and I'll bet her legs are so tightly

  closed no man could get between them. I

  prefer my women warm and willing to spread

  her legs and give me great pleasure."

  "Sex is all you think about Luca. Think about

  the family business, the one your father build

  up from scratch and left it all to you when

  he died. He's probably turning over in his

  grave with all your behavior. Not to mention

  that you are a descendant of royalty, you

  make a mockery of it all."

  "Quiet, you will not speak to me in this

  manner." Tossing his napkin down he stood

  and turned to Filippo. "I'll see you later, good

  day to you both."

  Jumping into his new Lamborghini he sped

  out the driveway of his castle. He was sick

  and tired of everyone telling him he had to

  marry and always pushing women on him.

  They were all well bred, rich and upper class.

  But they bored him, they were cold and had

  no sex appeal, sure most of them were quite

  beautiful. But God forbid they should mess

  their hair up during sex, lying there, barely

  moving and making no sound.

  It was a four-hour drive to where he was

  going, a small remote place out in the

  country. Driving along the dirt road he saw a

  broken down sign that read Potter's farm.

  The place was run down, fence needed

  mending. The house was nothing more than a

  shack and he saw the horses in the fenced

  off area. Pulling to a stop he got out and

  walked over to where there were three

  horses, he liked what he saw. They were

  beautiful animals, they seem to be well taken

  care of, he was impressed considering how

  the house and the rest of the place looked.

  Moments later an older man walked over, he

  was in his late fifties and had on dirty

  overalls, his hair thinning and had a big

  potbelly. Two younger men were with him, he

  assumed they were the older man's sons.

  "I'm Luca Mariani, I called about the horses."

  He held out his hand for the man to shake.

  "I'm Dan, these here are my boys, Jason and

  John. These here are three of the finest

  creatures you'll find around these parts." He

  points to the horses.

  Going inside the gate Luca checked them out,

  they were friendly and didn't run off, that

  was a good sign. "Yeah, they look healthy, I

  think I'll take them," he said, patting them.

  Dan grinned, showing his missing teeth, the

  ones left were yellow and stained with

  tobacco smoke. "Good, good. Come inside

  and have a cold beer and we can discuss the


  The sons went off to do chores while he

  followed Dan inside. Something he regretted

  when he saw the inside. It was so run down,

  the floors creaked, the furniture was old,

  torn and tattered. It consisted of a sofa, two

  ripped chairs, and the kitchen was small with

  a table and three wooden chairs. A cot laid in

  the corner of the living room, as run down as

  the place was at least it was clean.

  He hesitated when Dan pointed to a chair and

  told him to sit, finally sitting he pulled out

  his checkbook.

  "Robin, get your scrawny ass out here and

  fetch me a couple of cold beers," Dan yelled

  as he flopped down across from him.

  Luca looked over at the fridge and wondered

  why he didn't just grab them himself.

  A moment later the door to what Luca figured

  was the bathroom opened and a girl walked

  out. Her hair looked dirty as was the rest of

  her. She wore a long baggy dress and a

  sweater that had holes in it, he couldn't tell if

  she was a child or a woman. For a moment

  her eyes locked with his before she lowered

  them to the ground and walked further into

  the kitchen.

  "Get us two beers girl," Dan barked at her.

  She took out the two bottles and reaching

  into the cupboard grabbed two glasses.

  Setting them down in front of Dan she

  turned to leave, accidentally knocking one of

  them over. The beer ran down the table onto

  the floor. Standing up he slapped her across

  the face and yelled at her.

  "You stupid girl, clean up this mess." He

  shoved her to the floor, tossing a rag at her.

  "The girl is as useless as tits on a boar," he

  said, looking at Luca.

  Luca was shocked to see such violence

  towards one so young. "Mr. Potter, it was an

  accident, no need to hit the girl."

  "Dan scoffed as he went and took another

  beer from the fridge. "The girl has been

  nothing but trouble from the day she came to

  live here. She's my brother's girl and when

  he and his wife died the county dumped her

  off on me." He talked about her as if she

  wasn't even there while she washed up the


  She went to the sink, rinsing out the cloth.

  Taking a swig of his beer Luca opened his

  checkbook, looked over at her and then set

  his pen back down. "I want to buy those

  horses, I'll pay triple what you're asking." His

  eyes went to Dan and he saw the greed in the

  old man's eyes.

  "Triple, well sure, if you want to I'm sure as

  hell ain't going to say no."

  "There's one catch though," Luca said, looking

  back over at the girl, who he now could see

  was a young woman.

  "What would that be?" Dan asked.

  "I want the girl," he saw the way she turned

  sharply to look at him, fear showing in her


  "What would you be wanting with the likes of


  "Well now, that would be my business. Do we

  have a deal, Mr. Potter?" Dan wiped the drool from his mouth, looked

  from her back to Luca. "Oh, I see, it's a sex

  thing. I think you'll be pleased to know she's

  a virgin, fresh, untouched. Ok, Mr. Mariani, I'll

  throw Robin into the deal." Holding out his

  hand to Luca, waiting for a handshake which

  he never received. He greedily took the

  cheque from Luca and going over to Robin

  told her to go with the man who just paid him

  a lot of money. When she shook her head and tried to run

  out he grabbed her, raising his hand to strike

  her but Luca grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

  "You will not strike this girl again, is that

  clear?" He looked at her. "Get your things.