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Agent X Yakuza

Agent X Yakuza



"We live in a world where peace is gained only through violence because peace cannot stand against violence." In a world where the government relies on both the Mafia and the Yakuza to keep peace and order, Ichiro Yoshima, son of the most notorious yakuza leader, has a thing called "the Killer Gene". This gene, when activated, allows him to be an agile and ruthless killer, but he doesn't know how to control it yet. His father, Kaede Yoshima, is secretly an ally of the government to help keep the city safe, but in a much bloodier way. One day, while on a mission to kill a certain yakuza boss, Ichiro stumbled upon a beautiful young girl with silver hair. She was taken hostage by the yakuza boss Ichiro was sent to kill. He took the girl with him and without knowing it, his life is about to change forever.
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  November 13, 2049 - Port of Crystalia, Phoenixia

  In a dark room inside one of the port's abandoned storage buildings, fourteen armed men wearing suits stood next to a girl tied up to a chair.

  The girl, with a frightened expression on her face, had short, shiny, silver hair, and eyes as green as jade. The men in suits, however, had solemn yet petrified expressions as if they had done something terrifying. They stood patiently while waiting for someone.

  *Vrooom vroom!*

  Suddenly, the sound of a car engine was heard inside the room. The noise from the engine sounded like a very expensive muscle car. One of the armed men looked outside the window to find out who it was.

  "So... Who is it?" the person leading the armed men asked.

  "It's the boss," he replied.

  "Finally," he said.

  "Everyone, go outside and greet the boss. Tell him we got the girl." He smiled as he stared at the girl.

  The girl looked away, she could not bear to see the man's spine grinning leer.

  As everyone was heading outside to greet the boss, the man inside the expensive looking car slowly stepped out, revealing his colorful tattoos and expensive jewelry. His name, Akihiro Nakamura, notorious Yakuza clan leader, an Oyabun.

  "Good evening Oyabun!" everyone yelled with a proud voice.

  "Did you get what I asked for?" the Oyabun asked.

  "She's inside. It took some time to take her." the leader replied.

  "Well, that is to be expected for such a valuable person." the Oyabun claimed.

  "What is it about that girl that you are so interested in?" the man asked the Oyabun.

  "Hah! Now that I have that girl, there's no way I can fail at anything!" the Oyabun exclaimed with enthusiasm.

  "Uhm... I see. But what's the relation of this girl to our business? Why are we relying on her judgment?" the leader asked with uncertainty.

  "Hah, you'll see. Did she say something already?"

  "No sir, she refused to say anything at all." the leader replied.

  "Take me to her."

  As the Oyabun stepped inside the dark building, his footsteps echoed across its silent walls. The girl grew more anxious as she heard the footsteps drew closer to where she's at.

  Then she heard a voice.

  "So you must be her. The clairvoyant girl."

  Her eyes grew wide in disbelief that someone has found out of her hidden capability.

  As tears started to fall from her eyes, the man slowly revealed himself to her. The further he stepped inside the room, the more of his appearance was revealed. The moonlight passing through the window illuminated the bright colors of his tattoos and revealed the gold pistol in his right hand.

  He was smirking as he approached the girl. You could tell by the expression on his face that he is up to no good. He then crouched in front of her, staring at her teary-eyes as if he was enjoying the girl's misery. He cocked his pistol and then pointed it to her head.

  "I assume that by now, you must have figured out what I want from you," he whispered to the girl.

  Upon hearing this, the girl started to shiver out of fear. Tears rolled down her cheek. She kept looking towards the window as if she was waiting for something to happen.

  "Hey now, let's not make it harder for everybody." The Oyabun said with a calm tone.

  "I just need to know the near future, and since you have the ability to see it, you just have to tell me. Sounds easy enough?"

  Despite the girl being afraid for her life, she refused to speak. She didn't want such a person to take advantage of her capability to see a glimpse of the future.

  "Come on. It shouldn't be that hard, right? All you have to do is to guarantee the safety of our shipments this week. It's worth a ton of money and I can't risk getting caught by the Phoenician government."

  The girl remained silent. With her eyes soaked in tears, she continued to glance at the window.

  The Oyabun was slowly losing his patience.

  Still, he tried to reason out with her.

  "If you don't want to end up like your parents, then maybe you should start talking."

  Still, the girl did not say a word.

  "I see. so you want to do it the hard way? Well then, we shall have a little fun." The Oyabun said with malicious intent.

  "Hand me my tools" he ordered one of his men.

  "Here you go sir," said the man as he handed a black briefcase to the Oyabun.

  He then opened the briefcase revealing all the tools he uses to torture his victims.

  "Ahh. There it is" said the Oyabun as he pulled out one of his tools. He took the one that seemed to be a surgical knife, and then gently brushed its blade across the girl's cheek.

  The girl flinched as she felt the cold metal blade come in contact with her skin, though the pressure exerted wasn't enough to pierce through her cheeks.

  "Such beautiful skin. I wonder how it would look like once I'm done playing with it."

  The girl shut her eyes thinking all hope is lost.

  The Oyabun smiled as he grabbed the girl's throat, staring at her petrified expression.

  The girl slowly fainted out of fear. She tried to glance at the window one last time before completely passing out.

  As the Oyabun was about to slash the girl's cheeks...


  Out of nowhere, someone crashed into the window. Dust filled the air and shattered glass flew across the room.

  It's a handsome young man wearing a suit and he's holding two pistols, one on each hand.

  He landed on his knees, looked up, and gave a terrifying death stare to the Oyabun.

  "What the..." The Oyabun said as his eyes widened for he was surprised.

  The boy slowly stood up.

  "Good evening, Mr. Nakamura. It's been a while" the boy said to the Oyabun.

  "Yo...Yoshima!" The Oyabun stepped back, as he recognized the boy.

  His name, Ichiro Yoshima of the Yoshima clan. A renowned hitman and son of the most notorious Yakuza leader, Kaede Yoshima.

  "Chk chk" All fourteen men cocked their guns and aimed it at Ichiro.

  "You have a lot of nerve coming here all by yourself young man", the Oyabun said to Ichiro with a smirk.

  "I have this whole place surrounded by my men. they are on every corner of this building. Don't think that you'll be able to get out of here alive little boy." the Oyabun blurted with a demeaning tone.

  "Oh, you mean your men guarding outside? I already took care of them so...you won't be hearing from them any time soon."

  "What the... Why you little-"

  "chk chk" Ichiro cocked his gun as he pointed it to the Oyabun.

  "Choose your words carefully, Mr. Nakamura, for it might your last" Ichiro warned the Oyabun.

  Ichiro's words provoked the Oyabun.

  "SHOOT HIM!" the Oyabun commanded his men with eagerness.

  As the men were about to shoot Ichiro...

  "Bang! Bang! Bang!"


  One by one...

  The fourteen armed men... slowly fell to the ground.

  Ichiro managed to shoot all fourteen men in a matter of seconds.

  The Oyabun was stunned by what he just witnessed.

  As smoke was still coming out of the barrel of his gun, Ichiro gave the Oyabun a menacing stare.

  The Oyabun felt a chill running down his spine as his sweat started to drip from his forehead.

  "What... what do you want from me?" the Oyabun asked with a trembling voice.

  "Pops wants you dead. You're causing too much trouble with your drug smuggling business. He wants to put an end to it" Ichiro answered.

  The Oyabun's eyes sprung and didn't know what to do.

  Ichiro took a step forward towards the Oyabun.

  "Just stay still so I can easily take your life."

  "Wa... wait for a second!" The Oyabun's heart pounded as if it was gonna jump out of his chest.

  Ichiro aimed his pistol to the Oyabun. He pulled the trigger and...


  "Oh... Looks like I'm out of bullets"

  The Oyabun took the opportunity and reached for his gold rifle.

  "DIE!" The Oyabun shouted as he pulled the trigger.

  "Bang! Bang!"

  "Hah! Take that you--"

  "What the!?" The Oyabun was confused. Ichiro suddenly vanished from his sight.

  Then all of a sudden...He heard a whisper.

  "You made a huge mistake, old man."

  From out of nowhere, Ichiro appeared behind the Oyabun.

  The Oyabun couldn't react quickly enough. His whole body froze out of fear.

  "Farewell Mr. Nakamura" Ichiro then lifted his left hand, stretched out his fingertips, and revealed his claw-like fingernails.

  He then swung his left hand aiming towards the Oyabun's heart.

  "Wait! No, don't kill me--"

  Ichiro's left hand pierced through the Oyabun's chest, tearing his flesh and impaling his heart.

  Blood splattered everywhere.

  "Uhh...ahh..." The Oyabun was gasping for air as blood dripped down his body.

  Ichiro then pulled out his hand as the Oyabun took his final breath and finally passed out; thus, marking the beginning of a long and bloody night.

  The night that will soon be known as...

  "The Fallen Phoenix".